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Suppose you whole body would fit inside her; BBW u

Big Girls Will Have Their Way!

This Story is based on what started as a Cartoon Fantasy Photograph, whose subject then turned very real.

This Cartoon Photo is one that you took of your gigantic girlfriend not long after you met her. It shows her using both her hands behind herself to bend over and show you her gigantic vaginal opening size by strongly pulling herself open to gape very very widely. Once you took the photograph, you and your girlfriend thought it was very funny, and then you captioned the top of that Photo to make it a mutual funny Cartoon Photo. You both would often look at this cartoon that you captioned and laugh.

Your captioning was suggestive about what her possible motives were -- as to why she would stretch herself open for you to see. Your caption however was just your own idea of being funny -- even though you strongly wished the Cartoon fantasy were actually true. To you, the caption expressed your own wish and hope that the caption title were the true reason she might be posing for you -- to see and then to photograph her.

Your fear was -- that she was just trying to be funny for you, and 'not' trying to entice you to enter her. However, you were both glad that you snapped the picture. You both thought it was a very very funny Private Cartoon Picture. Later you both talked about the picture and its caption -- and then found that you 'both' actually had this very same cartoon fantasy.

Then over the next several weeks you both made plans to actually try this mutual fantasy. Like the caption said, you actually are a very small person but you loved huge women -- the larger the better -- and had never dreamed you would ever find such a gigantic girlfriend. In the past you had dated girls that were hugely fat and weighed close to 500 pounds. When you met your new girlfriend, you found her totally different. Instead of just a big fat girl, she was more like an average girl mounted on top of a pelvic region that was like a extreme giantess would have.

Her disproportionate body fit right into your own fantasy. Although she had never weighed herself in years, with you under 100 pounds and her greatly in excess of 500 pounds, you estimated she had to be well over 5 times your body size. But you could tell that most of that weight was just where you wished it would be located. It was located at a place for you to go -- if you ever were to actually do your own fantasy. To you she seemed quite average in body size above and below her pelvic region. You noticed that her extremely wide pelvis caused her to walk in a twisting fashion, as she would swing her pelvis forward -- first its right side and then its left side -- as her legs were not very tall. Her pelvic region and lower belly however were gigantic. When you finally told her you had captioned her picture as a cartoon that hinted at Unbirth -- because it was your secret fantasy -- she laughed and confessed to you about herself and her own fantasies.

She then told you that all her adult life she had the very same fantasy, that you did, and she had a strong desire to do it -- but never told anyone else before about her dreams and desires -- or ever expected to find anyone to share her strong fantasies with. She told you that from an early age she had a huge and continuous growth and enlargement in her pelvic region -- compared to all the other parts of her body -- just her pelvic body region. Only her middle body part, between her legs and upper body, just grew and grew larger. Since an early age, there was no way to sit into chairs with side arms, as her boney pelvis was too wide, and even many large type doorways required turning sideways. She was never very fat, she just had a huge huge pelvis. She also grew much taller than other women, but she realized that most all of that extra height was just due to a very tall and hugely enlarged pelvis while the rest of her body below and above the pelvic region was not enlarged taller.

Her huge pelvis (with its gigantic pelvic organs and huge lower belly) made her waist very very high and her lower belly very very large. She noticed that even after her upper and lower body height reached their maximum height growth, that for another 2 years that her pelvic region just continued to enlarge and became taller -- both upward and downward expansion in the middle part of her body that contained her huge belly and her gigantic pelvic organ size. That huge tall lower abdomen and huge pelvic region is also what made her weight several times what she would otherwise have weighed when she finally was old enough to calculate the cause.

In her home schooling she learned that volume and weight go up as the cube of linear size -- and learned that a solid box or even any shaped solid region would weigh 8 times as much when it expanded only 2 times as wide, tall, and deep. She even calculated from this fact, that her enormous weight was not at all due to fat, but was caused by her huge disproportionate growth and enlargement of her body, in just that one gigantic body region. She then knew that all her huge weight was only due to that enlarged pelvic and lower belly part going up as the cube of its height, depth, and width. She had to have home schooling due to this very strange body growth and shape, and was always considered a total freak by other young people.

As she matured, she realized that her gigantic pelvis size with its gigantic pelvic organs made having sex for her very very different than for any other people. She knew her gigantic sized pelvic organs had grown much too huge to allow any ordinary sex -- and for years she thought about how her pelvic organs are so extremely huge that even doing Unbirth would actually be possible for her with a small or even average size adult partner. Much later she learned these thoughts about herself, was also a fantasy of some other people. Such thoughts began to dominate her fantasies and those thoughts both stimulated and directed her fantasies -- even more so, as she matured.

