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Mom and son

He always watched his mom when she was not looking. She had a very sexy body with big tits and a nice round ass. His dad had walked out on both of them two years ago. He knew his mom was horny as he heard her play with herself at night. One day she was home relaxing in a tight t-shirt and short shorts. She looked hot. He watched her tits strain the t-shirt and her ass show below the shorts. He was wearing a tight bikini bathing suit and no shirt. The suit was tight against his oversized cock. When he walked in the room his mom stared at his crotch. He knew she admired the size. He bumped his cock against her leg. She did not jerk away and he knew she liked the feel. She was at the sink gettinga drink and he came behind her and pressed his cock to her ass. He put his arms around and up under her t-shirt and cupped her tits. They were huge and firm an felt so good in his hands. She frozed for a moment and did nothing then she pushed his hands away. He ran his hand down her back and across her ass and then pushed a finger inside the leg of her shorts and felt her pussy. It was shaved and smooth and wet. She stood for a moment as he felt her pussy with a finger then she pushed him back. She turned to him and saw his huge cock hard in his bathing bottoms and could not take her eyes off the big shaft. He grabbed her again and pulled her shirt up and felt her tits as he pressed his cock to her crotch. He started kissing her slipping his tongue inside her mouth. She responded by sucking his tongue and shoving hers in his mouth. He was now tweaking her round nipples as he rubbed his cock against her. He pulled her t-shirt over her head and tossed it to the floor and then undid her shorts and pulled them down. He turned her and bent her over the table as he fingered her pussy. He leaned down and kissed her ass as he fingered the nice pussy hole. He nibbled her ass as he finger fucked her feeling her cum more than once. He ran his finger up the crack of her ass and felt her round bud. He rubbed the bud and felt her cum once more. he pushed her head down to the table which raised her ass and her spread her open and found the opening to her cunt with his cock. He slowly pushed into her hole. She had not had sex since the dad left and she was tight but wet. He then pushed the huge cock deep into her wet hole. He grabbed her hips and started fucking her hard and deep. She was so tight he could feel the sides of her pussy around his hard cock. He pushed his cock in and out fucking her hard and rough. He wanted to last as long as he could and stay in the warm, tight wet hole. It took a lot of will power but her was able to fuck her for several minutes before he filled her cunt with his juice. he then grabbed her nipples and pulled on them stretching them far as he dared. with his cock still in her cunt he looked down at her ass. It was round and firm and made a guy want to squeezed it, He then massaged her ass loving the feel of it. He turned her over and laid her on her back on the table and spread her legs. He looked at her pussy and spread the lips to see the clit. She had nice thick lips and clit just like puffy pillows. He spread her cunt hole and saw it full of his cum. As he looked at her, his cock got hard again. He slid her ass to the edge of the table and slipped his cock inside her once more. She was still tight but this time full of his cum. He pushed his cock into her to fuck her another time. As he fucked he grabbed her huge tits and squeezed them watching his hands pinch and pull the round nipples. Tonight he would suck them and chew them and feel them in his mouth as he fucked his mom all night long. He wanted to feel his cock in her ass and also between the huge tits. He wanted to see her suck his cock and swallow his cum as the huge rod went down her throat. He would eat her pussy and watch her cum multi times. He would cuddle her naked body and take the place of his father and able to fuck her every night. He was now not only the son but the pretend hubby. His cock ached thinking of it.

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