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Susan and Antonio Marry

When Antonio deployed I missed him terribly and I told him so in the letters I wrote him. In one letter

Antonio suggested that I find a good looking guy and have sex with him. I wrote back to tell him that I could

never do that because I'd always be thinking of him. He then wrote back to tell me that he expected me to be

thinking of him and imagin the guy fucking me was him. Time marched on and I didn't know what I should have

done. Soon it was only weeks before Antonio's scheduled return. If I had listened to him and fucked other

men, would I have been a better lover for him? Had my abstention from sex become the biggest mistake of my


Antonio and I got married as soon as he got back from his first deployment. He fucked me all night long on

our honeymoon and wouldn't you know it, he asked,
"Did you fuck another man while I was away"
I sidestepped the question by saying,
"Isn't that what you wanted me to do?"
We were on the bed with my legs over my husband's shoulders and he was now fucking me with hard, determined thrusts. He asked,
"Did he fuck you doggy style?"
Again an evasive reply,
"What do you think?"
He asked,
"Did you like it? Was he big? Please tell me everything."
I lied,
"I met him at the club on base. He said he knew you. His name is Randy. Then he said he was going to deploy. I felt honored to be the last woman he was with before going to the war and one thing just led to another."
Antonio asked,
I said,
"Well, he was older and tall like you but heavy. His cock was big."
My husband asked,
"Was it really big?"
I answered,
"I think it was bigger than yours. The next thing I knew, I was in his car and had his cock in my mouth."
Antonio asked,
"He came in your mouth?"
I said,
"I felt him tense up and he held my head in place as he came. His cock jerked and I felt a stream of warm liquid hit the roof of my mouth. Followed by another and another, until he was done. My tongue was covered in his cum and I looked up at him as I swallowed it. His cock was still hard and he asked if I'd sl**p with him."
My husband asked,
"What did you tell him?"
I answered,
"What do you think?"
He said,
"You went to his room! then what."
I said,
"I got on the bed and offered myself to him the way I offered myself to you tonight. He moved around, got between my legs and put it into my cunt. I was so wet with excitement, it went in easily. Let me tell you his big cock was stretching your wife's pussy wide open. I didn't attempt to control him as he fucked me brutally but I was so well lubricated that he couldn't have hurt me even had he wanted to. Oh god, did he ever fuck me! I was moaning and even screaming at times as the big cock did it's work."
Antonio asked,
"No condom?"
I said,
"No condom honey. His thick cock rubbed my clit all the time and I was having an orgasm every few seconds it seemed. My body was racked with huge, throbbing, shuddering thrills. After, I don't really remember how long, his body began to really tense up, and he told me he was going to cum. I told him I wanted him to cum inside me."
My husband was fucking me with a deep passion now and he asked,
"Did he?"
I said,
"Did he ever! I could feel his sperm squirting out of his cock into my cunt and our juices started to leak out, adding to the sweaty smell of our intense fuck. As we both regained our senses, we just kissed passionately. Cum was running out of my hole, down my ass crack but his cock never left my pussy and most of his cum was trapped deep inside. He began fucking me again, ramming in and out of me with f***e. I had my legs wrapped around Randy's waist. I was holding onto his ass with my hands, pulling my deeper into my pussy as he fucked me. He was grinding on my clitoris and I knew that I would cum again shortly. My pussy was making squishing noises as Randy's cock pumped in and out from all of my juices and his big load of sperm that was pooled deeply inside me. The squishing sound of his cock churning inside my pussy seemed definingly loud. He only was fucking me for a while when he said he was going to cum again. As he started to ram me harder as he approached orgasm, I reached down and cradled his balls with my hand, anxious to feel them start pumping sperm into my body once more. Randy's balls tightened up and he pressed into me and began filling my pussy with semen again. I felt the muscle contracting and pulsating a dozen times, releasing his sperm into me, and then I came. My pussy was squeezing down on his cock, milking it and helping to deliver more cum to my womb. I just clamped my legs around Randy while we both finished our orgasms. After he had cum in me, we rested a bit. He said you are a lucky man to have such a sexy wife."
With a deep groan, my husband shot a steady stream of cum deep into my pussy. After we rested a few minutes Antonio asked me,
"Susan, did you really fuck Randy?"
I answered,
"No honey, I didn't fuck Randy. Oh, I went out a few times with some of the girls and I was a little naughty, but all I ever did was dance with some guys. Randy hit on me and he did tell me you were a lucky man. Honey, I remember how much this idea excites you and it excites me to see you like this.

