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Jayne and Laurent - The Red Dragon Social Club Cha

It was a balmy early summer evening when Laurent’s convertible drew up the long drive leading to the Lomas’ home. The gravel crunched under the tyres as it rolled to a stop by the front door, and Laurent saw the curtains twitch. Seconds later Jayne was at the door, waving to him with a flirtatious smile. Awkwardly, he waved back, uncomfortable with the level of intimacy displayed in her smile. As she walked towards the car he looked her up and down. She was wearing a tailored white blouse, curving over her breasts and gathered at her slim waist, and a knee length black skirt with a daringly high split revealing black stockings, whilst her long naturally blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail. She had a body that a woman half Jayne’s 45 years would be proud of, something she worked at very hard. As she put on her sunglasses she saw Laurent looking her over, and she smiled. Once in the car she leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, asking where they were going. He smiled but never replied. Jayne knew that he was still uncomfortable speaking English, but also he was generally what novelists would describe as the ’strong, silent type’. He turned up the volume on the CD player and accelerated away.

Half an hour later and they were parked atop one side of the gorge, with a view across to the other side and for many miles around. Laurent had packed a small picnic of sorts, consisting of champagne and strawberries in the main. They took a rug and spread it out on the grass a little way away from the car, sipping champagne and carrying on a light-hearted conversation as the sun started to set over the dramatic Derbyshire countryside. It was still gloriously warm, especially for the time of year, and the champagne helped warm them on the inside too. Jayne was trying to prise details out of Laurent about what they would be doing. She thought she had an idea, but waited to be shown.

An hour later, and the last ebbing rays of the sun had disappeared behind the Tor. Jayne was becoming impatient in a good-natured way, trying to prise something, anything out of him. He perked up as he heard a noise, and when Jayne, distracted, looked round for the source, he spoke in his surprisingly quiet and gentle voice, still constrained by its strong French accent.

“Jayne, I would very much like for you to dance for me.”

“Well of course, I didn’t think that you would be dancing for me! I suppose I will be stripping for you, as per the draw?” The Frenchman smiled. “Just tell me where you would like me…”

He led her by the hand to a spot nearer the edge of the gorge. This was a picnic site, with gravel parking for the cars and the wooden tables and benches for people to sit at. He motioned to a patch of grass in the middle of the semi-circular formation of picnic tables; this was where he would like her to dance.

“And what will I be dancing to, sweetie?” He smiled his enigmatic little smile again, and left her to walk back to the car. It was getting dark and she was a little uncertain. He reached into the car and turned on the radio, turning it up so Jayne could hear it clearly. After that, he flicked on the headlights, and the strong beams sought out the blonde standing several metres in front of the car. She understood at that point. Picked out by the car’s headlights and to the music from the car’s radio, Jayne would be able to dance, and strip, for him. In the darkness of the warm summer’s evening, she would be able to put on a spectacular little show.

He took a bag out of the boot of the car, fumbling about in it for a moment. He brought over her glass of champagne, and she took both that and the remnants of the bottle from him with a smile. Reaching into the shoulder bag, he produced a handheld digital video camera and she laughed. Taking that as her assent, he returned to the car and set it up on the dashboard so that it captured Jayne squarely in the middle of the shot. He looked up and nodded to her.

Waiting a moment until she recognised the song, she started to dance for him, slowly at first, but with a confidence that only comes from being truly confident with the way you look. Her hands were on her hips, and she started to grind her hips round in a circle, sticking her rear out for him so he could only gasp at the way it looked when caught in profile in his headlights. Truth be told, he was a little dismayed that she hadn’t put on something a little sexier for him – she was smart, certainly, definitely elegant as always, but sexy?

As if reading his thought, she undid a couple of buttons on her blouse, and as she dipped low he could just see inside her blouse and caught a glimpse of black underwear. He picked up the camera and used the digital zoom to focus on the cleavage revealed therein. Catching him looking, she decided to tease him a little, and left the last couple of buttons on her blouse fastened.

She turned her attention to her skirt, hitching it up while she danced round in a circle. The song on the radio changed, something with a slower tempo, and she used that as an excuse to draw out her movements, stretching them out, turning every twist of her body into an elongated tease in its own right. As her skirt drew up, he caught a flash of white flesh at the top of her stockings, contrasting with the strap of her suspender belt. Again, once she’d allowed him to see so much she turned her back on him.

She kept on pulling her skirt up, until it was almost totally up around her waist. Just as she did so, she allowed it to drop again. His disappointment was short-lived though as her hands sought out the zipper, and with excruciating slowness she pulled the zip down. A quick flick of her fingers and the catch was undone. She kept a hand on the waistband to stop it falling, and as she gyrated round to face him, she bent over, pulling the waistband of the skirt down as far as the tops of her stockings.

