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Hot Horse Ride - # 1

The daughter of my tobacconist two blocks down inspired this story. Nikita works in his shop twice a week. I only bother to buy my ware, when she´s there.

A tall slender blonde. Nice horse face herself. She loves horses. She even owns one. I jokingly told her once - or even twice - I would come and visit her one day outside town on a free Sunday, when she rides him in her little meadow.

Although I´d prefer to watch her ride on a hot Summer night with no-one there. No need of a saddle or any clothes. She should just hup up and ride him, hold her horse by his manes and embrace his long neck.

After a few rounds she got hot and wet enough. So I jump up behind her. Bend her forward and enter her. She keeps balance by grabbing the horse tighter. As she´s my only grip. With all my 11 fingers I hold her, rock her while the horse walks his rounds in the meadow.

After a few rounds I´m in the mood for faster rounds of rock. So, I whisper lovely looking Nikita, her pale skin shiny with sweat in the moon light, in her ear: "Please dear, can you get your horse into the second gear?"

After a few rounds she´d come twice from the horseback rubbing her clit, while I slid up and down slit. We were both panting. Only the horse not - yet. In her other ear I moaned with a suddenly much lower voice: "Please dear, the third gear! I want to come as well."

After a few rounds that third gear did it. I shot loads like a horse.

After a few rounds at foot-pace again, I sighed at the back of her neck: "Wouldn´t it be true, if our daughter would be tall and blonde like you?"

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