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My Grandma 6

The next morning we didn't even spend time together. I couldn't get the night on the beach out of my head. God I love fucking my grandmother. I love her cumming on me. But I went out all day with my b*****r and cousin all day. We spent most of the day at the beach, then we went around the town checking out stores and women. But I couldn't get my grandmother out of my head. She was really hot in bed. It was like she liked it but didn't want to admit it. But then she loses control and just goes and goes. I wondered if she was always like this. So at one point in the day I slipped away from my b*o and my cousin and called her exhusband. They had divorced years ago. I was nervous. I didn't know what to say or how to ask. But I wanted to know about their sex life.

We talked very little. I get the feeling I was bothering him or something. Anyway I told him my grandmother was with us on vacation. He didn't seem that interested. I kept trying to figure a way to ask but finally just blurted, "Did she like sex when you were with her?" I don't know why I just asked. Her ex, my grandfather, was kinda shocked I asked and asked me why I wanted to know. I made an excuse that I was concerned about her and Roger. My grandfather told me she was really shy and conservative. They didn't have a very active sex life. I was really surprised about this information. What does that mean? Then why is she like the way she is with me? So we didn't really have much more to say to one another and I rejoined my cousin and b*****r.

So I had fun with them but I missed my grandmother a lot. When my b*****r and I got back to the motel room late that night my grandmother was already sl**ping. I climbed into bed in the same room with her and watched my grandmother sl**ping her bed. She looked gorgeous.

The next day my f****y had decided for the last night to camp out on the beach. They kept only one of the motel rooms for my grandmother and in case something happened like rain. I went out with my cousin again one last time. We hit the club that night and I was having a good time but was wishing I was with my grandmother. Ok. Here's where it gets really really wierd!

While at the club with my cousin we were talking to these two girls. My cell phone rang and it was my grandmother! I answered it and she seemed very friendly and asked if I could come back to the hotel room. She told me the rest of the f****y was on the beach already. She sounded a little strange. I was concerned and told my cousin and the two girls I had to go. I rushed back to the motel room and when I entered I was surprised to find my grandmother in the room laughing and chatting with ANOTHER COUPLE!! My grandmother met me when I entered the room and gave me a soft kiss on my lips right in front of this couple!

The woman was an attractive middle aged blond named Susan. The man was her husband a chubby man with a receding hairline named Mark. My grandmother then introduced me as her YOUNG boyfriend! She told me she had met the couple at the bar and grill on the beach and it was pretty obvious that they all had been drinking quite a bit of wine. I was really nervous but we sat around the motel room chatting and drinking more wine. I was really confused about what was happening. I got even more nervous and confused when the married couple started to kiss each other deeply. I mean they really started making out. We watched them for a moment and then my grandmother turned and started to really kiss me!

We started making out pretty heavy in the same room with this married couple. Then I saw Mark suddenly remove his wife's shirt and she had NO BRA on! She was about a b cup. Right in front of my grandmother and I Susan was topless and her husband Mark started to suck her nipples. Then my grandmother looked at me and started to massage my dick through my pants. She then looked at me with these eyes and asked if I would please take it out. I was shaking like this was my first time. I didn't say anything but she unzipped me and pulled my dick out right in front of this couple. Then my grandmother suddenly put it in her mouth! I couldn't help it I started moaning because her mouth felt really good. In a matter of seconds my grandmother started to really bounce her head up and down sucking her grandson right in front of Mark and Susan. I didn't think I was going to be able to hold it especially when Susan got full nude and sat onto Marks face on the other bed.

I couldn't believe this. I was having sex with my grandmother in the same room as another couple. This couldn't be real. What was with my grandmother? My grandmother then released my soaken wet cock from her mouth and started to kiss me deeply. I then layed her onto her back and in a matter of moments we were both naked and I was eating my grandmothers sweet pussy right there. She tasted delicious and she didn't seem to fight at all this time like she always did before. As I ate away at my grandmother and she started to moan loud and shake as she started cumming in a matter of minutes I glanced over and saw Mark sitting up and having sex with his wife. Her legs were spread as she lay on her back. I got more nervous. They weren't swingers I hoped and would want to trade. I was so scared.

But I was so horny at the same time. I climbed on my grandmother and she started to really eat my face kissing me again and again over and over. She then rolled me onto my back and climbed on me. She wasn't holding back tonight and I didn't understand why not. My grandmother and I still were kissing deep and I slid myself into her. I then started to really push up into her and she responded by riding back and forth. After a few moments I sat up and held her tight as she rode me fast. Her sexy hips were really thrusting back and forth. It was so hot. I stared to suck my grandmothers nipples and looked over and Mark was cumming on his wife. He had taken it out and was pumping himself and shooting on his wife's stomach.

I'm not gay but it got to me and I started to shoot just like that. My grandmother must have felt it because she yelled out pretty loud and started shaking all over hard again. We were cumming together! God it was so hot and sooooooo goood! My grandmother kept thrusting her hips on my like she was trying to get all of my cum until we were both too sensitive. We kissed deeply for a few minutes and then she slowly climbed off of me. As she did her pussy made this farting noise and she turned red. We lay down together and looked at Mark and Susan who were smiling at us. Then I don't know why but we all started laughing. I snuggled with my grandmother and Mark and Susan snuggled together on the other bed. And before I knew it we had passed out.

