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Everyday I get up in the morning and put on my crap for work and head to the bus stop right on Hennepin and 3rd and get ready for another shitty day of work but today was different. It was one of those days where everything just seems so surreal and soso. Me a really fresh looking 21 year old and I have a really slim, smooth, muscular build and my face looks 17 and its really a kick in the ass when the cops try busting me for curfew, well anyway I was headed to work and half way there my boss tells me to turn around and go home cause he didnt need me. What the fuck I'm already half way to work and out of anger I get off in a place I don't know much at all about so I find the nearest bus stop waiting for the next bus and begion a journey of a lifetime. I notice this guy, big chest, HUGE arms a body builder type standing next to me and we begin to bullshit. He kinda looks like the cage fighter Urijah Faber and as we were chatting the words "ex boyfriend" slip out of my mouth and with that, thats all he needed. So he invited me back to his place for a few drinks and a few blocks later we enter his house. We made some Tequila sunrises and went up to his room and he started to massage my tense muscles and then all of the sudden quicker then you could say "flaming fag" he got this look in his eyes, ripped my shirt off and started sucking and kissing on my neck. He was really tense and I told him to stop for a second but nothing was gonna keep him away from using me for all of his hot, sexy pleasures. His big muscular arms holding me down and after the first minute or 2 I completely submitted to him and then he ripped my pants off and as soon as he saw my raging boner he flipped my body over and stuck all 7.5 inches of the most tender part of me in his mouth and started feeling up on soft, tender, smooth body and then pushed me up against the wall. this was one of the hottest times of my life, the more i told him i didnt wanna get fucked the more he tried to f***e it on me and after 5 minutes of struggling he shoved his enormous 9 inch cock into my tight little whole and all he wanted to do was pound my tight little hole. He started screaming with pleasure every time he pulled it out and stuck me with it. God was his dick thick and I NEVER have screamed soooo loud in bed before and after 10 min of sticking his hot manly clock into my tight, soft, tender, warm, hot little ass e couldnt take it anymore and as he started to scream i felt a warm sensation inside of me and we just laid on our sides, cum dripping out of my ass and stared into each others eyes for about an 20 min. Then I just got up without saying a word and left.

I saw him a few days later and we talked as if nothing happened before and chatted, every now and then I see him and then we play the same **** scene that we did before and every now and then Ill get a text with him telling me how my ass was the hottest thing hes ever fucked and he still doesnt believe I'm 21 he still thinks im in high school.

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