Because her pelvic organs were much too large for usual sex, she had no sexual partners, and even very few friends. However her sex drive was still very very strong, and now she admitted to you that she had long secretly practiced very huge vaginal stretching starting in her teens and long before she met you. She told you she wanted to be ready however, if ever she did find the right partner. When she first stretched her vaginal opening she found it was already quite large. Later she tried larger and larger insertions. Everything she tried would fit inside herself.

As she grew older she found that the very huge rubber balloons removed from the largest thigh sized bl**d pressure cuffs could then be pumped up and inflated to extremely huge size without bursting. She often tried to stretch herself by inserting and inflating them by squeezing their inflation bulbs and counting a huge number of squeezes to reproduce the exact same size for the same number of pumps or squeezes each time she pumped one. Then she would push these huge balloons back out of her huge opening and measure them. She understood that her bone opening limited what size could enter her but she also knew her pelvis bone size was quite large enough for shoulders. She knew her huge lower belly was large enough even for an adult size, but that she would need to have very huge depth and very huge volume inside her opening to fill that huge lower belly. She worried that her vagina might never stretch to a size large enough.

She then planned to gradually enlarge herself inside by doing huge and regular internal stretching for years. Over time she began to pump the balloons inside her vagina even larger than they would exit. From that point on she was larger inside than her opening could let her push on out -- requiring her to let air out of the internal balloon to make it small enough to push out. She loved the very full feeling inside her -- which rounded out and greatly enlarged her already gigantic lower belly when the balloons were hugely pumped. Her internal vaginal size was so very gradually enlarged that it was like a growing pregnancy, only it was gradually growing larger and larger over several years, and it never bothered her it happened so very slowly. She had used the balloons for over three years before she began to pump them so very large inside herself that she worried one might burst while inside her from its gigantic size -- but then she gave one a strength test.

By hugely inflating it, she finally quit testing it larger when the balloon grew to a very huge size and she measured it to be well over two and a half feet wide without any bursting, inflation problem, or air leakage. She then decided that test size was larger that she would ever need to stretch, and also the balloon was strong enough to use. Then she reinserted it for a more pleasurable type of test -- counting the number of pumps up to the very same size that she had last internally pumped it, before she had tested its size outside her vagina. Then she pumped it slightly larger than she had ever pumped one inside herself, before the test. Once a hugely pumped one did burst inside her, only startleing her, as it caused no injury. She had been using that same balloon for over a year and after that happened, she decided buy fresh new ones more often. These insertions gave her strong orgasms while thinking about how her gigantic vaginal size could be a blessing instead of a curse -- but only if her hated huge pelvic organ size ever allowed her to do unbirthing. She actually believed doing that in time would become possible.

In her stretching, she just continued to have stronger orgasms the greater she continued to stretch herself. Gradually after several years, she began to believe her internal size most likely had grown large enough. She knew a real partner vaginally swallowed inside her would feel very different than the balloon, and sexually he would be the very ultimate sexual experience and insertion size possible for her to ever experience. She absolutely craved a true mate and partner that would actually and willingly go completely inside her. She felt if she could only have a willing partner to fit himself inside her, then by vaginally swallowing him, she would actually possess and own him completely. He would become her lifetime mate. She knew once she had swallowed such a willing partner -- he would be hers to keep. She fantasized such a marriage to a willing partner would now be her goal in life -- and then 'Big Girls' such as herself 'Will Have Their Way'.

In first telling you about her past, she withheld most of these details and these cravings she had, until much later when she told you everything. But for now she admitted to you that when she noticed your Web profile about you loving enormous gigantic vaginas and huge women that she began to have some hope. She said, “I thought it was our mutual destiny that we both live in the same large city.” You agreed with her, and that it was no coincidence -- but it had to be due to your mutual destiny. Then she even admitted to you that she practiced greater stretching those few days that you both chatted -- before you actually met her in person.

Once you started chatting with her over the Internet she knew she just had to meet you, and immediately fantasized about unbirthing you -- even while you chatted. After you started Internet chatting together, from that very point onward, whenever she did her huge stretching, she only fantasized about you as her internal partner, fitting yourself deeply inside her. She never told you this at the time you very first chatted however, because she though maybe she could convert you later to her own fantasies, once you met. She would only tell you that her vagina was huge but not give you the details. She was overjoyed when you accepted her invitation to come to her apartment for a home cooked supper. Then when you finally came, the very first time to meet, and seeing that you brought your camera, she bent over for you, and now she admitted to you, that actually she was showing you her huge gape -- for a very very specific reason -- and that reason was that she was hoping that her gaping view would excite and entice you enough to consider her own fantasy -- and just maybe, possibly someday try doing it with her, as she already knew from your profile you loved gigantic vaginas.