That night my husband knocked me up! We had our first daughter. After his second deployment he got discharged. In no time I got pregnant again and gave him a second daughter. Eleven months later I gave him a son and he got a vesectomy. We fucked like crazy for the next 20 years. Throughout that time he would quietly talk to me about us having sex with other people but the focus was usually my having sex with another man. As I thought about it, our role play over the years was overwhelmingly about me having sex with another man, but I have known he wanted this from the beginning. I always encouraged our discussions and although I felt fine about him with another woman I wasn't quite ready to give myself to another man. Antonio was always quite the story teller and every time he described the immages he has of another man slipping his long fat cock into me I would orgasm wildly. Never-the-less, in twentyfour years of marriage and talking about expanding our sexual horizons, we never did anything. We really never had the time and I was somewhay apprehensive about the whole thing. Then before we knew it, the k**s were leaving home.

One empty nest night in bed that age old topic came up again but this time with a more determined tone. As we

fucked Antonio said,
"Susan, I want you to fuck another man for me."
I thought it was just the usual sex talk so I replied,
"So you want me to let some guy fuck my wet, pink pussy? Do you want me to let him come deeply inside me and

then come home to you full of his sperm?"
My husband said,
"That's not exactly what I want. I would love to see you fuck another man. I would enjoy watching you and

seeing how you look when you are cumming from another mans cock."
He was absolutly serious and I knew it. I immediately moaned as loud as I've ever done during sex calling

"Oh yes baby, I would do anything for you."
I tensed up all over and f***ed him deep inside of me as I came. Antonio kept pumping as he asked me,
"Will you do it baby? Will you do it for me?"
I looked back at him.
"Do you really want me to, or are you just talking dirty?"
He moved his hand up and grabbed my face saying,
"Honey, you know I wanted this from the first time I saw you."
My eyes rolled back in momentary pleasure and I said,
"I can't be sure if this is just a fantasy of yours or if is this is something you really want me to do?"
Antonio said,
"Susan, I want you to do this. I've always wanted what you want and I think you want this too."
I couldn't believe the words that came out of my mouth but I said,
"Oh honey, I do, I do, I do!"
We continued on and I came again and then we fell asl**p.

The following friday we went on a short camping trip. This was the first time we had gone camping as husband

and wife but without k**s. We tried a place he heard about. It was in the middle of a national forest and it

took us several hours to drive there. Even after we parked we had to lug our equipment about two miles into

the woods but the effort was well worth it. The site was perfectly located. It was near the water's edge and

tucked nicely away behind some rocks and bushes. It wans secluded, private and had everything a camper wanted

except power and plumbing! It did have a nice picnic table and a firepit with an iron grill over it. We set

up and about and hour and a half later the job was done. The tent was pitched with a huge inflated matress

across the floor. Our caming equipment was laid out where we needed it and we had a cooler full of chilled

wine. It was getting cloudy when Antonio took me by the hand and we headed towards the water. He suggested

skinny-dipping and I thought, 'what the heck,' so we stripped and headed into the water. After a couple

minutes of romping, Antonio splashed me and dived between my legs. He came up behind me, his luscious, thick,

hardening cock running up my back, sending shivers through me. He grabbed me from behind, pinning my arms to

my chest, and then pulled me down. When we surfaced, coughing, spluttering and laughing, he began fondling me

in the water. I could feel his dick, hard as a rock, poking at my ass. I turned around to kiss him and

stroked him. God, it felt wonderful. In seconds he grabbed my ass and drove his cock into my pussy. It

started drizzeling when my husband said he wished there was a good looking man with us to help him please me.

