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Caught short

Hi All

This is my first story, hope you like it.

Sarah had a busy morning ahead and had slept in, much to her annoyance, as time was short she threw her clothes on and left the house in a hurry for work. Before she got into work that day she had to pick up a few bits from the supermarket. Finally making up the lost time she started to relax a bit and started to look around the shop when she realised she was in need of a pee as she had not been that morning so she headed for the toilet to reileve the growing ache in her bladder. She finally reached the toilets only to find that they were out of order and she was unable to relieve herself.
A sudden panic flashed over her at the situation that she now found herself in and the urge to pee grew stronger.
That monring Sarah was dressed to impress in a white shirt, black knee length skirt and stockings, and the sight of her holding things together was making her feel very vulnerable so she decided to get out of the shop and into work as soon as possible and finally into the toilet.
Whilst she was waiting in the queue to pay for the goods she could not hold things together without giving the game away and whilst trying to compose herself she felf a wet patch forming on the front of her panties and a small amount of pee run down the inside of her thigh and soak into the top of her stocking top, by now the panic and the urgency of the situation was too much and the flow was getting heavier leaving a puddle at her feet.
Quickly she left the till and made for the shop door noticing that the pee had now started to soak into the front of her skirt and was forming a large wet patch between her legs making the hem of her shirt see through to her navel. Realising that she would not make the office she ducked down a quiet alleyway but before she could squat down to pee and pull her panties to one side she let go and let the full f***e of her bladder empty through her white cotton panties and onto the floor beneath her , the relief she felt was of pure joy followed by a sense of being naughty having just pissed herself in the street.
After removing her panties and placing them into her bag and trying to dry herself with a tissue she made her way into the office hoping that no one would notice her wet skirt, during the course of the day the faint whiff of pee came now and again from her bag reminding her of the mornings events making her concentration almost impossible, she felt horny knowing that she was wearing no knickers in the office and that her pee soaked underwear was beside her desk. With other people keep popping in and out of the office she was finding it difficult to ignore the naughty feelings she was having and found herself fidgiting in her seat, finally finding the seam of her skirt to rub her pussy on until she could not hold her excitement in any longer and when she finally had a moment to herself she let out a long throaty moan as she came, re wetting her skirt and leaving her wanting to experience the thrill of wetting herself again.

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