For her, doing it would fulfill her fantasy about the real reason she was blessed with such a gigantic pelvic region -- with its gigantic pelvic organs and her huge lower belly, that she loved filling, by pumping up huge balloons inside of. It would be a way to have the ultimate in wonderful mutual sex -- if only she could meet a partner who enjoyed the very same sexual fantasies she had. Finding a willing loving partner to marry -- that she could vaginally totally swallow and then possess -- had become the very height of her sexual desires. Then truly at last, she would have her way. It would confirm her strong wish that for an almost unbelievably rare and gigantic pelvis type girl -- such as herself -- that, Big Girls Will Have Their Way.

When you first met her, like yourself, she had no idea that you 'already had' her very same unbirthing fantasy. But at the time, you were also afraid to mention your own fantasy to her. But when you finally both first realized it was just a mutual fantasy and that both of you had fantasized this very same thing, long before, then your mutual happiness and mutual laughter was intense. Now weeks later, you both can hardly wait to actually try it.

In the Cartoon, she says, “First put your feet in so we can talk awhile.”

Now that it was time to actually try the mutual fantasy -- just for the fun of it -- she repeated that exact same wording of your cartoon caption, that you placed across the top of your picture. You both laughed strongly as she said those words, and you replied, “Ok dear, we can now 'talk awhile', and we will finally try doing it -- I hope we are both ready.” But in your own mind, you pretty well knew almost everything else she was going to say to you today. This was because together you had planned doing this mutual fantasy -- for the very first time -- today -- and it had been many weeks since you both agreed to try doing it. All that time you both wanted it to be safe, and you both considered many angles about how to go about doing it successfully without having any problems.

During that preparation time you helped her stretch and often measured both her opening and the roominess of her size inside that opening that she had long practiced hugely enlarging inside her big lower belly. Even little changes would greatly arouse you both. Whenever you would inflate a giant balloon to your own body size inside of her and see her lower belly swell -- you would also count pumps to see how large it grew inside her, but then you would let out enough air from it for her to be able push it back outside her smaller opening. After it was pushed out -- you would measure the distance around it. Then you would tell her, “When it came out of you, it measures larger around than you measured around my shoulders -- and while it was still inside you, I counted and pumped it more pumps than the balloon required to match my body size. I just love seeing your huge lower belly swells even larger than I am, and fantasize that it is me that is causing that distended belly inside you.” Then you both would then celebrate.

Once it passed your shoulder size, and became larger than your folded body size, you wanted very very badly to enter inside her. This waiting for that to actually happen was the hard part for both of you, but finally when you realized and knew the exact measurement of your own comfortable fetal position -- both your depth and size -- that you required -- and then you found that her internal depth and volume size was now a comfortable size for you -- and even a bit larger than you actually required -- your sexual anxiety, as well as hers, grew very very strong. Neither partner could see a reason to wait any longer.

Never having tried your planned activity, there was considerable tension built up between both of you. This apprehension was overridden by a mutual burning desire to go ahead and try it for the first time. It would be hard to say which partner actually wanted it the very most.

Today that time is here. You both will try your first unbirthing. You next gathered up everything you needed including Ky, towels, and a small diameter 2 2/3 foot breathing hose with many wraps of tape to form a ball ring around one end of the hollow rubber tube. You wanted the ring end larger so the ring end inside your mouth would not easily slip back out of your mouth once the smaller tube part was inserted between your teeth. You had even once practiced breathing through that same tube -- all night -- with no problems sl**ping. Next, you undressed and then reached deep enough inside her bent over gape to squeeze inside her three tubes of KY into that huge widely spread opening.

You climbed up onto a high table behind her, so you were a little bit above her as you looked down into her spread open and gigantic bottom. You remember how it once looked and how that it now looks, even more inviting, and even a bit larger than the gape when you first took her gaping cartoon picture. You dangled down one foot into that beckoning orifice, and then you let it slip on deep inside her -- then you slipped in your other foot -- just one foot at a time. It was very slippery, and there was no resistance at all to sliding them deep inside of her.

