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Ménage à trois

Mandy always dreamed about this day, fantasized about at least once a week and always had to touch herself at the thought of it. And today it was finally happening.

Mandy was a thicker girl, large 36DD breasts, perfect apple shaped ass, thick creamy white legs, and just right the right amount of thickness for her frame. She was wearing her favorite outfit today, a nice flowing skirt with nothing on underneath, and a nice tight T-shirt, showing off her ample breasts.

Mandy was on her way home from class when she got a text from Moe, her boyfriend, saying he had something special for her when she got home. Mandy got very excited by this news and sped her trip home. When she finally arrived at the apartment she found Moe playing video games with her friend, Ralph. She wondered what her surprise was.

Moe got up and gave her one hell of a kiss, dipping her slightly as he held her body close to his. Moe was a slender guy, tall with dark hair, and slightly tan. Moe set her down on the couch, "Time for your surprise, close your eyes."

Mandy closes her eyes, she suddenly feels hands exploring her body, and notices it's more then two. She realizes her surprise and opens her eyes seeing Ralph and Moe are both exploring her body with their hands. Within no time Moe has his hands running up her smooth pale legs under the skirt, to find that she is not wearing any panties, he gently spreads her already wet lips and finds her swollen clit and starts massaging it slowly.

As Moe is exploring Mandy's lower parts, Ralph pulls her top up exposing her large breasts sitting perfectly in it's bra. Ralph unhooks her bra letting her massive breasts spill out. Ralph immediately takes one of her nipples into his mouth as he pinches her free nipple between his thumb and forefinger.m Ralph was of similar build to Moe, just as tall and slender, with dark hair, but only with tan skin.

Mandy's breathing quickens as she is feeling double the pleasure from two men. Moe then lifts her skirt up exposing her perfectly shaven pussy, he gingerly kisses the lips before he slips his tongue between them tasting her sweet wet juices. Mandy moans from Moe's tongue, as he works it slowly against her clit and hole making her wetter. Ralph continues kissing and nibbling her nipples.

Mandy is in ecstasy and can't take it anymore, she jumps up, pulls her shirt and bra off and gets on her knees, and takes out Moe's and Ralph's hard throbbing cocks. Both men are roughly seven inches long and average thickness, and circumcised. Mandy eagerly takes Moe's cock in her mouth as she strokes Ralph slowly. After only a couple minutes she switches, and starts sucking Ralph's cock as she works Moe's well lubricated cock with her hand. Mandy continues switching between the men's cocks.

After several minutes Moe picks Mandy up onto the couch, pulls her skirt off leaving her completely naked. Moe and Ralph strip themselves, Moe lifts Mandy's thick thighs and dives his head between them and furiously starts licking her now soaking wet twat. Ralph offers his cock to Mandy's mouth and she eagerly takes it and sucks on it hard. Moaning on Ralph's cock as Moe eats her sweet pussy.

Moe stops eating Mandy, stands up and slips his large throbbing cock inside her feeling her wet pussy tighten as he enters. Mandy moans hard on Ralph's cock feeling Moe penetrate her deep. Mandy is ready to cum, and she knows what she wants. She stops sucking Ralph and pulls Moe out of her pussy. She stands up, sits Ralph down on the couch, straddles his hard cock and slides it inside her pussy. She then grabs Moe and guides his hard cock towards her tight sweet ass. Moe grabs her hips and slowly and softly enters her tight ass. Mandy screams in pleasure feeling both her holes filled with real cocks for the first time.

She rides their cocks slowly at first getting used to the feeling. Once it feels normal she demands to be fucked hard. Both men oblige and fuck her tight holes hard and fast. Mandy screams and moans from the pain and pleasure of being DPed. Mandy cums hard on their cocks, screaming loudly from the pleasure. Mandy flips over and slides Ralph's cum covered cock into her ass, as Moe slides inside her wet twat

"Don't stop till both my holes are filled with cum," Mandy demands. Both eagerly start pumping her holes. Her large breasts bouncing widely as she is pounded hard in both holes. It's not long till she is cumming again, her ass and pussy tightening on both cocks.

Both men can't hold out, they cum filling both her holes simultaneously. She screams as she feels there hot cum fill her holes. She dismounts both men, and gets on all fours on the couch as the cum drips from both holes, the orgasm still rolling out of her. Moe touches her softly, releasing another hard orgasm out of her. She collapses on the couch, cum still dripping from her holes.

Moe kisses her softly. "Thank you, baby. That was amazing," Mandy whispers.

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