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First time pissed on - True

So here I was out side the hotel door feeling so horny I thought I might cum in my pants. I had been talking on line with a woman, Sheila for about a month about things we like when we fucked and a told her how much I loved facesitting. She said she loves it too but that she also liked to pee when she did it. WOW! I was wanking while chatting and buss all over my self when she told me this. I had never done it but told her I would love to try it. So we arranged to meet a week later at hotel in bath. All that week we were texting dirty talk to each other but promised we wouldn’t masturbate to save up a nice big orgasm. When I knock on the door she answers in a pink corset with a little black skirt and stockings. This was the first time I had seen her and I wasn’t disappointed. She was about 35, 5’6 with red hair and little chubby with a phat ass, just how I like em. I couldn’t believe my luck. I followed her in we had a bit of small when she said “Take off your close a lie on the bed”. Oh, I thought she wants to control things which I was cool with so I did as she said, quickly. I was on the bed in seconds with my cock sticking straight up. “Nice cock” she said as she took of her skirt and laid next and kissed it. “Mmmm that felt good” I moaned, Sheila just smiled at me and reached for a dildo, sucked it to get it nice and wet while pulling her panty’s to the side to expose her sweet chubby shaved pussy. We were kind of head to toe so I had a great view as she slowly stuck the dildo in her pussy and moved her head back to my rock hard cock. She took the head in her mouth and sucked it softly. She could see this was turning me on “You like that you dirty boy, want my ass in your face” she said still fucking her now soaking cunt with the dildo. “yeah sit on my face” with this she got up on her knees and started tacking off her panty “keep them on first” I said “I love pantys on my face”. She gave me a sexy look and put her legs ether side of my and started grinding her hips. Her panty clad pussy and ass inches from my face; I could feel the heat and smell her sweet musk. She continued teasing me like this while stroking cock for a few minutes then all of a sudden she put her full weight on my face. “Fuck ugghhh” I groaned my voice muffled by her phat ass. She started moving on my face “Yeah, sniff my ass you dirty bastard, smell me” she said, I did as I was told, I didn’t have much cloice and at that point I would have done anything she asked. Sheila said “I want you to lick me ass hole, clean it with your tongue”. She stood up, took of her pantys and spread her cheeks so I got the first look at her tight little ass hole. I wanted to sit up and push my face in it but held back because I liked her in control. She was rotating her hips ass she moved her ass back down to my face “lick it, lick my ass”. I stuck out my tongue and lightly licked all the way up her crack “fuck” she moaned as I rimmed her puckered hole she tasted so good and was obviously loving it she was grinding harder against my face and wanking me very hard. I was in heaven licking so spit was all over her hole. She would lift up for a second then her ass down on my face stopping me from breathing, her cheeks engulfing my face. Te sight the smell and the sounds were driving me wiled. She told me she was and was riding my face for all she was worth and friging her cunt “aghh, im Cumming stick your tongue up my hole, get it deep, lick my ass hole out” with this she pushed down and I stuck my deep up her ass with my mouth open covering her hole. “ughhhh” she cried as she had a big orgasm, her ass shaking she pushed even harder she was suffocating me but I didn’t care it was so fucking hot! H orgasm subside and just stayed in this position as I softly licked all over her hole, cheeks and crack. “mmmmm that was good” she said “now its your turn I want you to while I piss on you, you naughty boy”. I almost cum just hearing these words. I could see she was spreading her pussy as lowered on my face again. My in her crack, her ass hole on my mouth, could feel her warm pussy on my chin. She started wanking me with nice firm strokes “right im gonna piss on you now, that’s what you want right and you better cum for me. I want to eat your cum, give it to me”. I just groand in responses as she wanked my cock fast and hard. I was looking up at her big butt cheeks as I felt my chin get hotter “yeah take my piss, you no you love it” I felt the warmth trickle on my chin, down my neck and some squirts on my chest as she kept talking filth at me. The warm wet feeling was amazing, I couldn’t hold it any longer “uggh” I shoot my load up in the air as she wanked and pissed on me. After I cum I just laid there as she licked the cum of stomach and cock still grinding on my face. She got up smiled at me a licked the cum of her fingers . She got tissue and wiped the piss off my neck, chest and chin. We relaxed for a bit till she moved down the bed a licked my balls getting me hard again. Looking up at me she says “I want you to fuck me in the ass”
What a dirty slut.
To be continued….

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