By letting gravity pull your body strongly downward, you then slid your bottom over closer toward the edge of the table -- to allow a bit deeper insertion. You kept both your hands on the table top for balance and to adjust your downward slide from gravity. By doing that, instead of using the downward pull created by your full maximum weight of 95 to 100 pounds -- you could then try and hold back. As you started slipping deeper on into her huge gape, your feet then went on out of your sight, deep inside her, and you can now see both your knees are located right at the rim of her huge opening. You keep using your hands on the table surface to balance and to hold yourself back -- to keep from sliding into her so very fast.

She next says, “Now that your feet and lower legs slid on inside me up to your knees, when you continue to go even deeper inside me, start bending your knees, just like you would sit on your knees with your feet behind you as you go in, so the greatest depth distance inside me will change little. Then there will be plenty of room for your hips if you keep your knees bent. Let your bent knees then start moving forward by bending at your hip joints to pull up your, still bent knees, upward and in front of you. This allows your hips to move on inside of me. Make your body folding a gradual thing. Only use as much folding as needed to adjust your total depth. That way you can keep your total depth about the same, and easily fit your hips on even deeper inside me once your upper legs bend forward from the hips. By doing that it will allow you to just keep on sliding further and further inside of me, with very little change in your total depth.”

You remember your own plan is similar to what she said, and then you take less holding back pressure onto the table top and you bend your knees letting your feet go behind you, as your knees move inside. This works well, and they just easily slide on deeper into her. But you find that you now have to take your hands off the table, as you are sinking in much lower and you will have to find something different to push back onto -- against the gravity of your weight. You then move your hands from the table and press your hands onto her buttocks as your upper legs are starting to slide faster and deeper inside of her. You find your depth adjustment lets you start bending upward your already bent knees some in front of you by bending your hip joints as your depth approaches your hip level. This gives you more room, while not requiring much additional room -- over the depth you have already reached as you start to fold your body even more.

It enters your mind that she will hardly notice bearing your body's light weight or the pressure of your hands on her buttocks, as she is well over 5 and maybe even 6 times your own weight now, and with her huge size, she will hardly notice any added weight difference to bother her. When sitting, the pressure on her bottom -- by merely sitting down -- would be many times the pressure of your own much lighter weight. You dismissed that thought from your mind, as there is no reason to worry about her discomfort from you pressing too strongly on her buttocks to slow down your rapid entry inside her. You need your hands to allow you to balance and keep yourself from sliding into her too fast. You know that you especially want your hips to slide inside her very very slowly. That way you hope that by adjusting your body folding, and by holding your weight back with your hands, that it will let your hips, and your now very hard penis to move, ever so slowly slowly, past her huge opening ring.

You are purposely going so slowly by holding back with your hands pressing strongly against her buttocks to hold you up and resist gravity's pull. You just keep using your hands on her buttocks to resist and to adjust the speed of that pull -- as everything inside her seems to be so very slippery -- that you even worry that your hands might suddenly slip on her buttocks an let you go inside her too very quickly. You begin to think that maybe you should not have used so much KY, as she is already making a very slick mucus you notice, as you stimulate her. You want your penis to be right against her huge ring for a prolonged time to let it feel a long long contact with her opening ring. You are amazed that your hips just very slowly try and keep sliding on deeper inside her and you have to hold back rather strongly now -- to slow things down.

Then she says, “You feel so very good sliding deeper and deeper on inside me. I can feel your hard penis very slowly sliding and rubbing against the edge of my opening and I even notice you twist your hips several times side to side as they are entering me. I am glad, as that feels great and lets you rub your penis on my opening. I never felt a penis inside me before -- but your whole body might even feel better to both of us once you are inside me. Your slow sliding and twisting feels absolutely great. Just keep bending up your flexed knees more in front of you and even some toward your chest when you continue on deeper. That keeps your total depth about the same. Adjust your depth by folding as you fit your body deeper inside of me.”

“By finally bending up your knees near to your shoulders, it will allow you much more room -- as a folded fetal body position requires very much less room to fit inside me. Remember how we watched a contortionist video of Dan... Br......, who is much larger than you, folding himself into a 16 by 18 inch box -- and when we measured, we found that you might now have 7 or even more inches of extra depth to play around inside me than the 'little room' that he required -- as you fit yourself on totally inside me, and then maybe you will have some extra room to move around. Don't forget to put the large end of your breathing tube locked between your teeth before your shoulders get close to entering me.”

