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My Grandma 1

My Grandma 1
My grandmother is attractive for her age. She has kept very fit and has a pretty nice body. Her hair has that blondish white tint and she tries to look young, all while avoiding acting young. It always confused me. I would drop by my grandmothers once in a while and let myself in. She always liked seeing me and I enjoyed seeing her. Especially those 60 year old boobs in those cleavage baring dresses. But she was very straight forward, very strict. So sure, I always thought in the back of my mind what it would be like, but knew it was a disgusting thought and knew it would never happen.

My grandmother was dating this guy named Roger who was a nice enough guy but I noticed there were times I'd see them together and she would have a look of boredom on her face. Apparently he wasn't doing it for her not only socially but sexually. At least thats what I heard my mom and my aunt gigling about. This of course made my thoughts about my grandmother even worse.

I have always been seriously turned on by older women. I come to often and always end up jerking off more than once to the pictures I see. I've never read any of the stories. Always had more interest in the pictures. But something happened recently and I feel I need to tell someone. Obviously I can't tell friends or definitly not f****y. So I thought maybe here on this forum I'd find people who might understand.

On a piticular day I had ditched work just because I didn't feel like going and decided to visit my grandmother. But not before I had made myself horny thanks to a visit to Grannysexforum. I squeezed a quick one off and got the urge to see my grandmother. I didn't think anything would happen, I was just so horny I wanted to be around a real mature lady. So when I got to her house I let myself in as usual but the house was pretty empty. Or so I thought.

As I moved towards her bedroom I heard some noises and went to investigate. Her bedroom door was cracked enough where I could see in. I peeked in to see if she was ok and was shocked to see my grandmother lying on the bed with Roger on top of her thrusting away. A lump formed in my throat and I went to turn away. But I suddenly found I couldn't. I felt my palms get sweaty and a hole open in my stomach. My crotch started to tingle and for some reason I froze, watching this old guy humping my grandmother like there was no tomorrow.

His head was burried in the pillow on her right side as he thrust away. It was very sloppy as my grandmother just seemed to ly there. And yes, on her face I could see that bored look. But I also could see her nice big tit moving as he thrust like an a****l. Still I could not take my eyes away. He was groaning like he was having a heart attack but she was just lying there staring at the ceiling. Something about it was really getting to me and I reached down and squeezed at my cock, which had grown incredibly hard.

I looked down at it for a second then looked back up. When I did I was mortified to see my grandmother looking right at me. My eyes widdened and a cold sweat broke out on my forehead. I didn't know what to do. But my grandmother didn't say a word. She just lay there staring at me. And I was still frozen, staring at her getting humped while she stared at me. Suddenly Roger began to shake and yelp and I knew he was cumming. I watched until he was still then found the strength to move again. Quickly I darted into the kitchen not knowing what to do. I was caught. Busted. Why bother running. I stood in the kitchen hard as a rock and waited. With in a few minutes Roger stepped from the bedroom and left the home. A booty call? Even matures have booty calls.

A second later my grandmother came into the kitchen in her robe. She was pissed I could tell and she immediatly began yelling at me. I'll spare you most of the drama but basically she called me a pervert and kept threatening to tell my mother. But as I stood there looking at her, still incredibly horny, I noticed something. The way she moved, the way she was yelling. She seemed more than angry. She seemed frustrated. Sexually frustrated. She didn't cum! It wasn't even good for her. Suddenly I got even more horny if you can believe it.

She noticed my buldge and began calling me a pervert again. My response... I suddenly reached into her robe and grabbed one of her nice tits. She slapped my hand and yelled asking me what I thought I was doing. I approached her and slid both my hands into her robe pulling her against me. I pushed my hardness against her, she felt it. And she kept pushing me away yelling at me to stop. It's disgusting she would say. Then at one point I grabbed her again and pulled her against me. My buldge against her wet pussy. My hand went into her robe and between her thighs. Roughly I slid my finger into her Roger spermed pussy. And I swear, she moaned. Not an obvious moan but a trying to hide it but definitly a moan moan.

I lost it right then. I grabbed her wrist and turned her around. Twisting her arm behind her I pushed her down, bending her over the table. I was beyond control now. I couldn't stop myself. I held her down and pulled aside her robe. When her sexy white ass was in full few of me I think I leaked some pre. I quickly unzipped and pulled myself out, which wasn't easy to do while holding her down. She yelled at me to stop, don't do this. But all I wanted was to fuck my grandmother. Fuck her now. I pulled her cheeks apart and pushed myself into her wet pussy. It felt tight for a 60 year old and very warm. I pushed it all the way in and stayed still, just letting myself feel her, and letting her feel me. I probably could have gotten off right there with no thrusting but her voice woke me from my u*********s lust.

