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Hot Sex with "Hot Chick” part 4

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Needless to say sex with Hot Chick was unbelievable. Fucking for 3 hours, then in the stairwell at school with the risk of being caught, and having sex in front of one of her friends while he rubbed herself, after these events we slowed it down a bit. I had to focus on work and she wasn’t as needy as I thought she would be.

A couple days go by without seeing her and I was aching for some pussy but I didn’t want to seem like the needy type. I texted her with a typical “What’s Up” and she didn’t reply right away like she usually does. I rolled it off and keep on working. A few hours I get a text from her saying she’s sorry she was at work as a sitter. I reply telling her I’ll call you in a few hours, I get off of work and call her and we start talking about the normal stuff then she goes can I come over to your place tonight. She has never been to my place before and I never even told her where I live, I kept it vague due to having crazy exgirlfriends stalking me. I make some excuse saying my roommate was having his girlfriend over and he asked me not to be home till after 2am. Truth is my roommate was not home cause he was studying in Spain. I tell her lets just hang out around 8 but first I need to get a work out in. She goes her bosses condo has a fitness center in there and I could go use it because she uses it too and was going to get a work out in too. I caved and went her bosses place.

Her bosses place has in the middle of a downtown high-rise. I walk in the place like I own the joint and go straight to the fitness center which is on the top floor of the high-rise. Hot Chick is waiting for me and all she’s wearing is a pair of tight shorts and a sports bra… I tell her she looks sexy and we head in. The place was empty. The lights were on a motion sensor and they turned on right when we walked in. This place beat my weight set in the garage where I worked out. Very hi-tech. I hit the weights and she starts on the stair master. Now I know how she keeps her tight ass in shape. While working out I look around and notice that there is no camera and my fantasy of fucking her on a weight bench kicks in. But right when I was gonna make my move someone walks in and starts walking on treadmill. A good hour goes by and the guy leaves and she’s now on the elliptical, another wonderful machine where her ass swayed left to right. The only downside to this place was the AC and we were both working up a sweat. I could see the droplets of sweat glistening off her body, and I find a woman who sweats unbelievably sexy. I was pretty sweaty and I took off my shirt while working on my back and chest. Another 30 mins go by and she gets off the machine and walks over to me all wet and sexy. Her black shorts looked great on her and she white bra top was all wet with her sweat, I could not stop looking at her. She goes “Hey why don’t you help me stretch”. We head to an open area and help her stretch. Every time her legs is pushed one way, I get a peak of her pussy but I try not to stare. But my cock could help it. I had a huge hard on pushing through my pants and she knew it because she giggled when I adjusted myself. She gets up thanks me and walks away to the woman’s locker-room. What a cock tease.

I wanted to fuck her right there to teach her a lesson. I grab my shirt and walk over to the mens locker room and notice that theres a sign for a sauna, I walk over and notice that the sauna and whirlpool area was co-ed. I call over to her and say is it cool to walk over. I walk over to the womans side and she’s still in her work out clothes. I wanna hit the sauna, without hesitation she takes her top off and her shorts grabs a towel and head there. I head back get naked and grab a towel and head in the sauna where Hot Chick was naked on the wood laying there. My cock was getting a semi cause she laid there naked with sweat dripping off her. I grab my water bottle with ice cold water and pour a little over her body and she purrs with delight. She tells me that her number one fantasy was to have sex in a sauna, cause she loves the sweat and heat. I tell her I love the way her sweat was dripping off her body when she was on the machines. She then tells me that the second I took off my shirt her pussy got so wet. This got everything going. I didn’t care if we got caught, but the lights went off in the locker-room and then I heard someone calling her “real” name. I grab my towel and she grabs hers. She tells me to stay and walks out. So I play it cool and sit there sweating it out. She walks back in and tell me that the security guard told her that the place closes at 8pm and he needs to lock the door from the outside, but the she convinced him that she’ll really wants to finish workout. She then tells me that the guard locked the door but when were ready to leave the door will open and lock behind us. She drops her towel and tells me if I like what I see.
I get up and walk over to her and my cock is peaking through my towel. She grabs my cock and asks if this is for her, she drops to her knees and start sucking my cock. Then she takes a drink of cold water and while the cold water is in her mouth she put my cock back in. The warmth of the sauna and the cold water in her mouth sent me over the edge. I layed her down and started licking her pussy. It was so wet and sweat was cascading down her legs. She started rubbing her nipples and grinding her pussy against my face. Her moans were getting louder and louder. I stuck my finger in her while I flicked her clit with my tongue and that got her going. She must have came three times in a row. She comes up and tell me it getting hot in there and we moved into the locker room. The woman’s locker room has a plush octagon bench in the middle of the room. She lies down with her head leaning over and grabs my cock and stars sucking. So she’s on her back sucking my cock while I see her rubbing her pussy. I lower her head to the edge and start fucking her mouth. I was worried that I would be to rough but all of a sudden she goes “Fuck my mouth, I know you want too.” I grab my cock and stick in her mouth and start slowly fucking her mouth. Then I see she has 2 fingers in her pussy. I needed to fuck that pussy. I pull out of her mouth but she sits up and start sucking my cock while her hands where on my ass hold me close. I keep telling her I want to fuck. She bends over and exposes her sexy ass and her pussy was dripping. I grabbed her hips and stick my cock in and starts fuck her sweet pussy. I look down and can’t stop look at her asshole… I pull out and start eating her ass out. I was startled and pulls away. She tells me she has never done anal or anything around that area. I wanted to fuck her asshole so bad but I didn’t want her to freak out. She tells me that she scared cause my cock is thick and it my be painful. So I can tell she was freaked. I say lets just chill in the whirlpool. She agrees but then says that she doesn’t want me to have blue balls. She then lies on her back and tells me to fuck her. I jump at the chance because my balls have been aching to cum since she jumped on that Stairmaster. I climb on top of her and start fucking her pussy. She was getting into it too, talking dirty, saying “Fuck my pussy, fuck it baby. Please cum for me. I want your hot cum in me!!!” That was it I pulled out and started Cumming all over her tits and stomach. We collected ourselves and took a quick wash in the shower skipped the whirlpool.

We headed out and grabbed a movie and a bite… But it doesn’t end there!!!

Part 5 coming soon

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