“Shoulders are your very widest point, and inserting your breathing snorkel when you are at upper chest level will allow you to safely slip your arms on inside of me once your shoulders pass on through my opening. Just use your breathing tube early for safety, to prevent problems getting it into your mouth before it is too late. Then when your shoulders start to approach my opening ring, leave your arms extended and stretched upward outside of me. Whenever your shoulders do start to get close to my opening ring, try and press each shoulder tightly against your face -- so as to make them much less wide, as they try and fit on through my opening.”

“You certainly have shoulders that are much wider that the little man I read about 'volunteering' to go down a well, and inside that 8 inch wide well pipe to save a little girl who had fallen down that well. Even though you are small, you are still no size-contortionist -- that can fit through such tiny rings and things. Even though my opening is larger than they might need, you might try turning your shoulders a ninety degree turn -- to fit deeper inside of me. I say that, because I once measure my opening as having more room front to back -- than side to side. However, I think the way you are going in right now, will be more than comfortable enough, once I stretch just a tiny bit more.”

You were already prepared to go deeper, with your breathing tube ready in one hand. Then you go ahead and fit the big end into your mouth, while you test that it will not slide back out from between your teeth. You then bend up your knees a bit more toward your chest which lets you move faster. Then you test holding your shoulders together against your face, as you might need that as you get deeper. You know squeezing your shoulder span as narrow and small across as possible could help you sink past your widest part. You are now almost up to your armpit level and you find that you can now easily control the speed of your entry now by widely spreading your arms apart. Then you try that method, to temporarily stop your downward movement merely by spreading your arms wider apart across her buttocks -- you want to stop a bit -- to chat and think for a few more moments -- before going on any deeper inside your new 'little room'. You tell her, “Dear, I am so very glad you prepared a wonderful 'little room' for me – so much larger and comfortable than those contortionists need.” Then you and her both laugh loudly.

You think of the Internet videos where you watched contortionists fitting their shoulders and whole bodies (that were very much larger than your little body) both through and into tiny little things -- and you remember how they fit through tennis rackets and tiny rings -- and how they can totally fit inside tiny little boxes much smaller than you actually measured your girlfriend's inside 'little room'. You think, “Now, I can begin to know how they might feel when I am also in a small and a confined space.” When you then hold your arms up higher to make the space between your arms a little less, you can hardly believe that you still just keep sliding deeper using only gravity to move and sink deeper inside her. Of course your hands are not now on her buttocks to push back on anything and to slow things down, as now you are even nearer to shoulder depth. You think, “If I go into her again, just before I am at this depth, it will be easy to slow or stop entry just by adjusting the width I hold between my outstretched arms to control entry speed, but once her ring is more relaxed, the only way I can slow down movement will be by my degree of body folding.”

Everything seems very very slick and you notice, by looking down just inches away from your face into the edges between you and her opening ring, that you see a complete ring of white mucus there that she seems to be now making more of. You think maybe your body movement stimulates her to make this mucus 'surrounding me' and helping me just keep slipping and sinking deeper inside her. Then your shoulders start to slide a little bit slower as they are almost at her opening ring. You can feel more resistance to the sides of your shoulders as it is tighter. But you had also forgotten to move them again more tightly together against your face, to help your entry. You then try turning with your shoulders pointing front to back by a 90 degree turn, as she suggested.

You also begin to compress your shoulders a bit more tightly against your face. Then you suddenly feel her opening giving way to gravity as you assume this much smaller shoulder width and you start to move again -- on faster inside. Suddenly your shoulders pop on through -- inside her huge opening ring, as they fully slip on inside her. At this depth your arms and head are now only partially outside of her. Your arms are in her too deeply to separate and help slow down deeper movement, but you know from the way things feel, that if you just folded up a little more and bent your knees up just a little more toward your chest or if you bent your head down a little bit more -- then your head would just move on totally inside her -- as that lack of folding more is all that is now limiting your full head entry -- even before you pull your arms on fully inside of her. You purposely try and stay at this same level for a few more moments longer, to prevent even more head entry, and also to hear her last words.

Then you hear her say, “The reason I practiced stretching for you was because I worried about your shoulders fitting on easily through my opening. It really really felt wonderful as that very widest part of your body stretched me just enough for you to slip on through and inside of me. I was so happy when they suddenly slipped on inside me. Passing that tightest spot was the very most important step in allowing us to do this unbirthing. Now that your shoulders actually did slide on deeper through my opening ring, the rest should be very much easier. Start now to assume a full fetal position like you have practiced doing. I am glad you have your little hose to breath outside air through. That way you can play inside me for probably about an hour or so. Just pull in one of your arms inside me at a time.”

