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I licked my daughters 'Cream-Pie'

'It's easy because they're never taught by their parents'. I could see him looking sleazily at my daughter as he said it, he had been looking and squirming for most of the night, whether he knew I was watching did not seem to matter, her freshness and youthful vitality, acted like a powerful aphrodisiac, and his eyes widened as her short skirt rode high, exposing her panty-line, something I suspected she was doing on purpose, my daughter was a chip off the old block, and watching her was like rewinding some old movie of myself, except I was on the outside looking-in and the film was replaced with real people, and a feeling of excitement rose in my gut, I was being turned-on by this voyeurism, and its subject of old men with young girls, was something that left me in awe, as I was being drawn into the playacting, instead of protesting, I had a front row seat, and as my daughter poured me another full glass, she smiled and winked, and said softly, 'Good girl', both for the drink, and the little scenario, unfolding in our living room.
'Can I give you something', she said turning to face the man looking up her skirt, 'Mummy taught me to pour drinks', she continued sarcastically, and walked over to him, stooped and poured, his eyes looking down her front, which was hanging loose, showing her pert little breasts and hardened nipples, she poured and was looking directly into his downcast eyes, 'Can you see enough', she asked naughtily, making sure he knew that she could see his interest in her.
'I think its that young girls today can see more on the internet', I replied with respect to his earlier comment, we were discussing the sexual promiscuity of teens, a subject constantly on the news.
'What about you Mr Ladrup', he turned to look at her, 'What's that dear', he retorted, 'Do you like young girls or older women?'
He flashed a look at me then her, 'I like them young', he replied honestly, 'But I never had any luck in catching them', he laughed, and we joined-in, but I could not help myself seeing him lick his fat wet lips, he was overly salivating at some deep thought, as his eyes rolled across her nimble form, 'Well', she replied, 'I cant run far in this room', and his face went straight, suddenly this prized piece of meat in the shape of my daughter was openly challenging him, 'You need to watch out Lars, my girl is hot to trot', then I realized we were degenerating into a sordid scenario, myself and this old friend of my husband, were discussing the merits of sex and my daughter was caught up in the excitement, eagerly participating and teasing, should I put a stop to it or let her continue her training, the feeling in the pit of my stomach was one of debauchery.
If I allowed this thing to happen behind my closed door, I might be shocked to find out just how advanced my offspring was, but the chance to detach my f****y feelings in lieu of raw sex between young and old, besides I could add a little, as a Mother and Daughter seducing a man, was not unheard off, but it could lead to this fat-man having a seizure, I weighed-up and balanced the to's and fro's, as I watched them tease each other, then convinced nature was providing us with an opportunity for free, I suggested she go and show Lars her new underwear, the invitation offering her the chance to show more of herself, and my admittance and acceptance to their liaison, I was feeling extremely horny at offering my daughter to him, but she clearly showed an interest, having watched me with older men, and she had developed a taste for them.
I caught him studying me, and as I looked back, he commented on my unspoken offer, 'Will you join-in?' I smiled at his presumed arrogance, 'Lets wait and see how she performs', his hand dropped to his pants and squeezed his swollen crotch, at that moment my daughter walked back into the room, she was naked and she strode towards him, saddled his lap and began kissing him full on his fat wet lips, she was riding his bulge, still encased in his pants, 'Mommy can you take his cock out for me?'
I got up and knelt in front of the kissing forms, reached up and took hold of his zipper, my knuckle brushing inside my daughters vagina, now spread op and wet, I pulled it down, suddenly feeling her small hand reach in and pull him out, she was eager and wanted him inside her, and his meaty hands encompassed her small bottom as I watched his fat cock slide inside, he pulled her back up and her vagina clung to him, as she rose her inner pussy was drawn out, bright pink flesh encompassing a darker flesh, he rammed her down and produced a 'Pussy fart', an indication of the tightness between both organs, they humped as I watched from my vantage point, then as he called out in an uncontrolled orgasm, I saw his cream-pie emerge from her innards, I reached in and lapped, like a cat with cream, opening my daughters lips and reaching side, cleaning her, another lesson a mother can pass onto her daughter, no-one can accuse me of shirking my responsibilities.

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