Again though it was just a tease, as she snapped the skirt back up. Keeping hold of it, she sassily stomped several paces towards the car to ensure he was getting a good view. He quickly readjusted the camera to make sure it was properly focussed. He zoomed in on her cleavage as she bent over towards him, filling the camera’s monitor with creamy flesh bound by delicate black lace. As he did so, she spun round again, raising her arms straight above her head and wiggling her butt so that the skirt slid to the ground of its own accord. He admired her long legs, encased in black stockings held up by a black suspender belt, and zoomed out to take them all in. Her blouse still covered her bum to some degree, so he centred on her legs.

She took a few more steps back, dancing and twirling as the music from the radio changed back to something more uptempo. Her gyrations became more animated in accordance with the new soundtrack, and whilst his attention was drawn to her movements she quickly snapped apart the remaining buttons on her blouse, allowing it to flap open. As she turned round and round, it gave him quick flashes of her black bra, so quick that his camera couldn’t properly lock the focus on.

She stopped spinning and turned sideways on for him, coyly lowering the blouse over her shoulder and down her arm, blowing a him a kiss as she did. He smiled, and she laughed, pulling the blouse back on and dancing away. She danced and turned, moving closer towards the car until she was practically at the end of the bonnet. She pulled her blouse off quickly, twirling it over her head with a whoop, as a song came on that she knew and loved. She stood before him now just in her lingerie and high heels.

She danced back to where she’d left the champagne, and took a deep draught of it, unexpectedly giving him another perfect cleavage shot. She left the dregs in the bottom of the glass and set it down, resuming her dancing. She was getting hot now, very turned on, and wanted to move on quickly. She knew Laurent’s preferences and realised that he was in his element as voyeur, and he could keep that up for as long as required without losing his cool and needing to get involved.

A sound from the woods behind Laurent’s car startled her, and she stopped dancing, using her arms to preserve her modesty as best she could. There was a throaty purr and a familiar crunching noise, which she realised was another car pulling into the clearing by Laurent’s car. Suddenly she realised where they were – it was the local lover’s lane! She vaguely remembered reading something about it in the village paper. It was where young couples from miles around would drive to make out – and more – and it was gaining a reputation for attracting an unwanted unsavoury element to the area.

She looked up, and Laurent was looking straight at her, rather than the image on his camera’s LCD. Clearly he still wanted her to carry on dancing. As the new car pulled up alongside Laurent’s car, he looked over. There was a young couple in the car, with him driving. They looked over at Laurent nervously. Slowly, he broke out into a smile that they took as permission to stay and watch. The young man adjusted the position of the car slightly so his headlights framed Jayne perfectly, and they settled back in their seats expectantly.

Caught in two minds, Jayne stood stock still. What did Laurent have in mind? Had he known about this place? Given its reputation, and his predilections, she thought it likely. Had he even arranged to meet this couple here? She thought that rather more unlikely. She took in Laurent’s calm but expectant face, and the eager, fresh-faced look of the two newcomers, and decided to continue.

A new song began as she regained her confidence and started to dance again. Picking up the tempo of the song, she flicked her head from side to side so that her waist length blonde hair flew out, sparkling and shining in the twin sets of headlights. She grew accustomed to the couple, even beginning to forget that she was being watched at all as she recovered her enthusiasm for the show she was meant to be putting on.

She retrieved her glass of champagne and drained it, disappointed to find that it was almost empty. She snatched up the half full bottle as she danced around and raised it to her lips, taking two deep drinks as she gyrated in the lights. She slurped greedily at the bottle, and the movements of the dance caused her lips to momentarily lose their purchase on the bottle, and some of the cold fizzy champagne splashed onto her chin, dripping onto her breasts. It gave her an idea, and after one last swig she raised the bottle high above her head. She threw her head back and slowly inclined the bottle, and at once the champagne ran out, splashing down onto her breasts, running over her midriff and into her panties, and splashing onto the ground. She was careful not to tilt the bottle too much, prolonging the show, dancing the whole while and shaking her blonde mane about. By the time the bottle was drained, her lingerie was dripping wet, and so was she.

Through the glare of the headlights she could make out the couple in the car, and from what she could see he was enjoying a hand job from his pretty brunette companion. Clearly they were appreciating her show, even if Laurent was as impassive as every other time they had been together. Deep down she knew he would be enjoying it; it was just not in his nature to be as demonstrative as the English.

Emboldened by the actions of the couple, she unhooked her bra and, using her arms to push her breasts together, allowed the straps to fall from her shoulders. Dancing around until she presented them with her back, she allowed the bra to fall away, and as she turned again she revealed to her audience two beautiful breasts that belied their age, firm and smooth as they were, and now adorned by hard nipples. Becoming more and more intoxicated by the minute, she started to caress and tease them, rolling the soft flesh underneath her palms, pinching the nipples to make them harder.

