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My lucky day

She is a show-off

I used to hang around with a girl called Nic, and her s****r Kaz, Nic was a year older than me and Kaz a year younger, both loved to be naked as often as possible and their parents actually seemed to encourage it – and they never bothered when I was there if the girls were naked or not (which I loved)
Our friendship started in a strange way – I knew her briefly from school and one day we were at a cricket match together – can’t remember why but she and her friend Fi just said ‘can we see you cock’ I was slightly taken aback by this but loving the feeling of fresh air against my dick I was willing to oblige so we went to the fielded carpark and I dropped my trousers – Fi just stared whereas Nic said can I touch it – sure of course you can – so she knelt down and gently stroked my shaft as she did it twitched and started to harden –my balls were as tight as could be – she continued to stroke it gently and I got harder and harder – Fi was still just staring – Nic told her to get hold so she did and the both squeezed my balls and stroked my dick. I was in heaven – wow – we then heard someone on the carpark so we ran off – later that day I met up with Nic again and she invited me back to her house – so I agreed, when in her house her mum & dad were in the kitchen so we went upstairs to her bedroom so we could watch some TV, as we got to the top of the stairs I couldn’t help noticing that her s****rs bedroom door was open and Kaz was in the process of getting changed (I also heard that the bath was running) Kaz, was as I went past her bedroom door just wearing her knickers and bra, we went to Nic’s room and I sat so I could see Kaz’s bedroom door and the bathroom – Nic kind of understood what I was trying to do .Kaz walked out of her room she was naked – she was walking away from me so I could see her fit little arse – my dick was swelling already – a minute later she came back out of the bathroom facing me completely naked I was looking at her pert tits and her beautifully shaved pussy, she looked up and saw me and just waved – Hi she said – I nearly fell off the bed OMG she is well fit – she went to her room and then back into the bathroom only this time as she went to the bathroom she turned and waved again – I heard her get into the bath Nic stood up and said I am going for a wee – she walked to the bathroom and opened the door I could see the toilet but not the bath Nic turned to face me and pulled her leggings down and her knickers and she sat on the toilet to have a piss – she was chatting to Kaz but I couldn’t make out what she was saying – she stood up but didn’t pull her pants up instead she pushed them down she took off her top – she didn’t have a bra on and she climbed into the bath with Kaz – I didn’t know what to do my cock was bursting I needed to get it out – I couldn’t though because her mum & dad where down stairs – a few minutes later their mum came upstairs I was still sat on the bed – Nic & Kaz were in the bath – Hi her mum said to me – Hi, I said – she too wandered into the bathroom and promptly lifted her skirt dropped her knickers and sat on the toilet – I thought I was going to pass-out this was just going too far she stood up to wipe herself and then looked at me and said oops sorry I forgot you were sat there – I was just staring at her hairy fanny she just stood there with her skirt up under her arms and her knickers around her knees as she chatted with her daughters she then slowly pulled her pants up and walked out of the bathroom – you can if you wish join them the bath is big enough – I blushed and said thanks – I couldn’t stand up because my dick was at the wrong angle and it would have crucified me – she went down stairs and I adjusted myself – I stood up and walked slowly to the bathroom – I peered through the crack between the door & the frame and saw the two of them in the bath Nic was sat behind Kaz and I could see that she was fondling Kaz’s boobs – my dick at this point was straining in my pants – I undid my top button and slipped my hand inside my trousers and felt my bulging cock – Nic looked up and said come in – so I did I stood there with my hand in my pants looking at two stunning naked babes.
Nic got out of the bath and towelled herself down I was still stood in shock Kaz then did the same, she then walked to her room, Nic took my hand and led me to her room – in there she dried herself off and then led me to Kaz’s room she was still naked and lay on her bed – I was really unsure as to what was happening now both girls were naked and sat on their bed and I was stood in front of them – strip said Kaz – what I said – Strip she said – ok I said – so I took my t-shirt off and then dropped my pants I stood there in my boxers with my dick sticking out Nic stood up and then pulled my pants down my dick sprung up and down – she put her hand on it and held it firm – Kaz joined her – only Kaz was gently fingering herself I hadn’t noticed this initially until I looked down and saw her index finger slipping in and out of her pussy – her mum & dad shouted from the bottom of the stairs – we are nipping out for an hour ok – ok we all called – Nic stood with my dick in her hand and walked down stairs naked making me follow her to make sure the house was empty – we walked from room to room – the curtains were wide open as we went into the living room the poor guy walking past at the time got the shock of his life when he saw two naked girls and me with a hard-on being led into the room.
Nic pushed me onto the chair I sat there as Nic & Kaz both stood in front of me my dick was ready to burst two beautiful naked girls stood in front of me, Kaz had her hand on her pussy rubbing it gently Nic sat on the floor and pulled a blanket out from under the chair she lay down and told me to lie next to her, I did she put the cover over us I was making a huge tent in the cover with my cock then the door opened her mum came in I couldn’t move I lay there her mum came in and looked at Nic & Kaz and said you two look great – she looked at me and winked saying you look happy she was clearly looking at my dick, at that moment Kaz of course he is look and pulled the cover back showing my dick to her mum in all its glory – oh wow she said she sat down staring at me – I didn’t know what to do – Kaz & Nic we laughing Nic took hold of my cock and started stroking it her mum leant over and got to her knees and said to the girls have you ever sucked a dick – no they said – ok lets try it now – with that she took hold of my dick and placed it in her mouth and started to suck me off – I said I aint going to last my dick is already exploding – good she said – I will make you cum now and the girls can the work on you as your young you will be hard again quickly – she wasn’t wrong she sucked a bit more and I was there ‘I’m cuming I screamed’ she took my cock out of her mouth and held my dick upright my spunk shot everywhere is was on my stomach, it hit Nic on her tits Kaz in the face there was loads of it – their mum giggles wow she said that was loads – my dick didn’t go soft it stayed hard as the girls started working on my cock – oh my god I was dead and in heaven

Me and Nic have got lots of adventures as she is a little show off and loves flashing her tits n pussy – I will tell more soon…

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