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An inturepted night with me and my man

I've been with many women, threesomes, group sex etc. but this is the story of my first ffm experience.

My husband and I were sort of new to the swinging thing. We'd had a few experiences, but it always seems to be easier to find men than women. We had recently moved there and didn't know many people yet. We met a few. Had a small circle of friends. Mostly men that he and I had threesomes with. But one night, he and I were having fun. Drinking, smoking and doing some pills. We were having a good time. When came a knock on our door. Figured it was someone wanting to buy weed. It was but when he openened the door it was this lesbian girl we'd met from a mutual friend. She was a friend. I didn't expect anything else from her at the time, but she was a bit tipsy, as we were. Eddie and I were dancing, practicaly naked as we didn't expect anyone so late. He and I were having fun, buzzed. Drinking and smoking but in comes our friend Nicole. We both knew Nicole was in a happy relationship with her lover. Her gf and her had recently had a baby. I was a little uncomfortable when she showed up as Eddie and I were mostly naked and having fun. Dancing in our underwear. I knew she was just coming by to score some herb, but the music and our nakedness seem to get her going and she jumped right in. I never knew she could be so open especially with a guy in the room. Eddie and I were pretty fucked up already and just went with it. Within a few minutes the three of us were dancing, grinding against each other kissing and having fun. Eddie and I were practically naked. Me in just my bra and panties and he was just wearing boxers. I was a bit shocked when Nikki kissed me. A bit naive I can look back and say, but it was really nice feeling her soft lips against mine. She and I locked lips while I could feel some hands slip inside my panties. I think it was Eddies but I couldn't tell for sure. Someone played with my slit and clit as Nicole kissed me. Eddie slid my panties down as he was kissing my legs, butt and all over my lower body while Nicole rubbed my breasts and we kissed deeply. Soon we moved from the front room to the bedroom. Eddie left to lock the door as Nicole pleasured me. She had wonderful fingers and a tongue as we played in bed. Soon Eddie joined us in the bedroom with fresh drinks. He ate me as Nicole played with my breasts then sat on my face and I licked her. I've been with some women before but this was the best. My man eating me and me licking this woman I always wanted to try but wouldn't approach since I knew she had someone else. The whole scene had me so hot I came without Eddie doing to much. I grabbed Nicoles ass as I licked her eagerly and she started to moan and scream in pleasure. I laid Nicole down as Eddie flipped me over. I kept licking her as Eddie pounded me like a hammer on a bent nail. He gripped my hair and was fucking me so hard it was sort of hard for me to keep focus on Nicole but she didn't seem to mind. All three of us were so caught up in the moment it didn't seem to matter. Nicole came, I was impressed with myself, as I'd never done that with a woman. She squirted all over my face. Eddie kept fucking me till he came inside me. I was exhausted and the three of us collapsed on the bed panting. We all shared the forgotten drink Eddie brought in earlier and we had a smoke, all of us pressed against each other. After we had regained some strength we continued. This time Nicole eating me. Eddie just watched for a bit before Nicole started jerking him off as she licked me. Eddie moved up to my face and I took over sucking him off while Nicole kept licking and fingering me to multiple orgasms.
Eddie and I had planned on a nice quiet evening between us, but the surprise of Nicole coming by was a very nice surprise. She made us promise it to keep it secret as she was in a commited relationship, which we did. Though I never slept with her again I found it amusing that she came by one night while I was at work. Eddie told me she was bi and hadn't had a dick in a long time and really wanted to fuck him so they did. I didn't care, but was kind of surprised as I assumed she was a complete lezzie. He still gets off on the fact that a lesbian came over and wanted him. I guess I can't blame his ego over that, but it was still a surprise to me to. We've had our other lovers but I certainly never expected that to happen to him.

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