She wanted to remove her knickers, but she also wanted to make it special for the newcomers in the audience. Allowing the dance to take her to the front of their car, she sexily drew down her knickers as slowly as she could, maintaining eye contact with the couple as much as possible. His mouth was a wide ‘O’, although whether that was through her antics of the vigorous actions of his companion she couldn’t tell. Truth be told she didn’t care. Once the knickers were down to the floor she stepped out of them and thought about leaving them, but on a whim she threw them onto the windshield of the couple’s car, where they landed in the corner on the passenger’s side. The couple stopped and looked at them for a second, before the girl leaned over, unwound the window, and brought them inside.

Jayne was intrigued to see what she would do with them, sodden with champagne and her pussy juices as they were. She continued to dance close to the car, working her way slightly round to the driver’s side for a better view. The couple were sharing a deep and passionate kiss, and the girl had Jayne’s knickers in her left hand. Jayne craned her neck, and could see the young man’s erection standing red and proud from his trousers. Breaking from the kiss, the girl delicately wrapped the silky knickers around the shaft, and started to caress him again with long, luxurious strokes. Jayne was excited to see how the girl was using her knickers, and the pleasure the young man derived from them. The girl bent over so her head was in his lap and, still masturbating him with Jayne’s knickers, began to lick and kiss at the head of his cock.

Jayne went right round to the driver’s side of the car, and perched on the side so she could watch the show. The girl was making a show of slurping and slobbering over his cock, leaving sticky trails of saliva hanging from her lips every time she broke away. Her hand, wrapped in the knickers, moved swiftly up and down, squeezing the pre-ejaculatory juices out and tasting them with the tip of her tongue.

Excited by the show, Jayne shuffled round to get a better view. She could feel her clitoris throbbing and longed to play with it. Looking round, she could see Laurent sill watching intently, with the camera trained on her rather than the couple. Bolstered by the sight, and Laurent’s evident excitement, she swung her legs round and shuffled her bum until she was sat on the bonnet, legs apart, glistening pussy facing the windscreen. The couple in the car looked up at her in wonderment as her right hand slipped between her legs and started to caress her clitoris, rubbing the ball of her index and middle finger alternately over it, keeping eye contact with the couple the whole time. Inside the car, the young man leaned across to the girl and whispered in her ear. The girl’s eyes lit up.

She shuffled in her seat, pulling up the short denim skirt until it was around her waist. She squirmed and wriggled until she’d pulled her white cotton panties down. Leaving them hanging off one foot, she hitched her legs up until they were on the dashboard, spread wide apart, and Jayne could see into her pussy the way she could see into Jayne’s. The girl’s was sleek and completely hairless, with the cutest pair of lips, smooth and neat. The young man watched as both women stared intently at each other’s sex, before Jayne broke the stillness by reaching down to her own pussy, starting to play with it again. The girl, eventually, did likewise, rubbing herself slowly whilst never taking her eyes off Jayne.

At this point Laurent felt he was missing the best of the action, so, keeping the camera trained as best he could, he got out of his car and walked slowly over to the adjacent car. Ha approached the driver’s side and tapped on the driver’s window. The young man got out, and the two men had a quick whispered conversation. The net effect was that the young man took the camera from Laurent and got into the back seat. As Laurent eased himself into the driver’s seat, the young man took up filming from the rear seat. The girl smiled across at her new companion, and without breaking her own rhythm she undid Laurent’s trousers, teasing out Laurent’s long, smooth cock.

She wrapped her left hand round Laurent’s shaft, and started playing with him. From her position sat on the bonnet, Jayne watched with growing excitement as her companion’s erection grew quickly under the young girl’s expert touch. Jayne could not help but insert two fingers inside her wet hole, using her thumb to work on her clitoris. She silently cursed the fact that she needed her other hand to support herself on the smooth, cold metal of the car’s bonnet and she could not give herself all the attention she needed.

Inside the car, the girl had abandoned her own pussy was contemplating taking Laurent’s cock into her mouth. She kissed his shaft, licking it all over whilst still rubbing it with her hand. As it stiffened quickly, she heard Laurent groan. She spent several minutes giving him head, whilst stealing a hand back down to her clit to play with herself. As she felt the familiar salty taste of pre-sum, she looked up at her boyfriend. He paused for the briefest moment before returning her smile, the assent she needed to take it to the next step.

She sat up in her seat, undoing the first couple of buttons on her blouse before losing patience and yanking it over her head to reveal a lacy bra in pink and black, which she quickly undid. Her breasts were small but pert, and the nipples erect. She kicked off her heels and was finally naked. She leaned over and kissed Laurent deeply before breaking off to whisper an instruction to him.