“ When you get both your arms finally inside of me without doing anything else, you might just slide on inside. But to help, bend both your legs and your head more toward your chest to complete your full fetal position -- you should then easily fit the size that we measured you could comfortably fit into. Then you should fit on inside me with a little extra room available for your movement and comfort. I am glad we waited these weeks to be sure that plenty of room is there for you. We know my depth measured more than we measured your comfortable fetal position, both size and depth, and after doing this I may even stretch larger inside of me for your comfort and movement.”

“Being able to comfortably use your fetal position makes it a lot easier for you to fit totally and comfortably inside of me. You must even now be almost fully inside me, as I can tell that my belly is now stretched way downward farther -- and gravity seems to be pulling it a bit closer toward the floor as I bend over and down like this. I don't mind, and I enjoy that feeling of your little extra weight. I am surprised it feels less that I though it would feel. It feels rather good and filling to me. As I now look down at my lower belly I can see you on the surface, created by your outline inside of me. I am glad that I am not fat to hide your outline inside me. My umbilicus, or belly button now looks like you have pushed it up some more than usual. It always looks to be over twice as high up as anyone else that I ever saw, due to the huge lower belly room caused by my gigantic pelvic region.”

“I have seen a few women with their pelvic region and their lower belly greatly enlarged, where their waist was pushed up, but never have I seen anyone nearly as large as myself. Recently I read that such a Justo Major pelvis as I have is rare, and requires at least 1 ½ more than average size. But mine must be one of the most extreme, and largest, as it must at least be 2 ½ times average size. My vastly greater pelvic organ size inside of me is what makes me wonder if anyone else has ever tried doing this, as my huge size is so very very unusual. That size makes me also have this gigantic lower belly that I have spent years of long long practice internally stretching gradually larger and larger, and that is what allows you to now be inside of me. I am glad that we both now love my 'little room'. I can see your weight is pushing it and filling it downward -- where you are now filling up my huge lower belly space. I am so glad I prepared this 'little room' for you inside me. My very full feeling is just wonderful and amazing.”

Then she says, “After you give me several orgasms, I will then squat down to let gravity help me to push you on back outside of me.”

You gurgle back a reply as you are now so deep inside her that your head is barely outside enough to have room to talk -- and your breathing tube also makes it harder for you to speak -- then you say, “Here I go inside you. I truly love you, and wish me luck. Hang out a 'little room occupied' sign.” Then you pull in your arms, one at a time, both inside of her, as you hear her laugh about the sign posting.

Only a part of your head is still remaining outside of her opening ring, and you are still breathing rather easily through your little snorkel tube locked into your mouth. Your confidence level is building up, as you start bending up you knees a little and bending down your head a little more toward your chest -- so as to allow your full and complete entry. As you are doing this, you begin to feel her opening closing even more around the sides of your face. Then you feel the rim of her now contracting opening slowly slowly sliding up up up your cheeks, across your face, and approaching your eye level. You next feel her ring at your lower ear lobes and you love that feeling of her ring slowly sliding upward to slowly and totally enclose and engulf you -- to be totally swallowed inside your lover.

You close your eyes tightly as the ring moves up over your ear lobes to enclose your eyes. Then your eyes begin passing through her tightening ring. You feel her ring sliding across your closed eyes as they move on fully inside of her. Her ring then begins to be felt moving up up along and around your forehead. Now it is felt going past the very back of your head. Your eyes are tightly shut, and everything inside her has become very dark. You feel upward with your hand sliding along the side of your temple and up one side of your head to feel the thick ring of her vaginal opening even closer to the top of your head. You can then feel her opening is tightening even more as it is now almost closed and continuing to tighten above the very top part of your head. Then finally, you feel it is much tighter. It then completely closes shut above you. Surprisingly it then feels very firmly closed and sealed above the very top of your head. You try and push your hand firmly against it, and you are amazed it can feel so firmly closed. You then think to yourself, “We did it, I am now totally vaginally swallowed. I never believed that a human vagina could possibly be this very large. Also, I never imagined I would actually complete my fantasy of going totally inside a woman.” You could not even hear her very last comments from deep inside her lower belly.

