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Gloryhole Girlfriend Part I

This is based on true events.

I used to date a woman - I'll call her "Amber" - who got pretty wild once she had a few drinks in her. One night we were fooling around and I asked her if she had ever been to an adult bookstore. She replied that she had been in one once, with her old boyfriend. I asked her if she had liked it, and she said yes. So that night I took a little detour while driving her home, and we visited a seedy adult bookstore in a neighboring city.

There were a few men in the place when we entered, but it wasn't crowded. She got a few casual glances, but that was it. She wasn't dressed provocatively, and while she had fairly big breasts she wasn't strikingly pretty - just "normal." The fact that she was Black while I was White went unremarked. The clerk was pretty laid back, and didn't bat an eye when I asked him for some tokens for the video booths. After looking at the magazines for another minute, we went into the video arcade and selected a booth.

Like most of the booths in this place, ours had a gloryhole in one wall. I had come here occasionally in the past for some relief; I had gotten quite a few enthusiastic blowjobs, and even given a few, even though I was not really interested in men - it just seemed like the decent thing to do, and it turned out to be kind of fun if I was horny enough. Anyway, I put some tokens in the video machine, and asked her if she knew what a gloryhole was. She said that she had seen them but that was it. I told her to pull up her shirt and get ready for some fun. As I licked and sucked on her generous tits, I could see an eye appear in the hole: someone was watching us. I made sure that they got quite a show, taking my cock out and having "Amber" lick and suck it. In less than a minute, a hard cock was sticking through the hole. I told her to stroke it, and she readily (if a bit gingerly) complied. I asked her if she had ever done this before, and she said no. I told her to rub the cock head against her nipples, and she did, watching it closely and looking aroused. When I told her to "suck it" she took it right into her mouth and began to bob her head back and forth, taking about half of the 8" or so into her mouth on each stroke. I stroked my own cock as I watched her, my excitement growing.

In a more perfect world, Amber would have eagerly swallowed the man's cum, but in this one she didn't usually like the taste, and she asked me to take over. She had casually mentioned before liking to see men have sex, but we hadn't really discussed it. Still, I was more than horny enough to suck this cock, especially knowing that I had an aroused woman in the booth with me. As I moved my mouth back and forth on the cock, Amber lowered her jeans and began to stroke her pussy, hard and fast. In no time the anonymous cock began to come in my mouth, and I cheerfully swallowed every drop. (I've never understood why so few women like to swallow cum, and why they seem to find it so difficult. oh well!) She came while watching me swallow that cum.

Now it was time for me to get off! After sucking my cock again for a minute, Amber began to lick my balls while I stroked my cock. I told her I was getting close, and was trying to decide if I wanted to try cumming in her mouth, on her tits, or just one the floor. I shoot a LOT of cum, so I didn't make a big deal about not being able to always cum in her mouth, especially as she loved the feeling of me pumping a big load inside her tight pussy. As I was thinking about it, a finger appeared in the gloryhole, the universal invitation to get sucked. I asked her if she wanted to see me cum in a man's mouth, and she excitedly said "Yes! Do it!" So I slipped my cock into the hole, but not all the way: I wanted her to see the mouth on the other side as it worked on my hard cock. She pulled my shirt up and started sucking on my nipples, something she knew I enjoyed, while avidly watching my cock getting sucked. In about a minute I said "I'm cumming!" and shot jet after jet of my hot cum into the mouth on the other side of the hole. It much have been a man (no surprise!) because he eagerly swallowed every drop. It felt wonderful to have my load swallowed while a horny woman was sucking and licking my nipples! When I pulled my cock out of the hole, Amber gave it a gentle suck to finish cleaning it off. We then straightened our clothes and left.

This was only the first of many, many visits we made to adult bookstores. If there is enough interest I'll tell you about more of them. I'd also be interested in trading real (not the fake stuff!) amateur gloryhole photos involving women. And if you have similar experiences, let's hear about them!

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