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Step-daughter's teen cunt

Christie had her oldest daughter when she was a freshman in HS and now her Kelly was 16. She was beautiful and Andrew would find himself looking at her and felt his cock twitch. He was so ashamed at first because he technically was her step-dad but his relationship with Kelly was more like a big b*o type of relationship and she would always tell him things that she could not tell her mom. Andrew first started to curve the craving by going down in the basement in his private room and enjoy long edging sessions as he imagined fucking his teen step daughter and shot huge loads of cum on pics of her. This got him through for a while and he also imagined fucking her as he fucked his wife but after several months of fighting off the urge he knew that he had to get inside her fresh young teen cunt and wanted her so bad. Now as I said Andrew was very hot and Kelly now experiencing puberty and noticing boys had the biggest crush on her Step-dad. She would get butterflies in her stomach when they would talk. Andrew began to notice that she became more flirtatious and he back and he would find him self jerking off like a mad man to relive his blue balls. The opportunity that he had waited for came when his wife had town go to a conference out of town for the week-end and he was left to look after Kelly and her b*****r. His wife left that morning and he had to take Kelly to school. He walked out of the bathroom in just a towel his body still wet from the shower and kelly stood there looking at his hard body and he flashed her a smile. it was then that she felt a sensation that was new to her. She felt her nipples harden and her face became warm and her body tingled and she began to feel a sensation in her cunt that she had never felt before in fact it was so amazing that she her legs began to shake. She began to feel warm liquid run down her leg and her panties became soaked but she she knew she hadn't wet her self. She was having her first orgasm. Andrew stood there with his big hard cock protruding in the towel as pre-cum leaked out of his cock. He knew that it was time to break in some fresh forbidden cunt. She had on her cheerleader uniform and it only made the situation hotter and nastier, his cock pulsed as he stepped toward her with his nipples now hard and he stood there in front of her looking her in the eyes his face filled with lust and hers young face flush afraid and horny. He kissed her and her body shook as he took her in his arms. " I wanna fuck you so bad baby girl" he said. He put his hand up her shirt and caressed her tits and played with her nipples. His towel slipped of and his perfect sculpted body made her even wetter. She moaned and took his massive cock in her teen hand and stroked it as he let out a sigh of ecstasy. He nearly shot right there but all his years of edging was paying off with all the control he now had. He took his hand and began to rub on her pussy and felt how wet she was. Her panties were soaked, he smelled his fingers and and licked the. " I have to taste you, do mind if step daddy taste his little girl's cunt" he whispered in her ear. She quivered and lifted her leg as he got on his knees and pulled her panties to the side and began to lap at her pussy. She had very little hair and her cunt was really sweet he ate it like a fucking cherry pie as she moaned and pussy juice filled his mouth. He loved it too, there he was eating out his 16 year old step daughter's cunt and she loved every minuet of it. " oh oh yeees eat my pussy" she quivered.BY now a small pool of pre-cum had formed on the floor coming from Andrew's massive prick. His head was swollen and had turned a deep red and it pulsated as he ate cunt. He stood up and mad e her get on her knees. "you wanna learn how to suck dick?" he asked and with a nod she began to give him head. He was shocked because she milked like a pro but little did he know she had sucked plenty of cock. Several boys at her school were quite happy. HE moaned out and played with his nipples and face fucked her. She would deep throat and it nearly sent him over the edge. He stood her up and sat her on a table in the hallway and kissed her. He then took his dick and teased her cunt lips with his head while whispering in her ear "I wanna put my cock inside you so want me to fuck that teen cunt?" he said her body shaking. " I'm goon shoot my load deep inside you it's gonna be our secret right? Just me and you fucking behind mommy's back." and with that he slowly began to dip inside her she moaned adn quivered and his face instantly changed to the expression of feeling the most wonderful sensation in the worlds he could not believe how fucking tight and wet and warm she was he knew he would burst soon if he didn't pace himself because this was literally the best pussy hew ever had plus the taboo nature of fucking her was sooo hot. HE pumped slowly whimpering like a k** "oh fuck oh oh you fucking cunt you feel so good don't tell mommy step-daddy's been in your pussy" he said as he fucked her 'oh shit yes ssss.. oh yes..oh yes..ah..ah." As he fucked her pussy juice ran all over his cock and on to the table. She was cumming again and it was like a water fall. He began to pump faster and he knew he had to fill her with his seed. He pumped harder and faster and moaned louder and breathed harder. "oh..oh..oh fuck.....oh im gonna nuuuuutt!! and wih that he slid every inch inside her snatch and came. His hole body shook as he busted his nut. and she came all over his dick. He slowly slid out of her after what was the most intense nutt he ever has and shook because his cock was so sensitive. His orgasm seemed to be the longest too. He then got on his knees and ate his load out of her and kissed her sweet lips. She became a woamn and now for the past year Andrew is always fucking his step-daughter's cunt and he loves thatt he is getting away with it and she loves that it's their secret.

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