She groaned stop, take it out its disgusting and then got really quiet. My free hand began to rub her ass and I began to thrust. Very slow at first then picking up some speed. She moaned no no then was quiet. THen suddenly she starting grunting a "Oh, oh...". I loved the feel, the look of her ass, and her sounds. I started to thrust harder. In less than a couple of seconds I was thrusting hard. I was lost, couldn't think streight. All I knew was I was fucking my grandmother and I didn't want to stop.

I let her arm go and grabbed her hips as I thrusted. I was no longer holding her down and I was shocked when she didn't fight to get away. She just lay there with her eyes closed, trying to hold back her grunting. I was really doing her now, and I felt my balls tightening, when suddenly she said something that nearly pushed me over the edge. She actually moaned the words, "You're gonna make me cum Johnny."

My cock shot some heavy pre and I bent down and began licking her back. I slowed my thrusting and struggled to hold back. Suddenly I felt my grandmothers pussy muscles tighten and then let go and she let out a a long groan. She began shaking all over and if I didn't know any better I would have thought she was having a seizure. But she wasn't. She was cumming. My grandmother was cumming on my cock.

I waited a moment until her shaking slowed down. I couldn't hold myself back much longer. I knew it. I moaned loud and pulled my cock out of her and rolled her onto her back. Her robe fell open and those gorgeous C cups were exposed to me, as was her pussy. I was shocked to see my grandmother had shaved all her pubic hair except a smal runway. Apparently she wasn't all buisness as I thought.

I couldn't hold it anymore, just looking at her I felt my balls tighten. My cock was about to cum. Quickly I slid back into her and thrust not more than four times, while putting one of those beautiful breasts into my mouth, before my cock exploaded deep inside here. My grandmother covered her face in embaressment but I watched her left leg lift and bend, wrapping around my waste. Then she started shaking again. Was she cumming again? I wasn't sure all I knew was I started yelping like a poodle as I exploaded over and over inside my own grandmother.

When my balls had emptied her leg fell back down and I collapsed fully on her. Lying with her breasts in my face gasping for air. Neither of us said anything for litterally a few minutes. We just lay there, my cock deflating inside her. Finally I slowly pulled out of her and backed away. Her pussy, kind of farted and some of my cum leaked out. It was pretty hot looking and I felt a stiring again but quickly zipped up. Reality struck me then. Did I just **** my grandmother? Was she going to call the police? What would people say? My Aunt, my mom, my father? My friends? MY girlfriend. Yes, I hadn't thought about her at all.

My grandmother sat up then and covered herself by tying her robe closed. She sat there breathing hard for a moment not looking at me. I started to feel really bad and opened my mouth to apologize when she suddenly told me, "No one can no about this. This is between us."

I looked at her confused and just nodded. My grandmother then attempted to walk but her shaking knees almost collapsed on her. I grabbed her and helped her to sit down. As I did she told me, "It doesn't matter what happened or what our bodies did. It was wrong and disgusting and it can not happen again." Again I nodded. My grandmother then finally looked at me and we stared at one another. Then she surprised me once again by suddenly kissing me full on the mouth. At first it was just a lips to lips for a few seconds kiss. Then suddenly she opened her mouth and began kissing me very pationitly. I began kissing her back feeling a growing in my crotch again.

But before anything happened she suddenly pushed me away looking embaressed again. She then told me that I had better go. Again I said nothing but nodded. I then turned and walked out the door. I was tore up inside. What I had done, what had happened between us was wrong and to many very disgusting, not to mention i*****l. But I kept replaying it over and over in my head and kept enjoying what I saw. I went home and for the next two days kept waiting for the police to show up or my parents to show up at my place and kick my ass. But nothing. My girlfriend showed up one night and I fucked her really good. But in my mind it wasn't her I was fucking.

So it's been in my head what happened for a few days. And I thought I would write it down here. Hopefully I won't be judged too harshly. One of the reasons I wanted to write it down as well, is because... well... my grandmother called today. She wanted to know if I wanted to stop by for a visit. She didn't sound angry, or sad, or like anything had even happened. I said I would. So I'm going to see my grandmother tonight. I don't know what will happen, but wish me luck. No matter what the situation.

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