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Best Friends get to know each other better : )

Anna and Jane were friends from a young age, they grew from girls into women and watch each other as they grew. Until they hit university did anna blow janes world apart!

After a stressful day of lecturs they were supposed to have met up, Jane was at their spot but anna was not.

Jane immediately went to Anna's dorm to hear a faint moaning, a faint wet sound, none the less she stormed in, "Anna!?!" to her shock jane saw anna with a double sided didlo fucking her self.

Jane was embarresed and didn't know how to react. Anna although embarresed slightly she was very casual, "look jane, i'm sorry but i just needed to fuck myself!". Jane still staring at anna's pussy how wet it was and far deep this didlo was began to get horny, seconds passed and janes panties were wet.

"Jane are you ok?" anna asked. "Anna i've known you since we were c***dren, and secretly i've wanted this day to come my whole life" Silence enveloped the room, jane pulled down her knickers and began rubbing her pussy.

"Anna...Be gentle" Jane said in her soft, seductive voice. Anna looked at her once before diving into her pussy she licked, fingered, poked her. Jane began screaming, "OH MY GOD ANNA, I THINK IM CUMMING! ARRGRH!!!" suddenly a great burst of juice hit anna in the face.

Jane now tender dragged annas pussy to her face, began eating like a hungry dog to IAMS she munched, fast then slow, playing with annas mind, anna was struggling not to ejaculate but jane was working her pussy like no other. "JANE! QUICK!" jane moved back and anna rubbed her clit hard!

She came, and squirted over jane. head to toe both of them were covered in hot sticky juice.

"Jane, i think i love you" Anna said whilst caressing her breasts. "Anna, i do love you"....

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