Those unheard comments that she made were these, “Our talk -- is over now and I can hear the rapid sounds of air moving in and out of your little snorkel tube. When I feel on down between my legs, I can only feel your little tube coming out of me, as I am purposely tightening my opening, and I can feel it is now closed. I only feel my thick labia firmly sealing you inside me now. I am starting to feel very very good and I feel every little movement that you make inside me. I just love this feeling and for the first time ever in my life, I now feel completely filled inside of me. I have craved this moment for years. It is the most satisfied feeling I ever felt in my entire life. It feels that at last -- I totally own and possess you, with you totally inside of me now. I feel a strong glow in my face and belly and even all over me. It is a wonderful feeling. You are deep inside me and you are now fully mine. I swallowed you completely. We are now joined in the greatest of all possible sexual experiences. I want you to be mine forever. I will just lay here on this floor mattress, and enjoy feeling you inside of me. I love to rub my big tummy and I can see and feel your bulges and lumps all over my belly surface.”

“I love watching a lump you make that moves like some pregnant women enjoy watching their own baby's moving lumps and bulges across their belly surface. It is fun to feel you and watch you move. I can easily feel you through the wall of my belly and it makes me so very proud of what we both did. This is the greatest day of my life -- and I hope it is of yours also. It is just great to feel every little movement you make. I love how I can feel and then guess your different body parts that move as a bulges across the surface of my lower belly, and love that my hand can feel you through my big big belly wall. I greatly enjoy rubbing those bulges and lumps you make and the way your movement feels. I hope you can also feel my hands caressing you now. I have my cell phone on the mattress, so I may even take cell phone photos of a large belly lump that has to be be your moving head -- to share some pictures with you later.”

Deep within her, you are a bit surprised that you find being inside her huge vagina to be so very comfortable and so well cushioned. The mucus everywhere makes your sliding and moving very easy. You even find that you can move out of your first fetal position and on deeper inside her huge lower belly -- to explore a little. You are glad the room air conditioning is blowing toward your little breathing tube, as breathing the cooler outside air is refreshing. You worry your new freedom moving about could pull on your little air hose too much. At times you feel down to make sure the air tube is not pulling up. You know that without it you would not have much time inside. You try many different types of movements hoping to give her orgasms while inside of her. When you feel her hand against you, you press back on that spot, so she can know you feel her. It becomes a game with her pressing and then you pressing back so she can tell you noticed.

To stimulate her, you even rub where you think her G-Spot is located, and even though you are inside her, you can still tell from the way she responds, that doing that stimulation and that massage of her G-Spot works very very well to stimulate her. Then you feel her having a very strong and long lasting orgasm. Afterward, you rest awhile so she can enjoy the glow of her orgasm, before you then start to move or stimulate her again from deep inside. When you notice her responding to your stimulus it makes you so very hot and so hard that you also have very great orgasms while playing inside of her.

You find spots to massage where she will then repeatedly pat her hand back over -- just to let you know that maybe she is enjoying that movement or stimulation. You try turning, twisting, rubbing and many other movements. But after quite some time inside her, you finally learn that she loves the G-Spot stimulation the very most and you move back more with your head into your first fetal position -- and closer to her opening that you came through -- as that head position seems to stimulate her and produce more orgasms for her especially when your head is centered near her G-Spot. You find that wiggling the back of your head rapidly on her G-Spot is her very favorite stimulus. Her orgasms stimulate you and make you very very hot, then you have another great erection and another huge orgasm.

She sees your moving head bulges -- and her thoughts are: “Lover, I feel your head, that I can see and feel sliding inside of me. I feel and see you move your head up tight against my gigantic lower belly wall, and then I see and feel you slide it back and forth from side to side. I love you inside my giant belly. To me, it just feels wonderful !”

“But I also wish you would fold back up more. Just move on back into your fetal position -- that you have practiced doing. Then stimulate me again. I just love it when you move your head or your hand against my G-Spot. After pleasuring me some more, eventually I could push you back out of me. I am sorry you can't hear these thoughts. Then you would know what I want you to do the most.”

“I will wait for now, and lie here -- just watching and feeling these strong movements inside my gigantic belly.”

“So far you have been inside me for half an hour, and you only gave me two big orgasms. I want MORE.”

Everything to you feels soft inside her, and the walls of your 'little room' are like cushioned linings for you while inside of her. When resting, you just listen to her internal sounds especially her intestines rumbling and you hear her heart beating. This goes on for a long long time, and you rest quietly after each of the 4 huge orgasms you give her. You enjoy feeling, sliding, and even hearing inside your 'little room'. Mostly you enjoy the sexual feelings it gives you just to be inside your lover. You are glad you now know exactly how to give her strong strong orgasms by stimulating her G-Spot. After spending a little more than one very very enjoyable hour inside of her, you suddenly feel your weight is shifting directions and you notice that gravity is beginning to pull your head more downward. You then maneuver and position your head near her opening again. Somehow you wish you could stay inside her a little longer.

