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First taste of cock Pt 3

As before I placed my hands on my friends knees and pushed them up his thighs to his groin but this time no fabric prevented me from touching his marvellous cock and I had a little play before letting go and allowing his rock hard cock to fall to his belly. I lowered my head and starting at the base of his cock I tongued up all 7" and then engulfed the head of my mates cock and gently sucked on his bell end then using my mouth I pulled his cock towards me and grabbed the base of his cock with one hand whilst slowly sucking his bell end. Ian groaned and tilted his head back proclaiming "That is fucking amazing, I have waited so long for you to do this to me". Any previous fears I had about him not being totally for this had just been erased.

I felt like a porn star as I gobbled his fat cock and using one hand to wank him I continued to tongue his bell end whilst keeping it entirely in my mouth. Ian was clearly enjoying things and only rarely glanced towards TV instead focusing on watching his best friend suck his cock. My confidence building I took his cock out of my mouth just long enough to ask him if he wanted to fuck my mouth but Ian shook his head stating "I don't want to cum to soon, I want to enjoy this". I took my hand away from his cock and started sucking his full length, or as much as I could of it anyway and gagged as I could only manage about 3/4 of his cock. Ian laughed stating "big enough for you?" I remarked "I am just warming up" and continued in my quest to take his full length down my throat.

I continued to suck my friend and growing in confidence I started to play with his balls with one hand whilst playing with my now hard cock with the other. Ian continued to moan and groan in growing praise of my actions. I was enjoying myself now and was sucking for all I was my worth occasionally taking a break to rest my weary mouth and wank him slowly. This was still a great turn on for us both as his saliva covered cock looked great in my hand and made a reassuringly wet squelchy sound that gave rise to further groans of praise. Ian and I used these times to look at each other and smile as if to say "this is so wrong but so right". I went back to work on Ian's cock sucking as I went. I spat on his cock and slid my mouth down his shaft reaching new lengths every time I done so and eventually started to taste something new. I took my mouth away and saw the head of my friends cock glistening with what I assumed must be pre cum. Ian confirmed this saying "I am really close, that's pre cum, are you ok?" I assured him that I was fine asking "Yep, where do you want to cum?". Ian cherried up slightly and did not want to make the decision. "Where do you want me to cum?" he asked. During this short conversation I had been wanking his cock slowly and I returned to it sucking his pre cum off his bell end. It tasted good and I wanted to taste my friends cum but was very nervous about it. Should I say cum on face then I could control how much cum I tasted or just take a load in my mouth? Still sucking his cock I pointed to my mouth. Ian groaned "That is so fucking horny, will you swallow?" reassuring me "it's alright if you don't".

My head was spinning my cock was hard and I was sucking my friends cock that was about to cum in my mouth. My fantasy was about to come true. Ian finally told me the words I had been dying to hear. "I'm gonna cum" he almost shouted and raised his top half of his body slightly off the bed just as he done so. I moved from sucking his full length and focused entirely on his bell end. I think this pushed him over the edge and my mouth was filled with ribbons of hot salty cum.

Ian let out a mighty groan and placed a hand on the back of my head forcing me to stay glued to his cock. I had no intention of moving and as my mouth filled with my friends load I reached capacity and a small amount of cum dribbled down my friends shaft. Ian took his hand away and I pulled my head up and opened my mouth to show him just what he had done to me. My mouth was full and a small amount of his cum dribbled down my chin. I closed my mouth and swallowed showing Ian my empty mouth as I done so. It was incredible and the taste, far from horrifying me, made me want more and I used a finger to catch the escaping cum on my chin and sucked it off my finger. I moved back to Ian's cock to suck his shrinking cock clean and got more of his wonderful hot cum that had dribbled down his shaft and leaked from his cock. Ian said "that was amazing, you were amazing" I sat fully clothed as my best friend sat naked in bed and I wanted to climb in with him but Ian said "thanks, I will return the favour for you in the morning" and looking a little sheepish he climbed into bed and pulled the covers over himself saying "goodnight" as he done so.

He did repay the favour in the morning and we carried on meeting every now and again for the next ten years sucking and later fucking each other crazy. We would often meet in each others houses when one or both of our girlfriends were downstairs in some hot encounters. We both are married now and live in different parts of the country but I will always remember my best friend and the night I had my first taste of cock.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it.

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