I assured my husband that he was doing a fine job. What a sweet fuck that was, with the light rain falling

around us. I felt his hot cum shoot inside me. Although I hadn't cum myself, the feeling of Antonio shooting

inside me was super.

We went back to our tent. I put on some panties and a tee while Antonio put on some briefs. We had some more

wine as the rain continued. We were getting a pretty good buzz before too long and Antonio told me I needed a

new cock in my pussy. I was trying to tell him that some day I will do it for him when he pointed out towards

the woods. There was a man under a tree trying to excape the rain. He wasn't that far away so I could see

what he looked like and he was handsome. Antonio called out to him and invited him into the tent. The next

few minutes were magical. We just started talking about how he was actually married and on his way back to

his camp and his wife when somehow things just happened. Before I realized it his hand made its way down my

panties and he started playing with my clit. I reached into his shorts to find his very nice erect cock. You

took off my panties and without much warning, or even a condom, he climbs between my legs, his body onto mine

and he sort of just hovors above me. I looked down between our legs and watched his massive cock hang above

my pussy. His cock touched my pussy and pressed against my clit before it dropped down. I reached down

between us to hold his cock in my hand I rubbed the tip of his dick around my warm wet pussy. It felt

wickedly wonderful! This was the first cock I had ever touched besides Antonio's since we were married and I

could not help but to compare his with the one I was holding. I heard my husband whisper encouraging words to

him and my pussy tingled with excitement. I quiver as he enters me. I like how his dick feels inside me. His

lips meet mine again and we start to kiss gently. I shiver each time his breathe hits my neck as his penis

dips in and out of me. I am thoroughly enjoying how good his dick feels fucking me. The kissing continues as

the pace of his strokes picks up. Antonio moves in close to us and softly asks,
"Do you like his cock in you baby?"
I softly moaned,
"MMMMM Uh huh."
Antonio encouraged him saying,
"She loves your cock sliding into her pussy. She needs you to fuck her good."
I could feel his penis pulsating in me. My husband urged,
"Honey, show him you appreciate it. Show him you like his cock.
I move my arms from my side and under his and my hands are now up on his shoulders holding him tight. I then

lock my legs around his waist.
My husband asks,
"Does it feel good, sweetheart?"
I again moan,
"Oh yeah."
I could feel his balls bumping against my ass and I began to cum.
Then Antonio asked,
"Can he cum inside you?"
I hissed,
"Ohhhh Yessss!"
The young man fucked me so hard it was amazing, it was the first time I had orgasmed so quickly during sex.

He moaned and shot his wad deep inside me but he wasn't finished.
My husband continued to encourage him,
"My wife loves your cock. She loves to fuck you. You made her come. Keep fucking her."
The young man was only too happy to keep fucking me and I could see the expression on his face had a certain

urgency to it. I knew he was going to ejaculate in me again. I had yet another orgasm as I moaned,
"Cum in me. Please cum in me."
He grunted twice and his thin cock was so deep that his sperm was jetting out right onto my cervix. He held

fast as he was filling my cervix with his baby juice. Chances were very good that I would conceive. I came

again as his balls were emptying the last of his sperm into my belly. The young man's orgasm was over but he

wasn't finished so I lay there with my pussy being fucked by this young cock as my orgasms continued. When

finally his limp cock slip slowly out of my tender pussy his cum started to seep out along with it. We

thanked each other, he got dressed and he left while Antonio slid his hard cock into my pussy. He fucked me

until I climaxed three more times. My husband said that he loved my fresh fucked pussy. It was the most

incredible hour of sex I ever had, and we never asked the man's name.

The next morning I avoided any kind of conversation with my husband at the breakfast table, not once allowing

my eyes to meet his. I was ashamed, confused, and completely dumbfounded as to how to face up to him now that

he knew what I was capable of. I was mostly ashamed of having liked it so much. I was ashamed of the fact

that I liked being used like a slut.

