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Suzee gets a new Master part 2

Suzee gets a new Master part 2

Suzee was in heaven. Since her late Master had had his heart attack while giving Suzee an ass-fucking, she had been afraid to give herself to another man, another potential Master.

But her gentleman friend was proving to be no gentleman, at least not in bed. She had offered to give herself to him, and after an initial uncertainty, he had risen to the task at hand. She had told him about herself, about her relationship with Ken, and it proved to be the inspiration that he needed to get sexually excited. It had also given the chance to assert himself to her. She had accepted his taking control, and now he was fucking her ass.

It was a win-win for both of them. But Suzee wasn’t thinking too rationally right now. She was focused on the hard cock that was repeatedly plunging in and out of her asshole. She was deep into her submissiveness to her long time friend, her b*****r-in-law, the uncle of her c***dren.

She felt him bent down, his lips kissing the back of her neck, his teeth nipping at her ears, the nape of her neck.

She was so excited, so turned on, that she came. The orgasm overwhelmed her body, engulfed her mind. Her from the bottom of her throat moans were like nothing she had ever done before.

Her friend, change that, her Master, of course realized that she was cumming. That was not in doubt. What was in doubt was how he was going to react to her cumming without his permission.

He put that thought on hold as he finished fucking her, shooting his cum into her tight asshole.

When he pulled out of her ass, he stayed kneeling above her.

”Roll over, look at me” he told her.

Suzee rolled over, looked up at him, and smiled. She was in submissive heaven. She almost wanted to open up the window and shout to the world that she was the happiest sub in the world.

“So that is how you cum.”

“Yes, Master, it is. Not always that strong, but yes, that is a basic idea of how I cum.”

“Good. Remember it well. That’s the last time you’ll be cumming for a while. We have known each other for a long time, but I never knew that the subtle signs of your submissiveness were there for me to see. I don’t know how I could have missed them, but I did. Now I’m going to make up for lost time.”

“Yes, Master,” Suzee said, a broad smile on her face.

“About that smile on your face. I don’t know if you realize what’s going on in my mind. I’m not sure that I do. But I do know that I will be exploring what’s in my mind. And you’ll be right there with me. That is, if you want to.”

“Want to, Master?”

“Direct question. Do you want to serve me? Serve me in the same sort of way you served your late husband, my late b*****r. Serve me as I wish you to serve me.”

“Yes, Master, I wish to serve you.”

“Good. The first thing I want you to do is to use your fingers into your asshole, pull out some of my cum, and in your best sexy way, eat my cum.”

“Yes, Master.” With that Suzee reached down between her legs, got some of her new Master’s cum, and put on a sexy show of eating his cum.

“OK. Now tell me about that day on the beach and how your Master punished you.”

“To continue the story. My Master had fucked me and I had cum without his permission. He told me that I had a choice of punishments. I could either be used by five guys from the hilltop overlooking the beach, 5 guys of HIS choosing, or I could service the couple that was nearby to us on the beach the couple that had been watching us.”

“I looked up to my Master, deep into my eyes, and told him that with his kind permission, I would gladly service the couple on the beach.”

“Very good. Now, take off your clothes and walk over to them and invite them to enjoy your body.”

“Yes, Master.”

Suzee stood up and walked over to the couple and introduced herself.

“Good afternoon. My name is Suzee, and the gentleman that just fucked me is my Master and husband. He offers my services to the two of you. Services of a sexual nature. He hopes that you find me interesting enough to take my offer of myself to you and use me for your pleasure.”

“Why thank you, Suzee. After seeing how you served your Master, we’ll gladly take you upon your offer. Do you wish to go back to your Master and tell him we accept your offer?”

“No, Sir, I do not need to go back to him. I am yours to use and enjoy. What is your pleasure, Sir?”

“The first thing I want you to do is to lick my wife’s pussy. I want you to do what she tells you to do, and I want you to get her off. I want you to service her with your mouth until she tells you to stop. Can you do that, Suzee?”

“Yes, Sir. I can do that.”

The wife sat on the blanket, legs wide open. Suzee laid down on the ground, her face in the woman’s crotch. Suzee had licked pussy a few times, but it had been quite a while ago. Suzee ran her tongue up and down her slit; gently at first, trying to figure out what would give the woman the most pleasure. After only a couple of licks, the woman grabbed hold of Suzee’s head and pulled her face into her pussy.

Suzee started using her teeth, nipping at the woman’s pussy at first.

“Harder, cunt, I want you to bite me!”

Suzee did as she was told. She used her teeth to bite the woman, first on her fleshy outer labia, then her thinner inner labia. The woman moaned loud as she ground her pussy into Suzee’s face.

Suzee could barely breathe, but she didn’t stop giving the lady the rough servicing she wanted.

The lady finally came, long and hard. Suzee almost passed out, but she didn’t try to pull her face away as the woman squirted all over Suzee’s face and into her now open mouth.

When the woman finally released Suzee, Suzee came up for air. Her face was soaked from the woman’s cum, and she had a big smile on her face as well. Suzee smiled back up at her, happy that she was able to give her pleasure.

Now the man spoke up.

“Now it’s my turn, cunt. Get over here and start sucking my cock. I want you to get me good and hard for what I want to do.”

“Yes, Sir,” Suzee said as she knelt in front of him and opened her mouth. Suzee was not surprised when the man took hold of her head and held it still while he started to fuck Suzee’s mouth. At least he wasn’t pinching her nose, cutting off her air. Her Master had done that on occasion, and each time he did that to her she had freaked out, though after the first time he did it she knew in the back of her mind that he wasn’t going to let anything happen to her. It was just that her Master liked to play with her mind almost as much as he liked playing with her body.

Right as Suzee was getting into him face fucking her, he pulled her head away from his cock. Silently Suzee sighed, afraid that somehow she had done something wrong and he didn’t want her any more. But that was not the case. The man called for his wife and he told her to kneel down next to Suzee.

The man stepped to his left and picked up where he left off in Suzee’s mouth. The man was now roughly fucking his wife’s mouth, and her body language told Suzee that she liked getting her mouth fucked that hard.

She was gagging, slobber dripping out of her mouth. The man saw this and told Suzee to get down on the ground and position herself so that she, Suzee, was in position to catch the spillover in her mouth.

The rational part of Suzee’s mind said that what she was doing was gross, but the sexual part of her mind was the part that was in control, and pleasing people her Master wanted her to please is what counted to Suzee.

When it was all over, the man had fucked his wife’s mouth hard enough and long enough that she had thrown up a bit, and some of that had dribbled out of her mouth and onto Suzee’s face and into Suzee’s mouth.

When the man pulled away, the woman reached down, pulled Suzee up to her knees, and passionately kissed Suzee. Suzee returned the passion, and without realizing it, Suzee came. She would never had thought that she would be cumming from such a scene, but cum she did.

The last thing the man had Suzee do before he dismissed her was to use her mouth to clean up first his cock and then his wife’s face.

Dismissed by the couple she had served, she stood up, her face a total mess, and walked back to Ken, her Master. Ken looked at her, smiled, got dressed and told to her follow him back to their car. He had not given her permission to get dressed or to clean up, so she walked to the parking lot, naked for the world to see.


“That was quite a day for you, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, Master, it was,” Suzee replied to her new Master.

“Hopefully I will be able to think up situations that are just as interesting.

“Yes, Master, I’m sure you will.”

“OK, let’s take a shower and get dressed. We’re going out to dinner and who knows what next.”

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