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California Virgin

Im back again everyone. After doing some thinking I remembered that I left one story out from my previous sex experiences. Hope everyone enjoys it. Remember, my stories are real because I went through all these experiences.

There was this guy I knew that I played basketball with. He had a real hot girlfriend that was really sweet and always trying to make friends. She sent me a friend request one day and I accepted it. On her top friends she had this really cute white girl so I sent her a friend request. I sent her a message and she replied. Come to find out, it was the other girl's "play s****r". She lived in California but I didnt care. She told me that she came to Georgia every once in a while to visit her "s****r". So we started to talk and got into the whole long distance dating thing. She told me that she is a virgin and never had sex or given a blowjob. She sent me pictures of her in lingerie and naked in the shower so I couldnt wait to get a piece of her. Finally a couple of months later she came to Georgia. She came while I was at work so after work i stopped at her "s****r's" house. She came outside and she looked better than I thought in the pics. As soon as I saw her we started making out on the porch. I was grabbing her ass and rubbing on her tits. Her "s****r's" f****y was inside so I couldnt take her inside and screw her like i wanted to. So the next night around 2 in the morning she called me over to come and pick her up. I drove over and she came outside in these little booty shorts that barely covered her ass and a hoodie. I took her back to my house and snuck her inside and up to my room. I locked the door and we started to mess around. I pulled her panties off and start to lick on her pussy. Within seconds she was dripping wet. As I rubbed her pussy I could literally hear how wet she was. So I layed back on my bed and pulled my dick out. She said "damn your dick is hella big". she grabbed a hold of it and stuffed it into her mouth. I loved it because she wasnt just sucking my dick my stuffing it into her mouth. After my dick was wet with her spit, i rolled her over and spread her legs. I tried to stick my dick in her pussy but it wouldnt even fit. I heard her wimper in pain. Then after using my hand and shoving the tip into her pussy I saw tears come out. I only got the tip of my dick in so I just started to slide in and out. She wiggled and squirmed in pain while i fucked her. After about 20 mins I couldnt handle it because she was so tight so I felt the cum rushing into my dick. Then I stayed inside of her and let my hot cum squirt into her. When we were done she stood up and I saw the cum running down her leg. Luckily she was on birth control so she never got pregnant. Second Virgin that i've gotten.

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