Laurent slid the driver’s seat back as far as it would go, before opening the driver’s door. The girl awkwardly clambered over, banging her knee of the steering wheel, until she was sat, still facing Jayne, in Laurent’s lap. Impatiently she felt between her legs for Laurent’s cock, taking hold of the head between finger and thumb until she could feel it between her pussy lips. Without decorum, she lowered herself onto his erection until she could feel it deep inside her.

She started to bounce up and down on it at her won pace, completely ignoring the feelings and desires of the man inside her. Although he had his hands on her hips, he could do nothing to control the young girl. Once again she began to play with herself, struggling at times to keep contact with her clitoris as she rose and fell on the Frenchman’s cock. Intent on watching the passionate and erotic display in front of her, Jayne almost forgot her own excitement.

The young man did not have as good a view as Jayne, and resolved to do something about it. The girl had asked Laurent to open the driver’s door so she could hand one exquisitely long, lithe leg out of it, and this the young man took advantage of, coming round to the drivers side, to get a perfect view. He was able to close in on his girlfriend’s pussy, her distended lips gripping the cock inside her. Her face was contorted into a mask of concentration as she worked hard to achieve orgasm, and when it came she screamed out loud, making her three companions jump in surprise. She moaned continuously as the waves of orgasm surfed through her body, her hips spasming repeatedly.

Concerned that she had not paid due attention to her partner, the young girl climbed off of Laurent and out of the car. Shaking her head to clear it a little, She leant back inside the car and took Laurent’s cock in her mouth again, her gorgeous round bum stuck high in the air. Able now to work magic with her tongue, she took Laurent to the very brink of orgasm, to the point where he took hold of her hair and was uttering obscenities in French. This was too much for Jayne, and she leant right back on the bonnet, her back making contact with the cold metal but not caring a jot as she could use both hands on her pussy, her clitoris and her breasts. At that point, the young girl left Laurent high and dry, retreating backwards away from him, smiling saucily and indicating with a finger that he should follow her.

Jayne was oblivious to all this, as, eyes closed, she frantically clawed at her pussy in a race to get to her orgasm as soon as possible. The girl led Laurent round to the front of the car and positioned him so that his cock was just inches from Jayne’s head as she lay prostrate on the bonnet. Then, she indicated to her boyfriend that he should finally join the party, which he did without wasting any time. As Laurent retrieved the camera from him, the girl gave him a long, lingering kiss, before breaking off and smiling at her male companions.

She leant over Jayne and started to kiss her on the lips. Jayne, surprised at first and a little annoyed that her concentration had been broken, soon warmed to the task and returned the girl’s kisses. Their tongues danced together, and the show left both men utterly aroused. The young girl broke away from the kiss with some regret on Jayne’s part, but as she looked up and saw the twin erection above her head, she forgot her disappointment. She made as though to get up, but the young girl gently pushed her back down so that she remained flat out on the car bonnet. Turning her back on Jayne, the young girl knelt between the two men.

She took one cock in each hand and started to masturbate them both. She alternated kisses between both cocks. Jayne, quickly realising what the girl was planning to do, settled into her passive spectator role and resumed play on her own clitoris. She inched down the bonnet a little so that could incline her head a little further back and get a better view of the two erections, and the gorgeous young girl masturbating both of them. Laurent kept switching the camera’s focus between the young girl sucking hungrily at two cocks, and the naked blonde in front of him masturbating on the car’s bonnet.

Laurent had already been very close to his orgasm before the girl broke off, and it did not take her long to bring him back up to the same state. Her boyfriend, excited at the show she had put on for him, had not had the same level of attention, and it was to him that she now turned. Little by little, she took his whole cock into her mouth, right up to the hilt, and sucked deeply on it. She felt the shudders this sent racing through his erection, and she kept it up for as long as she possibly could. When the juices from it started to trickle down the back of her throat, she knew he was close and that it was time for the final denouement.

Extricating his cock from her mouth, she stepped up the pace as she masturbated both cocks. Jayne could sense what was coming, and see already the small bubbles of sperm forming at the tip of both cocks. The men’s breathing quickened as she worked hard to bring them both off, and was rewarded just seconds later as first Laurent, and then her boyfriend, started to groan and shake with the familiar symptoms of approaching orgasm. Jayne again shuffled further towards them, masturbating furiously, and she moaned out loud as her she beat both men to orgasm. As the intense orgasmic rush threatened to cause her to black out, she felt the first splashes of Laurent’s sperm across her neck and breasts. Again he murmured in French, repeating the same phrases over and over, and almost immediately after the young man came in a torrent, this time, splashing hot spunk in her hair and across her lower face. As some landed on her lips, her tongue stole out to lap it up.

Sensing a job well done, the young girl again leant over Jayne’s body, and began to lap up the trails of sticky sperm, from Jayne’s breasts, shoulders and neck, before finishing with further long, deep kisses, in which the women’s tongues wrestled with each other for the last tastes of cum in each other mouths.

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