The following Monday morning I awoke to antonio's cock touching my naked ass. I rolled over and he had a hard

on. I got down and started sucking his cock. He said
"Now that's the way to wake up. You are an amazing woman."
I then climbed on top of him and sat down on his cock. I rode his cock and said,
"Last night you asked me to fuck anothe man for you and I told you I would. Do you remember? Did you really

mean that? Or were you just horny-talking again?"
I felt I had to ask because we have always role played having sex with other people. Antonio said,
"Oh I meant it."
I moved over and close to to him and asked,
"Are you sure? I mean why do you want to do that? Don't you think there's something wrong with it? How does

this work? Do you think about me going on a date with another man while you wait for me at home or what?"
He said,
"That ideas does excite me."
I said,
"Well you know I love you and would never do anything to hurt you but how are we supposed to find someone to

do this for us? I'm not going to let just anybody stick their dick into me. I think I'm going to have to like

something about the man."
As he fucked me Antonio said,
"It shouldn't be any differant than it was last night."
I asked,
"Last night?"
He said,
"As wet as your pussy was I know it was filled with another man's sperm."
I then realized he was initiating a role play so I said,
"Yes. He had a beautiful cock and low hanging balls that are always full of cum for me."
Antonio asked,
"So you have been with this man before?"
I teased,
"Oh god yes! I'm surprised you haven't noticed the changes in me. My lover is Black and yes, I fucked him

lots of times before."
Then I said,
"Honey, I am full of his sperm and I am a little worried I might be pregnant. He did shoot his baby seed in

me numerous times."
Antonio asked,
"Are you serious, Susan? Is this the way you'd want it with another man?"
I said,
"I don't know but I see you like this. You know I can still get pregnant and it turns me on so much to think

a Black man is impregnating me."
Antonio groaned,
"That turns me on too."
I said,
"Wouldn’t that be something?"
Antonio said,
"I think you should do it."
I asked,
"Oh my god, honey! You want me to get pregnant with a Black man's baby?"
He said he did and we both had tremendous orgasms.
Then I asked,
"Are we thinking this through or are we blinded with passion?"
Antonio said,
"I told you I thought about this since that time I saw you in bed with your hand around that guys dick."
I asked,
"What if we do find a man I like? How am I supposed to tell this man that I'm trying to get pregnant? What

kind of man can do that and not want to keep in touch or get more deeply invollved? Should I lie and tell a

man that I'm on the pill?"
Antonio said,
"If I'm with you the man's not even going to ask."
I asked,
"What about STD's?"
"Honey, maybe this is something you didn't think about: What if I really like it? What if I want to do it

again? What if I fall in loveor what if the man I fuck falls in love with me?"
Antonio said,
"Everyone falls in love with you! If you fall in love then you'll have two men."
I asked,
"What do we tell our f****y and friends once I'm pregnant? Do we lie and tell them I got artificially

inseminated at a sperm bank?"
Antonio said,
"We don't have to tell anyone anything. I think they'll come to their own conclusions nomatter what we tell

them anyway."
I said,
"I would assume this is all going to happen in a hotel someplace but exactly how do you think it will happen?

I know some guy will shove his cock in me and cum inside my pussy but will it just be a meeting or sort of a

date or what? Will there only be one guy or should I meet with several? I don't want to do something so lewd

as a gang bang but I'm not sure how I will feel knowing who the man is that got me pregnant but at the same

time I will feel like such a slut having multiple men fuck me."
Antonio said,
"Honey, the how and where will work out over time. We both know that having unprotected sex will always

present the risk of disease. In fact the risk always exists when there is sexual contact. I want you to be

careful not to get infected but I don't want to alow fear and mistrust to diminish the pleasure of any

intimate moment that may develop in the course of a relationship. That's why from now on I will insist that

any relationship you get into is allowed to develope over time."
Then after a short pause Antonio said,
"Honey, you seem reluctant about this."
I answered,
"I’m not reluctant, honey, but I am trying to be cautious about this whole thing. Honey, you know how much I

love to fuck, and you know how I get excited thinking about some new guy shoving his long fat dick into me.

