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Claire Crucified

Claire Crucified

Claire was naked and tied to a cross. Not an X, but a real Roman-style cross--a perpendicular beam with a horizontal crossbar. Her wrists were bound with leather cuffs that attached to eye-bolts in the wood. Her long legs were tied together at the base of the cross, where her feet with her carefully painted red toenails rested on the ground. Stretched out naked like that, Claire looked almost too beautiful to flog, so I hit her extra hard, getting pleasure from the way her breasts bounced each time I struck them with the flogger. Claire grunted and moaned with each blow. After making her breasts bounce plenty, I switched my aim and paid special attention to her pussy, alternating between light teasing strokes with the tip so the whip stuck her labia, and strong powerful assaults that slammed between her legs and made her grunt.

However, after a while I felt that the traditional cross position wasn’t sufficiently rigorous. I wanted to see Claire in real agony. I untied her wrists, and I placed a chair in front of the cross so Claire could stand on it, and then I carefully wrapped her arms above and behind the wooden crossbar, so that she would have to support her weight on her back and shoulders. This position also thrust her breasts out invitingly. I tied her ankles to the perpendicular member of the cross, so she could shift some of the weight to her legs. But this was still a much more agonizing and authentic crucifixion than her earlier position where she was really standing on the floor. Now she had to support most of her weight with her shoulders.

I whipped her for a while to see how she would react and was gratified to see how much more vulnerable and helpless she was. She had to use half of her energy just to hang there on the cross, and that left much less strength for her to endure the whipping. Claire was in real agony, and I determined to continue punishing her.

So I approached the cross, and I strapped an electric chastity belt between Claire’s legs and cinched it tightly. It had a four inch dildo studded with electric contacts and a special extension designed to fit over her labia and clitoris. The dildo was a tight fit and Claire gasped when I shoved it into her. Then I attached two nipple clamps to Claire’s breasts. The clamps were quite tight, and I knew they wouldn’t fall off no matter how Claire struggled. Wires from both sets of electrical contacts led to a small black TENS unit which I controlled with two sets of dials.

I gagged Claire to help her endure the pain she would experience. Then, I started showing Claire how I could use the TENS unit to create tiny isolated pin pricks of pain. I demonstrated how I could run these stinging sensations together faster. I could also increase their intensity, so it felt like sandpaper scr****g her skin. I watched Claire’s eyes widen and heard her breathing grow faster as I worked the controls. Then I illustrated to her how I could further increase the intensity until she felt as if a sharp saw was cutting into her flesh. I also demonstrated how I could create slow, deep, painful throbs. I could increase their frequency and intensity until it felt like repeated punches or even kicks.

Fastened to the cross her painful position, shoulders pulled back, breasts thrust forward Claire struggled and squirmed as I played with the dials on the TENS unit.

By carefully studying Claire’s reactions to the jolts of electricity, I soon discovered that she actually enjoyed sensations as long as I kept the dials below 6. At 7, she displayed signs of panic and pain, and at 8, she began to scream and writhe. Since I wanted her first experience to be relatively enjoyable, I kept the dials at 6, increasing the length of time at which I held her there. She moaned and thrust her hips suggestively as I continued my experiments. I wanted her first experience with electricity to be pleasurable. I wanted her to have electric sex, not electric ****.

As Claire hung there on the cross, I varied the controls running to her nipples and gradually increased frequency but not the intensity of the stinging pain. Sometimes I changed the dials and directed the deep, slow throbs of pain at her nipples and sent the stinging stabs of pain to her vagina. Then I switched. But I was careful never to move the knob above 7. I wanted to dominate her. I wanted to exhaust her. I wanted to thrill her. But I did not want to terrify her. Soon she betrayed all the signs of a woman having an intense sexual experience. Even with her shoulders cruelly bound to the cross, Claire’s luscious thighs trembled, her head bobbed back and forth, and I could hear a continuous moan even with the gag.

When I was sure she had experienced several orgasms, I took off the electric devices and I removed the gag. I was determined that Claire’s crucifixion would conclude with an old-fashioned scourging or flagellation, and I wanted to hear every scream. I took out a six foot bull whip, and carefully measured my distance from the cross where Claire now hung helpless and exhausted. Then I began flicking the bullwhip at her. I was delighted at the sound that the specially knotted popper at the end of the bullwhip made as it snapped across her flesh. I began hitting her harder. I heard her gasp and shriek each time the whip struck her.

I had penetrated Claire’s body with electricity, and now I wanted to demonstrate that I could inflict spasms of pain just by using a whip. I exulted in the control I had with the whip, laying the knotted popper in neat parallel strands across Claire’s beautiful naked torso. Every time I felt like stopping, I f***ed myself to continue. After all, Claire was tied up. She wasn’t going anywhere.

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