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Out for a run part 13

These past two months have been a drastic change in my life, first I get caught by the gardener nude, and give him a quick blow job, than the meter man finds me sunning myself naked out in my backyard by the pool and I give him a blowjob, than my guys at the park start having sex with me – started with 4 guys, but now 6, my girl friend Kim and I start fucking around, and than 2 weeks ago I played around with a female park ranger out in the poring rain. Up to this, I had been married for 26 years and had had sex with only 8 different guys total and one girl experience while in college. So, as you can see things have changed quite a bit for my sex life. This past week, Kim returned from her sick mother’s house and called me wanting to know if I would be meeting the guys in the park this week. I had not made this weeks plans yet, but let her know that it would be fun and I would try and set something up for the next afternoon. I also told her about my adventure with the park ranger out in the rain and how exciting it was. I let her know that I would call her latter to finalize the time if the guys were available. I e-mailed the guys and of course got almost instant responses saying that tomorrow afternoon would be great, and that they had a surprise for me – I love being surprised. I called Kim and set everything up, she would meet me at my house and we could go to the park together as she needed me to show her our new location. I got up late in the morning, almost at the time to head off to the park. I answered the door dressed like I am normally while at home, naked – it was Kim, ready to go. I dressed in my running shoes, t-shirt – no bra today, we would be walking to the spot in the park because Kim was not a big runner, so I felt like letting my boobs hang free, and shorts – no panties. Kim adjusted her attire to match mine and we set off. As we got to the park, I showed Kim where I met the ranger and we even saw her in the office showing a park visitor something – I don’t think she saw us go by, to bad. Up the trail we walked, we did pass 2 couples that were on the same trail going the opposite direction, and got a good looking over by the guys, but pretty much the hike to the spot was uneventful. As we got to the spot, Kim was pretty worn out by the walk, but surprised to see how nice the location was, we saw the guys waiting for us. Something looked different, than I saw it, the guys had moved that big fallen tree – it must have taken them a lot of time and effort, from the old spot and strategically placed it next to the pond. God, my guys are good, they know that taking on all 6 of them can be hard on my knees and back, and that laying over the stump makes it so much more comfortable. The day was pretty cloudy, and it looked like we may get some rain, but it was still hot and muggy, so off came my cloths in a flash, and I jumped into the cool pond before anyone new what I was doing. Me jumping in set off a chain reaction and cloths went flying and all the guys were in the water in no time. Kim was the last in, because she said it was cold, and the cold water did affect her – her nipples became hard as little rocks and stuck out. The guys loved this response, and she loved their reaction – one guy on each nipple sucking and licking like they were the last nipples on earth – Kim came so fast, that she fell over, almost drowning the 2 guys. We all swam around for awhile and cooled off from the hike to the spot. As I moved out of the water, I had 2 of the guys there to help me set up my blanket over the tree stump, and of course they helped me lay down across the stump on my stomach, and they took their turns screwing my brains out – one guy in front in my mouth, playing with my dangling breasts, and the other guy in my pussy pounding away. I looked over and saw Kim on her knees with the 4 other guys standing around her getting blown by her – each one for a minute or two and she would move on to the next one. The guy pounding my pussy was just cumming, and he moved out of the way so the guy in my mouth could take his spot. The guys were going strong, pounding my pussy, or fucking my throat, and of course screwing my asshole. Kim moved over to the stump and laid across it to join me in getting totally screwed, it felt so good to have 2 cocks going to town inside of me, and with my good friend next to me getting the same treatment. After about the 4th guy, I took a little break, but it was short lived – my oral guy moved in and started eating out my cum filled cunt – god this was good, he kept me horny and ready to go and cleaned me up, when he was done, I got back into position and one of the other guys moved in and started to fuck my pussy – my oral guy just moved over to Kim and cleaned her up with his tongue too. The screwing continued, and we hardly knew that it started to sprinkle, I know I was loving the action I was getting, both me and Kim were very verbal as we would climax, and this just made the guys want more. As they tired out, I got off the stump and laid on the ground – a towel had been spread out by the guys, and enjoyed the sight of Kim taking it up the ass and loving it – when the guy came, he just jumped in the pond and left Kim laying across the stump – limp. I had her get herself up and lay on the towel with me to rest. We both had cum on our faces, and running out of our pussies and asses. We just laid there enjoying nature, the rain, and our own little bit of heaven on earth. I felt Kim’s hand on my breast and than felt her lips make contact with my left nipple, I guess she was not as tired as I thought, and so she made her way down my body to my pussy and dove right in – it was pretty messy with a few loads of cum dripping out of it, but she didn’t seem to mind. I had her move over so that she had one knee on each side of my head, and her furry – cum matted cunt was just an inch above my mouth – a stringy glob of cum was stretching down from her pussy opening and I was able to catch it in my mouth, and than I put my arm up and pull her to my lips. She was full of cum and her own juices, and it was wonderful eating and being eaten out there in the light rain – the guys must have heard or saw what we were doing because I looked up and saw we had an audience. I wanted them to have a good show, so I really got into it – not that hard, and was moaning, groaning and making all kinds of obscene sounds. After a few minutes I looked up and was hit in the face by some cum – the guys were so turned on that they were jacking themselves off. A mouth is good, but a cock feels so much better when you are horny, so I moved Kim away and grabbed one of the guys and practically jammed his cock into my hot hairy pussy. He was so turned on by what he saw, that he only lasted a minute or two, but was quickly replaced by another guy – this continued until the guys ran out of gas. Both myself and Kim were left lying on the towel breathing hard – not moving, just trying to catch our breath. It was still raining, and the guys were getting ready to leave, we said we would be staying for a bit longer, but that they should head home – I would e-mail them when we could play again. I think Kim and I stayed there, laid out on our backs, legs apart, cum dripping out of our over used pussies for a good hour, before we could even help each other up. I thought about hopping into the pond to rise off, but that would take to much energy, so I just got my shirt and shorts and put them on. Having a white t-shirt out in the rain is maybe not the smartest thing, because the instant it gets wet – it is see through. Both myself and Kim in see through tops, and as we started to walk down the trail, cum was running down our legs, it was a sight, seeing Kim with cum running down her leg, and when I would make a comment she would turn around and I could see her magnificent breasts through her shirt. As we got almost back to the start of the trail we passed a couple – wearing rain gear – and this time got some priceless looks from both the man and lady. At the parking lot I saw my ranger friend in her office and gave her a nice wave, and I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head, as we headed to my house – the closer we got to the house the more careful I had to be about being seen – don’t want the neighbors talking behind my back. We made it home ok, and Kim headed home exhausted. I jumped into the shower and than went straight to bed to get a couple of hours sl**p before my husband came home. Once he got home I told him the story of the day’s events and he fucked me good, I was sore for the next couple of days, but what a great sore feeling it was. I need your comments….

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