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An Old Man's Story

I'm old now, over 90, and it wearies me to think of all this typin' I have to do
but I want to tell my stories before I croak. Nobody'll believe 'em, but I want to tell 'em afore I forget. My old friends need to be remembered anyways.

Thirteen I was, back then in the Great Depression, and we wuz better off than
some cause we owned a boardin' house and sold vegetables, meat and the like in
warm months. It was just me, my Ma and two little s****rs, but we had help from
the colored f****y that lived in a little house on the far side of our property.
My Pa had left to buy tools the winter before and never come back.

Big Ike was the colored man and he was the workinest man I ever seen. His arms
was like fence posts and legs like tree trunks. He had a fat wife named Cora,
and two little girls, just babies. Cora could cook an old inner tube and make
it tasty - she did most of the cookin' and we always et well. Ike handled the
man work on our farm - choppin' wood and feedin' stock and carpenterin', and
tendin' crops and, well you see there warn't never no lack of work.

It was a big ol' 2-story house and Ma would rent out the 6 upstairs rooms to
the drummers and peddlers on their way to and from the big towns we wuz halfway
in between. It had belonged in Ma's f****y since the Civil War and she kept it
nice. Cora's cookin' was what kept them comin', though.

That summer, 1931, or maybe '32, I forget, I became a man in more ways than one.

I'd helped Ike by stackin' the wood he split. We had a heap of it stacked by
the barn, but would need a heap more afore winter set in. I couldn't wait to
swing that ax myself, but though I was gettin stronger and bigger daily, Ike
always took on the hardest chore.

"Mose, I need you to run to town for me," Cora hollered out the kitchen window.
I was on my bike and out the yard before she could change her mind. I'd had
enough wood stackin' for one day. Town was about 4 miles up the 2 lane gravel
road and wasn't nothin' but a general store, a church and a little schoolhouse.
I passed the school on the way and seen Miz Jean spoonin' with some feller back
behind the big oak. I reckon they thought nobody could see 'em, but I sure
could and wheeled over in time to see him kissin' the back of her neck, reachin'
around from behind to squeeze her big bosom.

Miz Jean had come the year before and scared hell out of all us k**s. She was
tall, almost 6 feet, and her bosom was bigger'n any I'd ever seen. Her butt was
great big, too - I thought I could maybe stand on it to erase the top of the
chalk board - and her gingham clothes always seemed too tight. She moved like a
cat, though, and whacked us with her ruler sometimes even afore we even knowed
we'd done wrong.

This feller sure wasn't scared of her, though. Sneaking closer thru the trees,
I recognized Tom - a big, loud, boisterous man who stayed at our house every
couple of weeks on his sellin' trips. He was almost as big as Ike, but more
rawboned and skinny, and et more than anybody else at supper. Right now, tho,
he was eatin on Miz Jean's neck and had managed to unwrap those big bosoms and
was pinchin' the nipples like he was playin' the banjo.

She didn't seem to mind a bit. She was holdin' both his hands, guidin' them over her nipples seemed like, and rubbing her big butt against his crotch.
"Careful, Tom, someone might see," she said. "Aint nobody with a mile of here",
Tom said. He then unbuttoned his pants and pulled out a prize-winner of a cock.
80 years later, that's still one of the biggest dicks I've ever seen. He put
her hand on it and she started stroking it, smiling the whole time.

"Alright, Tommy, but be quick afore someone drives by." With that she bent
forward at the waist, throwing her skirt over her back and I saw the biggest,
prettiest ass I've seen to this day. Tom wasted no time, but slid into her from
behind and started thrusting like a wild man. "Yeaaa, baby, you got it all,
take it," he cried as he squeezed her big butt. He soon gasped, made a funny
face, then backed off her and wiped his cock with a hanky. I noticed it was
considerable smaller now. As Miz Jean stood to straighten her dress, he pulled
out some money, saying "Here's your two bucks, Jeanie, see you next week."

He then jumped in his old Pontiac and took off back towards our boarding house.
I was shocked, not only by seeing the dreaded Miz Jean half naked, but seeing
some feller pay her to do somethin' nasty like that. I'd seen a****ls do it on
our farm, of course, but still didn't know people did it. Guess I made a noise,
cause I looked toward Miz Jean and, horrors, she looked straight back!

"Mose, is that you over there? You come here right now!", she exclaimed. I
slunk over like a whipped pup, and could hear her thinkin' out loud, "Christ,
I needed that money and I need this job and I aint lettin this runt ruin this
for me." I was the runt she was speakin' of, and felt like one, though when I
sidled up I was almost as tall, and though rangy and lean was fillin' out nice.

"Mose, we can either be friends, or I can be your worst nightmare", she said,
"which'll it be, son?" "Friends acourse, Miz Jean, I wouldn't do nothin' to
get on your bad side," I answered. She looked at me long and hard to see if
I was lyin', then looked me up and down.

"You've grown up nice this year, Mose, and I think I'll give you a reason to want me around here." She grabbed my crotch and squeezed my cock and kissed me
right on the mouth. I was taken aback, but her smell and her fingers and what
I'd seen her do with Tom made me something I'd never been before - horny. My
cock swelled like I knew what I was doing, and she unhooked my overall straps,
dropped my pants and started sucking me! I had never felt anything so godawful
delicious in my life and spurted after only a minute.

Miz Jean sucked me dry, rose up and said, "now go home, Mose, but come back
tomorrow, I've got some work for you." I strapped up, rode my bike to the store
and rode home to start the best summer of my life.

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