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Cheating and lying slut wife

My wife has been cheating on me for over 6 month now. And she lies to me about going to the mall always.

she is banging her x-BF/lover. she is a whore in my book.

I hate her for what she does to me but at the same time i love to eat her pussy with a other mans cum inside of her. I guess i'm a major cockhold. she comes home and takes a shower fast i can even touch her. she is acting wired for the past 6 months.

But i have learned to live with it. i will never leave her i lover to much and she can cheat on me as much as she wants. I'm a pussy and she tells me that I'm a fag and that she knows that i like to suck dick. cause when i do her and cum inside she makes me suck my own cum off her pussy and then when i'm done she says your such a fag only fags do that. I tell her i like it only cause of her. she tells me no it's that i'm a fag.

She says she like real big men and not a skinny wimp gay wimp like me. that she doesn't know how she ended up with me. she tells me her boy friends are all big dudes well hung and built and that i'm the smallest dick she has ever seen and have. She say i suck in bed and that i have never made her cum cause of her large pussy with big dicks. Every man she's had made her cum and not me.

She likes me as a friend and not a lover. like her boy friends that she loves and still thinks of him when i have sex with her. she calls out his name loud and then she starts to slap me and call me names. (you faget your cock suck ur gay boy u suck in bed u peace of shit cum for i can call him to come over and fuck me like a man does.)

I guess i will put up with her for now.

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