I woke up and looked at the clock and it was almost an hour later. I lay there with my naked grandmother sl**ping next to me. I looked to my right at the other bed and Mark and Susan were still sl**ping. I started thinking about what had just happened. I thought about everything that had happened between my grandmother and I before this. She always treated me like what we were doing was wrong but when we were with this other couple she told them I was her young lover and had no problem fucking in front of them?? I started to get kind of mad. I don't know why but I started to get more and more pissed. Then I started to look at my grandmother who rolled over exposing her ass. God it was so sweet looking. I got hard immediatly and leaned down and began kissing her ass cheeks. I licked and kissed both cheeks all over. Then I just got so horny I lost control. I spread her cheeks and saw her pink asshole and just started to lick away at it. I really started eating away at my grandmothers ass. I know this sounds crazy but it really tasted good. I mean really really good. I loved the taste and the feel. I was sliding my tongue all over the hole and then inside. Yes I was licking the inside of my grandmothers asshole.

My grandmother sort of woke up and asked what I was doing. I didn't answer but kept eating her ass. She must have liked it because she didn't fight and started to moan a little as she lay there. Her moaning woke up Mark and Susan who watched me tongue fucking my grandmothers asshole for a few moments and then they must have liked what they saw because Susan started to go down on her husband.

I was super horny but part of me started to get a little mad again. I stopped licking her sweet asshole and then placed myself between my grandmothers thighs. My grandmother, still on her front, asked me what I was doing. I dont know what happend but I was like possessed or something. I told my grandmother, "Shut up. Shut up." I then started to finger her pussy from behind and started to rub my cock against her hole. My grandmother must have known what I was planning because she started to get on all fours to get away but my fingering her pussy slowed her down. I then started to push my cock into her asshole. My grandmother stiffened and told me wait wait. But again I said "Shut up shut up." I even smacked her sweet ass with my hand. I kept fingering her the best I could and kept feeding her tight asshole my cock. My GOD IT WAS TIGHT! It was a good thing I had licked and drooled all over it because I don't think I would have gotten it in. I would put some in, then move it back and forth, then put some more in and move it back and forth. When I had most of it in My grandmother was frozen and mumbling it hurt take it out please. I looked at Mark and Susan who had this look on their faces like they loved what they were seeing. At that moment I really noticed Susan was kinda hot.

Mark and Susan then got on the floor right in front of my grandmother and Mark started taking Susan in her pussy doggystyle right in front of my grandmother! It was hot and I started to fuck my grandmothers ass. Very slow at first and then I started picking up speed. Before I knew it I was really fucking it. It was so tight that every once in a while I felt my cum rise and I had to pull my cock out of my grandmothers ass. She would give a sigh of relief and then I would just put it back in again. I was fucking MY GRANDMOTHER IN HER ASS! Oh God I didn't want to stop. I started to really fuck that ass hard. So hard that my grandmother put her upper body down and her head was hanging off the bed.

As I was fucking her ass she looked at Susan and actually asked her to ask me to stop. Susan, still getting it from her husband, wiped my grandmothers head and told her "Shhh, shhh, just enjoy your lovers cock." I was really shocked by this and it turned me on even more. I really started pounding as good as I could. My grand mother then started to say, "He's not... he's not... he's not.." I feared for that moment she was about to spill the beans about us but she never said it. In another moment Mark came in his wife but I kept fucking my grandmothers ass. I even took her hand and pushed it against her own pussy. I started to make her rub herself and she wouldnt do it at first but then she really started to do it. Mark and Susan watched us for a few minutes and I just kept fucking her. God I didn't want to stop. Ever. Fucking my grandmother in the ass was sooooo hot. I was getting really sweaty but I didn't stop. I pulled it out a few times to calm my rising cum but then just put it right back in.

I don't know how long we were going at it but Susan and Mark actually went to the bathroom for a few minutes and when they came out I was still fucking my grandmothers ass. Susan said something like wow he really loves your ass or something. I didn't pay attention just kept fucking that anal hole. Susan and Mark even started dressing and I was still fucking it. I swear it was like I had taken something to keep me going. But I just kept fucking. I don't know if she had ever had anal before but it was like I wanted to leave my mark in that asshole. I did stop for a few moments to catch my breath and when I did my grandmother groaned really loud and started shaking again. She had just rubbed herself to another orgasm! I don't know if my cock in her ass had helped but I wanted to believe so. I looked at Susan and Mark who looked shocked at my fucking. They said they had to go. I told them by but my grandmother didn't say anything. Susan and Mark left and I started to thrust in my grandmother again! It seemed like I was going to fuck that ass forever! I don't know how long I did it but eventually I was covered in sweat and was almost standing as I fucked it as hard and deep as I could and FINALLY couldn't take it and just let it go. I nearly screamed like I was in pain and I had the biggest fucking orgasm I've had ever. My grandmother must have felt it too because she was almost screaming as my cock was like a cannon firing these huge freaking loads again and again in her asshole.

When my cock had finally finished I collapsed on the bed. My grandmother didn't move just stayed there with her head hanging over the bed and her ass in the air. And her hole, oh my god her asshole was open pretty wide. I know this sounds weird but I just stared at it. It was really red and pretty open. It was so hot and I think i started to get a little hard but it hurt. It was an amazing site.

We didn't say anything for quite sometime and it was like my grandmother was afraid to move. She was really shaking and was weak, and I'm sure was really sore. Eventually I made her shift and lay on the bed next to me. My grandmother stared at me and I back at her. All she said to me was she knew she shouldn't but she was in love with me. I smiled and told her I loved her too. She then put her ass back up into the air, I guess maybe it was more comfortable like that and she passed out. I just watched her sl**ping for a few minutes and stared at her sexy ass in the air. I felt bad for fucking her like an a****l like I did but wow was it hot. But at the same time I really felt used. Eventually, still a little mad, I fell asl**p.

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