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Hot Sex with "Hot Chick part 3 and a half

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Me and Hot Chick head back to her house. Now she did live with her parents and her little b*****r but they were never home and her room was on the other side of the house and it was a big fucking house. But when we got there her whole f****y was there eating dinner and invited me to join them. She whispers in my ear “Don’t worry I’m make it up to you.” So I stay have dinner with them and they start asking me all these questions on how we met and when we started dating. Truth to the matter is we were dating just fucking and I couldn’t tell them that. I tell them that we were friends and we are getting to know each other better. We eat and then take a walk outside start talking about stuff but my mind could get over the past 48 hours of fucking so I go through the motions and talk about stuff but my mind was on her perfect tight heart shaped ass. Now I am an “ass” man but this my friends was the most perfect tight ass I have ever scene. A couple hours go by just chilling on that Thursday night and she gets a call from one of her friends to go to a party in the city at her apartment. We jump on my motorcycle and head into the city to her friend apartment. We get there and she was like that was my first time on a bike and I like the vibrations. Before I can even say a word a bunch of more Hot Chicks show up and bring her in the apartment. I follow behind and introduce myself to her friends and start mingling. I look over and see her and her group of talking and giggling. I grab a beer and head to the balcony. I was so bored because I didn’t know all these people and starting to get annoyed cause Hot Chick disappeared. I wanted to go so I go looking for Hot Chick and I couldn’t find her. I knock on a bedroom and walk in and see her and another girl looking at sex toys like vibrators and other stuff. I apologize right away but they tell me to stay. Now you’re thinking the same that I’m thinking…Threesome!!! Sorry but not like that… I know it sucked but her friend started telling me that Hot Chick told her all the stuff we’ve done and how I made her rub her clit while we were fucking and that was the first time Hot Chick has ever touched herself that “way”, so her friend was just showing her some toys to get her started on her own. All the ‘toys’ were still in its original packaging, before I can ask she tells me that she does sex toy parties and this one of them but its more of a One on One consultation sex toy party. I go along and they start talking about toys and then I ask how old her friend was, let call her Above Average Chick. Above Average Chick tells me that she’s 26 working on her doctorate in Human Sexuality. So the Above Average Chick is older than me by four years trying to sell 19 year old Hot Chick some sex toys. I go along with it and Hot Chick buys some pocket rocket vibrator saying she wants to start out slow. I was like this chick fucks like a professional and she wants to start off slow. So the night progresses and everything is going by fine. By 1 am everyone starts to head out and Hot Chick volunteers to clean up. After all is said and done Above Average Chick and Hot Chick are a little tipsy off the wine, I didn’t drink because I didn’t want a case of Whiskey Dick. So Above Average Chick goes to me and Hot Chick and asks us if she can watch us fuck, for school purposes of course. She continues on saying that she will sit on her chair while me and Hot Chick do it on the couch. I was a little hesitant at first but hot chick goes it’s ok its for science… Then Above Average Chick leaves the room and Hot chick starts making our with me and stripping off her clothes, I was going along with it cause you know how these things end up. But she would let me take off my clothes. My cock was rock hard cause she was naked on top of me and saying not yet. Above Average Chick comes back in her PJ’s and hands Hot Chick the vibrator she bought, tells me to come sit by her and dims the lights. Above Average Chick start instructing her on how and where to use it. Hot Chick is saying she’s nervous and is shy. Above Average Chick gets up and grabs my hand and says were gonna leave the room and just try to relax. So Above Average Chick leads me out and says “Are you nervous?” Not nervous more like overwhelmed cause shit like this doesn’t happen to guys like me. She continues to say that its okay, just be cool cause Hot Chick really wants to learn how to enjoy herself and she came to because I’m studying human sexuality and I won’t be judgmental. So a couple minutes go by and we both start hearing moaning from the living room. We peek in and see Hot Chick grinding her pussy against the vibrator. She was pinching her nipples and moaning louder then she drops the pocket rocket and start furiously rubbing her clit and starts saying “Almost there… I’m gonna cum!!!!” and she started cumming!!! She looks over and Above Average Chick and I