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I got caught

I like to go naked outside. Not a big fantasy, but always in the back of my mind was the idea I might get caught, but it really never happened for a couple of years.

There is an area near our house that has rolling hills with woods on top and pasture land below. There are some riding trails, for horses, in the area, but I rarely see anyone on them.

I like to take off my clothes and hide them near some rocks at the bottom of the hills and then go off climbing and walking naked throught the woods. The feeling of the wind and sun on my naked body always makes me feel good and the thought of getting caught keeps my cock hard, but at about half mast.

It finally happened. I was walking along, about 1/4 mile from my clothes, when I heard some giggling from a small patch of bushes. I was caught with nowhere to go. Just as I was set to run away two girls stood up and said that they've watched me before, but this time they couldn't stop giggling and they didn't want me to leave. I'm guessing, but they looked to be around 18.

First my cock went soft from being nervous, but as I started to talk to them, I got hard again. They said that they've been seeing me, on and off, for the last couple of years. That's why they find a place to hide near where I walkon the weekends. Now I was getting really hard. As my cock got harder, they kept looking at it and smiling.

One of the girls, Terece, I think is what she said her name was, said she really liked watching me especially just before I got my clothes. I guess that's because I jerk off until I cum when I'm done with my naked walk. Now that got me so hard precum was starting to drip from my cock, that made the other girl, Natallee, ask if she could touch it. I just about shot my load right there.

I didn't know what to say, but she asked again if she could touch it. I said yes and she flicked the precum off my cock, looked at it on her finger, and licked it. The girls giggled and Natallee said it didn't taste bad, so the Terece asked if she could try it too. Oh my god, I thought I would cum on the spot, but I didn't.

I asked the girls if they wanted to get naked and walk with me. They didn't hesitate and say no, but they would like to walk with me. So, I continued on my normal walk, but now I had these two cute girls talking to me staring at my cock and once in a while reaching over to get the precum from me.

After about twenty minutes of walking with me they said that they had to get started towards home but they wanted to spend more time with me, if that was OK with me. I told them of course, just don't hide from me anymore and they pretty much know when I come up here. Then they asked if it was OK to bring some more of their friends along, they know that they would like to watch too, as long as I didn't try anything with any of them. I guess they saw it, my cock just about bounced to full attention when they asked that one.

Terece asked if I could make myself cum for them before they left, I couldn't wait. I asked if they wanted to help, but they said no, they just wanted to watch. What else could I do, I started to jack off while looking at them, they were staring at my cock.

As I was getting closer, Terece asked if I would cum in her hand. I told her to get her hand out quick and just as she got it near my cock I started to cum in her hand. Both girls giggled, then Terece took a little cum with one finger and tasted it, so did Natallee, they smiled at each other and Terece licked it off her hand. Natallee said it was her turn tomorrow, if I was going to be out.

I couldn't wait, my Saturday and Sunday walks were going to get more interesting.

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