It's just that we’re talking about something much deeper than me getting fucked. Just think; three months ago

you were trying to convince me to let another man fuck me while you watched and now we’re talking about

letting another man impregnate me! Honey, I can think of only two ways I can let that happen. I can get d***k

and fuck anybody or everybody that comes along. We already know how easily that can happen from the campout."
It was so true. Just seven weeks ago I gave my husband the fantasy he has wanted from me since we first got

married but the spector of disease or impregnation hung over us until we got favorable results from my

medical examination. From the start, Antonio has asked me to let him watch as another man fucked me. I had

always decliened for numerous reasons despite the fact that I found the idea incredibly arousing. The day

finally came that I did it. I wasn't planning to but some very good wine, the outdoors and an incredibaly

handsome young man made it possible for my husband to orchastrate my seduction.
"The other way I can let another man impregnate me is to enter in an intimate relationship. Honey, I know you

want this to be a memory of a lifetime for us and it will be but I'd rather remember a romance that try to

recall a d***ken orgy."
Antonio asked,
"I thought you felt that it would be better if you never knew who the father was or the father knowing he got

you pregnant."
I answered,
"At first I thought that might be best but After all, there will be a beautiful c***d there to remind us of

my conception. If I'm d***k, I'm not going to remember much of anything. I don't want to get pregnant like

My husband then asked,
"But I thought the idea of a gang bang thrilled you."
I said,
"Well honey, it does but do we really want to remember a string of cock dumping sperm into me when ever we

look at our c***d?"
Although I suspect Antonio would't mind it if I got pregnant like that he wisely said,
"No honey, you're right."
So I said,
"Honey, I know you want me to do a gang bang too. maybe I will, I don't know but I do know that I don't want

to get pregnant like that. I want it to be with one man who I date for a while so I need some time to think

it through, OK?"
My husband hugged me tightly and said,
"It’s all OK, baby."
Then he began to feel up my pussy and I challenged,
"Are you fantasizing about getting some sloppy seconds?"
He smiled,
"Guilty as charged."
I said,
"God are you ever a freak!"
He countered,
"Yeah, and you’re a cum slut."
I said,
"I’m not just any cum slut, I’m your cum slut. That's really what attracted you to me from the very

beginning, isn't it?"
Antonio kissed me and then said,
"Of course not but I have to admit that I was very attracted to that woman I found d***k and half naked in

bed, just seconds from getting herself cocked."
I said,
"I'm older honey, but I'm still that same woman."
He said,
"You proved that at the campground."
Antonio then asked,
"Hey, would you really do a gang bang for me?"
I said,
"I will if that's something you really want, but right now I think I should tell you what I really want."
Antonio said,
"I'm listening, tell me, honey."
I said,
"I'm not ready to tell you yet but when I do I hope listen and listen good."
Antonio looked confused as I continued,
"Pull your cock out. We started this conversation with your cock in me and your cock is in me every time we

talk about this so that's how I want to talk about it now."
With that, I pulled down my jeans and panties. I bent over and supported myself on a chair. I said,
"Come-on and shove that heart breaker into your slut wife."
I could barly get the words out before my husband had his cock out and was lining his cock up to my pussy. He

could feel how I was already wet from our conversation and he thrust himself balls deep into me. I said,
"God, I love that!"
Antonio began to sensuously fuck me as I asked,
"Honey, have you thought much about the kind of man who is going to fuck me?"
He admitted,
"No, honey, I haven’t, except that his cock should be bigger than mine."
I said,
"Well I thought about it a lot."
He said,
I said,
He asked,
I said,
"You're right. I want his cock to be bigger than yours but I want every physical thing about him to be

differant from you, including his skin color. Can you picture a huge black uncoverd dick sliding in and out

of your White wife’s pussy for real?"
Antonio groaned. I said,
"Ahh, I see you have imagined it. Well I have too and more times than you know. I've been keeping a little

secret from you. For as long as we've been married I have masturbated to that thought. That’s what I want

baby. I want a Black boyfriend to court me and seduce me. I want him to tell me he loves me and to convince

me to have his baby. Oh god, I’m cumming!!!"
Antonio was cumming too.

