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This story is a message that a friend of mine from xhamster send to me. I publish it exactly as he send it to me. It's very HOT and I liked it very much!!!

-- Hi sweetie I am happy that you accepted my invitation I was looking thought your profile and you said that you like imaginative fantasy’s. well I dreamed this one up while looking at your photos and videos.
please tell me what you think, if you like it I will send more. if you have any I would love to read them.--

We are driving through the country with nothing but lush green rolling hills and large trees as far as we both can see. I turn the car down a deserted dirt road and drive until we are as far from anyone as we could possibly be from anyone and anything, we pull over to the side of the road and walk out into a field.
In the field there is nothing but bright green grass and one large old tree standing in the middle we walk to it and I sit under the tree.
You stand in front of me and do a strip tease playfully showing me your body, my cock gets hard and you tell me to stand you strip off my cloths and fall to your knees and take my hard cock deep into your hot mouth and suck hard, you suck so hard that I have to reach behind me and hold on to the tree. My cock slides out from between your lips and you gather my dripping cock between your perfect breasts and you move up and down stroking my hard cock with your breasts. I then pick you up off the ground and we switch places I am on my knees sucking on your clit and rubbing the inside of your pussy with my tongue
you scream in ecstasy.

You lay me on the ground and kneel over my face you then slither down to my cock and suck while I work your dripping wet pussy with my tongue and my fingers. You then move down me and slide my cock inside you and fuck me. I then lay you on your back in the grass and I fuck you , the grass is warm because of the bright sun. and I roll you over to your hands and knees and I fuck you in doggy.

“ fuck me” you scream “fuck me harder” and I do. I pull out of you pussy and rub my cock up and down between your ass as I cum all over you, your ass is covered in my hot cum as you reach around and scoop some of my hot loud on your finger and you taste it. I turn you over and work you pussy with my tongue
and fingers, you cum, you cum so hard that squirt all over my face.
We then lay on the warm grass nude holding each other feeling each others warmth and the warmth of the sun. you then turn to me and ask if I want to fuck some more.

My love to my friend for this HOT message....Helen

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