have our mouths wide open in awe cause that was the first time I seen a girl touch herself in front of me (better than a porn). She apologizes and walks over to me and starts undoing my pants. My cock was about to bust out of my boxer briefs when Above Average Chick says go to the couch. I head to the couch and I’m there wearing just my underwear and hot chick is licking the outline of my shaft as Above Average Chick is looking from the chair from across the room. Hot chick pulls out my cock and starts sucking it. It was a great blowjob; she was on her knees with her hands rubbing my cock while she sucked it. Above Average Chick gets up and starts to walk over and hands Hot Chick the pocket rocket and tells her to touch herself while she is sucking my dick. Hot Chick proceeds and she is moaning while sucking my cock. Now to stay focused I just looked down at Hot Chick as she rubbed her pussy and sucked my cock. I looked up for one second and Above Average Chick was sitting there just staring but I notice that her crotch was getting wet. I started thinking that she was getting into this. So I reach down and start caressing Hot Chick nipples and that got her really going cause she was moaning while my cock was in her mouth. Hot Chick started to cum but I knew I wasn’t ready. Hot Chick starts sucking my cock even faster, we both knew that she wanted me to cum. I look over and see Above Average Chick rubbing her crotch over her gray PJ’s, I tell her to just go ahead and get naked we won’t interfere. I grab Hot Chick and tell her to sit on my face because I want to lick up all her pussy juices. So there I am lying on the floor as Hot Chick has her pussy on my face and I try to look over and see Above Average Chick naked on her chair rubbing her clit. So it was kind of a threesome but not really. I grab the vibrator and put it back on Hot Chicks clit without her knowing. She jumps cause she was still kind of sensitive. Now my cock was throbbing so bad that I knew I was about to cum and I wasn’t even being touched. I push Hot Chick off of my face and stand up. I walk over to Above Average Chick and my rock hard cock was inches by her face. I could tell she wanted my cock in her mouth but since I didn’t know how Hot Chick would take it I told Above Average Chick that we going to fuck on her couch and I want her to watch. Hot Chick lays down and right when I was about to put my cock in her Above Average Chick walks over and grabs my cock and say let me help. She slowly lowers it to Hot Chicks pussy and starts rubbing my cock against her clit… The sensation was unbelievable on both of us, Above Average Chick then inserts my cock in Hot Chicks pussy and we start fucking, she heads back in her chair and starts playing with herself. Hot Chick turns me over and starts riding my cock reverse cowgirl style. All I see is her beautiful ass going up and down on my glistening cock covered by her pussy juices and Above Average Chick rubbing her clit while she plays with her tits. I get up while Hot Chick was still riding me and bend her over the coffee table in front of us. I start fucking doggy style. Above Average Chick was bent over now over the chair with her ass mere feet from where we were fucking, I smelled her pussy juices too. I wanted to walk over and stick my dick in her wet pussy but Hot Chick pulled away and threw my on the couch and climbed on top of me grinding her hips into mine telling me she gonna cum soon… I knew this was my cue to start sucking on her nipples!!! I barely touched them with my lips and she started cumming and really loud too. That set off Above Average Chick to start cumming on her chair and like a chain reaction I was about to cum. I tell her I’m about to cum and Hot Chick drops to her knees and starts jerking me off into her mouth and I shoot the biggest load in her mouth that it overflows and drips on her nipples. Above Average Chick is sitting there out of breath. I’m standing there with drips of sweat coming off me and Hot Chick has my cum all over her mouth and chest. Above Average Chick gets up and smiles and grabs her PJ’s and heads to the bathroom. Hot Chick is cleaning herself off and I’m standing there saying to myself did this just happen. Yep it sure did. I put my boxers on and hand Hot Chick her Panties and head to the bathroom after Above Average Chick used it. Hot Chicks asks if we can shower and Above Average Chick goes of course. We shower get dressed and head to the living room where Above Average Chick says that she never came like that. I go there’s been a first for everything tonight. Hot Chick says she was a little embarrassed? Above Average Chick says she will never tell anyone about this. We said our good byes and reminded Hot Chick to grab her pocket rocket while we left. We get on the bike and head back to her house. I drop her off and tell her I’ll call her tomorrow. She goes “You better cause this pussy needs your cock.” and she walks away shaking her sexy ass.

To be continued…

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