My husband and I both rested on the couch after our fuck. We were both naked and sweaty. He played with my

left nipple when he brought up my campground fuck. He asked,
Honey, I know you were a bit d***k but how much of that day do you remember?"
I said,
"I remember plenty."
He asked,
"Want to talk about it?"
I said,
"We were enjoying some cold wine and you were getting me ready for a fuck and, as always, you were talking

about me fucking some well hung guy. It was raining and we were kissing and it all felt very erotic. I

remember telling you I'll do what ever you want and suddenly you called out to some guy in the rain. You

invited him in. we got aquainted and had more wine. I remember how the rain splattered on the roof of our

tent to make it such a romantic mood. You began talking about sex and you told him I was horny. talked him

into getting out of his clothes. You both asked me to get naked too but I didn't want to. I knew if I did you

guys were going to both fuck me."
My husband's erection started to grow as I continued,
"You pulled the tee I had on over my head and then took off my bra. I didn't resist but I asked if you were

happy now. With that you kissed me and felt my tits. Then you let the other guy do the same and my nipples

got so hard. you were both kissing my neck, my lips and my nipples. I knew I should have stopped you when you

pulled down my panties while he was licking my nipples but I didn't. Instead I let him mount me and actually

reached down and help him slide it in. I moaned as the head touched my hole. My body started to tremble all

over. In spite of my reluctance, you had me all worked up and I needed cock bad. My mind was in a whirl of

indecision. I pushed my hips upward as his penis began to slide into me. I spread my legs, and lifted my

knees up and he started long slow thrusts in me, pulling almost all the way out each time. Finally I began to

get used to the idea that it was not your cock fucking me, filling me, pleasuring me, lifting me to heights I
didn't think possible with any other man. He continued for a long time, steadily thrusting in and out of me,

fucking me expertly. In less than two minuts he was grunting and moving faster in me, and I felt him swelling

more, and I knew he was going to come in me. I remember you were talking sex to us and at that moment I was

overcome by a spasm in my vagina, which spread, to my cervix, to my uterus, filling my pelvis and spreading

over my whole body. I cried out as I was caught up in the most erotic experience of my life, my body shaking,

my legs closing over his thighs my eyes looking into yours. Gripping my hips he pushed fully into me, holding

himself against my cervix as I felt the head of his cock swelling even more, pulsating into me, spurting deep

into my cunt which was in spasm around him. I knew what he was doing and so did you but you just smiled. I

was helpless as he continued emptying himself into me, his body shuddering, groaning as he filled me with his

semen. I was still on an orgasmic high, but I was sure I could feel his sperm flooding my cervix and uterus,

and as it was happening I just knew he was impregnating me."
Antonio said,
"He made love to you for nearly an hour."
I answered,
"He sure did and he never pulled out! God, I think he came inside me three times but I came seven times.
Finally my husband asked me the question I've been expecting,
"Tell me how it felt inside you."
I replied,
"I really liked it. His was not the same as yours but you know that. It was as long I think but not nearly as

thick as you. He went in so deep and because he was thin, I swear it went all the way inside my uterus. And

the truth is, it felt so good I couldn't stop cumming. He kept his cock in me till I felt it softening, and

then he slid out of me, leaving my cunt flooded with his sperm. he got off me then you fucked me. Just after

your cock had fully embedded itself in my slick pussy I asked if you liked your sloppy seconds. You came when

you heard me say that."
Antonio said,
"That's because I was finally getting sloppy seconds with my own wife!"
I then said,
"Now I suppose you want it all the time?"
He said,
"I do."
I then smiled and said,
"Honey, I told you, I'll do anything you want."
My husband fucked me again.

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