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A Book to Remember

A Book to Remember
by Just4kinks

J4K’s heart raced as the elegant young man entered the library. She blushed as his penetrating eyes met hers, she remembered last night’s hot steamy sex and she was pleasantly surprised he came back for more. It has been such a long time since her life has been filled with passion. Heck, it was six months since her husband touched her and at 40, she was at the peak of her sexuality. She was ready to put on her sexy boots and rock and roll, not spend hours on end watching senseless television shows on the couch.

She tried her best to keep her eyes from following the graceful steps of the man who had given her seven orgasms in one night! The strong, lithe man strode across the room in a few steps as she started to help a customer return some late books.

“That will be $1.50, Mrs. Hartford,” J4K said. As she took the elderly woman’s money, she winked at Rick whose famous mischievous grin lit up his eyes. She could feel his eyes on her black leather mini skirt, it was a modest skirt that came very so slightly above her knees. She called it her age appropriate skirt, thigh high minis were for young girls in their 20s but when you had shapely Tina Turner legs, it wasn’t necessary to flaunt them. Show just enough and let a guy’s imagination do the rest. Her cleavage today was also modest, a red knit sweater showing just a hint of her mounds.

“Um, so, Rick, I have those books you were looking for yesterday,” J4K said, her full lips turning into an inviting smile. Glancing nervously around, J4K made sure none of her supervisors or co-workers were watching her as she led the young gentleman to the very back of the library. The wetness already started between her legs as she began replaying scenes from last night’s encounter and anticipating what they were about to do.

They were in the very back of the library, partially hidden by a very old mahoney staircase that ran upstairs to a private section of the library where customers had to make reservations to get access to some rare books in the library’s archives. Rick’s cock was visibly erect through a pair of gray, loose fitting sweat pants.

“Sit,” J4K gently commanded, pointing to a step stool. He sat down, his head almost level with her pussy. Aroused and shocked, he watch as J4K slipped her silk stockings off revealing a red thong underneath her skirt. She kneeled to his level and began massaging his manhood through the clothing.
“Do you want me,” she whispered seductively and barely audible. It was a library after all so she had to be quiet. In a slightly hoarse voice that Rick did not recognize as his own, he whispered, “Yes.”

She took easily freed his cock from his sweats and boxers, slipping into her mouth. Despite his size, she managed to deep throat his penis and he moaned slightly with pleasure. Rick placed his hands behind her head and started guiding her movements and thrusts, looking intently at her lips and tongue working his shaft. He enjoyed the intensity of her expressions as she went to work. Just as he was about to climax, J4K pulled away and positioned her very wet and dripping pussy on his hard-on.

Slowing the pace a bit, she began gyrating her hips and Rick thrust upwards to meet her very graceful and precise movements. What a ride this was, he thought as he came very hard deep within her very tight and wet pussy. Her sex contracted around his cock, which sent an explosion throughout his body. He trembled, she moaned. They realized they were both breathing hard.

“Gee, that must have been some book!” remarked Mrs. Hartford, laughing lightly, she whispered, “I have to read it sometime.”

The old woman left the startled and slightly embarrassed lovers to themselves, wondering if she was watching them the whole time.

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