You then can tell she is moving into a position to push you back outside. You feel her start pushing as she squats and pushes over and over again. As you move downward you place your hand above your head -- and then it feels her opening is less tight and begins to reopen. At first only your fingers can exit her, but then very quickly she reopens -- and you can then let each arm slide on back outside. You are amazed she has such control over both relaxing or tightening her opening and wonder if years of practice has allowed that. With both your arms outside of her, and your head starting to move out between them, you think about pressing your shoulders inward to your face again as your shoulders approach her opening ring. First you head exits more between your outstretched arms. You worry about coming out, as it is seems just a tiny bit slow at first -- but now her opening is still stretching open even more -- and it is not nearly as slow as going inside her. When you were moving inside her at your shoulder depth before movement was slower. It also seemed much tighter before when going inside. Then movement becomes even faster.

As you get close to where your widest shoulder point is located, to help, you try to turn your shoulders again to turn them more from her front to her back. But then before you can even do so, you notice that you can not even make a partial turn before you begin to move outward even faster, and without even turning your shoulders you have reached the very widest point of your shoulder stretch. Also, you don't have to squeeze the shoulders together tightly against your face this time, as you did before, to make your shoulders less wide. Suddenly and unexpectedly your shoulders just slip on outside of her. After passing that very widest point of your body, there is nothing left for her huge ring to hold back onto for the rest of your less wide body -- that is still sliding even more quickly outside of her.

Your body then moves very quickly on through her very slick opening to the outside, Your whole body slides and almost falls out of that huge opening. You use your extended hands against the floor to control your exit speed as you slip on out of her. You notice that the whole process of coming out of her was a much simpler thing and easier than going inside. Then you wondered if your entrance had conditioned her opening -- or if she had just been able to relax more, knowing she had previously swallowed you before -- so that you had a much easier exit. You are then amazed at the very last deep vacuum sound that you hear -- as your feet finally pop on outside of her opening -- breaking the vacuum of her huge 'little room' cavity you have lived in this last hour.

You reason that your thick covering of mucus must have made a very air tight seal to allow such a deep, loud, and hollow type sound. It was a very deep suction type of sound as though her cavity sucked back on your exiting body as you finally slid on out of her. Then you understood that her air seal must have been a very good one. This is because you notice that your body is totally covered in a very thick and slick white coat of mucus that she made while you were still inside of her. You didn't mind it at all, as it made things slide very easily for you and it made your internal movements easy to do. You even enjoyed the sound it created with the tight seal it allowed -- as you came sliding outside of her -- to you, it sounded as though her huge cavity had sucked back on you, hating to see you leave her.

Laying there all covered in the slick white mucus, you hear her say, “I just gave birth to you -- SON -- like I saw in birth videos, I can even see your white coat of mucus all over you.” And then she laughed, and said, “I never knew what heaven felt like -- but you brought it to me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I love you. My orgasms were the most wonderful ever!”

You smile as you start to towel off, then you say, “You're very welcome. I also love you so extremely much -- and I had the very best orgasms in my whole life while I was totally swallowed within you. I loved it.”

Then after toweling off, you both join with big hugs and kisses. After just lying there awhile, you are both are resting and she says to you, “Look at these cell phone pictures I took of your head making a big bulge that moved inside of me all the way across my belly. I just love everything you did.” Seeing those pictures gets you very aroused again, and you even want to go back inside her. But you know now that you can do this again at a time when you both will enjoy it even more -- at a later time, that you know will come, very very soon.

She says, “Sorry about the big wet spot I made where you made me squirt with my huge orgasms. I hope you can you come back to my apartment tomorrow? If we do this more often it will become very easy for both of us -- as I should then stretch easier and even have a deeper room for your comfort and our mutual pleasure. I love you playing inside of me. I just love you!”

You reply, “I love you very very greatly. I am glad you had those huge orgasms. What time tomorrow?”

You barely hear her reply, as you first start to say something, but then quickly stop yourself, to concentrate and gather in your thoughts. You are feeling a strong glowing feeling all over as you consider what words you will say next. Then finally you decide what you are going to tell her.

You say, “Now that you gave birth to me, that makes me 'your son', but if you will marry me now, it will save us a lot of money with us both moving into a single apartment. I already found a nice 'little room' to move into.”

Then, you both know -- exactly -- what words she will say next!

Big Girls Will Have Their Way -- sometimes by swallowing what they want.

“I accept your proposal.”

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