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Perfect Neighbor's

He Didn't Stand a Chance :-),
They were the perfect neighbor's, a pretty Mom, a fairly large son and a lovely daughter, there didn't seem to be a husband, father. They didn't say and I didn't ask.
That's what I mean, perfect neighbors. A smile or a wave, the occasional 'hello' if we crossed paths. Not noisy, no loud cars, I had to smile as every now I could hear 60's or 70's music, Mom? in between the c***dren's music, well, what they call music.
Like I said, perfect neighbors. They seemed to fit in with the others in our small cul-de-sac. I lived right at the end of the street and could see the c***dren leave and walk to the end each morning to catch the school bus as I had breakfast. Mom would sometimes follow, driving out about 8:30 and at other, odd times stay home.

My office changed during the day, in the morning I liked to see the early morning sun and therefore looked out on the street, in the afternoon, well, the sunlight through the trees out the back had a soothing effect and I moved into my other office.
Being a draftsman, designer, engineer, the internet and computers had made me very happy. A lot of my work could be done from home. I loved it. I had to have 2 computers to do a lot of my work, sorry. I put info into one and it talked to the other and figured out the answer, they did most of the work.

I was working on a problem from a pumping station in Alaska, they needed help but not to soon. It was still dark and very cold. They had asked me to be on standby for when the sun started to rise, the temperature started to climb and they got a break in the weather. Lots of question marks included so I still had time. It was a tricky problem.
I thought I had solved the problem and was busy entering data into one computer when the other bleeped at me. I have had a quiet life after my wife left. "I love you, but I'm not in love with you", the last words she said to me directly some 8 years ago and my Daughter graduated and moved to L A two years ago. So I am the He and the She at Home, ie, I have to do the washing and cleaning, not to mention the cooking.
I love cooking.

My stomach tells me when I need to cook but I have programed my computer to tell me when the washing machine has finished and a few other things a MAN might forget, like moving washing from one process to the other, drying.
I do like automatic things but I also like nature and I think the sun is a great drying machine. I use it all the time. So it was mid morning, I was hanging out my washing and my neighbor was doing the same. She had a short tight top that showed her breasts nicely. Still perfect cones even after two c***dren I thought, and by perfect cones I mean I could see nipples,she wasn't wearing a bra. A very trim belly above hipster short shorts. the type that show a woman's legs the best. I couldn't see a panty line but did see when a moving van arrived next door. I could see it while she couldn't.

"I think you have incoming", I said pointing out the truck.
"Thanks, it must be my daughters new bed". And hurried off. Cute butt, no shake.
Back to work. I LOVE MY COMPUTERS, I had, we had, fixed the problem.
It would only take about a weeks work. I sent an email. I started to think about food.

What would I cook tonight to mark a success. I felt so good I decided to clean up a little as well. I had a lady come in to clean once a week but she was not to touch anything in my office, either one, so I got busy cleaning. I was still busy cleaning when the door bell and my stomach reminded me of the time.
I hate door to door sales but my high was too great to get me down, I opened the door. Little did I know I had opened a huge door. The door to the rest of my life.

She was standing there, the Daughter. All the degrees and experience I had in this world seemed like nothing. I stood there with my mouth open, just..........
It was like I was looking at a lost puppy, so sad, so helpless. I couldn't think of anything to say.
"Could you help me please, I have a new bed but we can't put it together", she held a cheap looking Allen head tool in her hand. "It bent".
An old saying from one of my teachers came to me, "Get your mind into gear before you put your mouth into action, it keeps your feet out of the way". "Sure, hang on a minute, I'll get my tools".

My mind was racing as I went to the garage, what the fuck just happened?
I grabbed my 'anything" tool kit and went back, "OK, lets get this bed together".
Next door, She didn't stop at the door way, just plowed ahead. Same cute butt, even tighter than her Mother. She, I didn't even know her name. Shit, they had been here for 6 months, I didn't know any of their names, I followed her to her bedroom.
Packing and foam littered the room along with a bed, sort of. It was a kit-set bed.Out of the box into your room type of thing. Her Mom was standing at one end and her son at the other. "I told you it was cheap" he said. "It's within our budget" the Mother replied. "Why did she need a queen size anyway, it's like.... it's too big".
"Sue can, will, grow, it will be a good fit later, anyway, you have a king size".

The conversation looked like it was going to continue until they looked at me. I am 6ft 3 and weigh in over 250lb, most of that muscle with wide shoulders. I can make a small room smaller just by being there. Silence.
"Can I help?", Yes and please at the same time from the females and OK from the son.
I looked at the bed, it didn't look that bad, just poor tools to put it together, I got my tools out. It was a snap.
We, the Mother, Daughter and I looked at the completed bed, the son had left telling his Mother he had homework to finish.
No bigge, I bent down to get my tool bag when I was tackled.
I mean, out of left field came a hellcat.

I found myself tangled, arms and legs in the air, flat on my back on the bed. I looked up at a smiling Mom, her arms wide. "Five and ten, Down".
I was down alright, I had this partly clad warm body wrapped in my arms, trying to hold her still while a pair of nipples were inches from my face. Mom was doing a good impression of an umpire. Up close and personal.
I had watched the daughter and son playing football over in the green space. She tossed the ball and he would dive on it, rolling and getting to his knees as fast as possible. I thought he was a defender, tackle anything and get the ball.

"At least the bed holds up, it's no longer a virgin, got it's first male".
I looked at the Mother, the daughter, they were both smiling. Shit, I had to get out of there, my cock was doing the thinking. Sort of, He wasn't thinking about just living next door, I had to get out of there. I grabbed my tool case and said " Have a good night", where was my head, what was I saying. What was I thinking. I went home shaking my head.

Two days later, I had got over the first 'close encounter' with my neighbor's when the door bell announced another visitor, I had not seen 'Them', you know, so it was a bit of a surprise to see the Son at my door. I didn't have to look down very much, he was going to end up my size and like his s****r had the same happy, smiling face. It was something to do with the eyes.I realized they all had it, I remembered the mother smiling the same way when she played umpire. I didn't mind looking.
They had played 'ends' out the back, I had to admit, I watched her, them. She would throw the ball so it bounced funny, all over the place and he would dive on it. Covering it but always with his hands holding on tight. Now I thought he was a offensive rather than defensive tackle. I knew a lot of professional ball players never got their hands on the ball, ever.
I waited.

"I have a scholarship, you know. Football, but........., I don't think that's all to life, I don't want to end up a looser if it all goes pear shaped".
Fuck, what had happened, I wasn't the father, I didn't have a son. It was bad enough with a Daughter, sometimes. Why Me?.
"I wonder if you could teach me to be better with my hand's, like, I like doing things. Making things. Like you and the bed, I mean, well, you just got it right. You know what I mean".I did. Some people have the 'Knack', others didn't.
"I want some sort of backup, not just to rely on football. Some thing for the future".

Damn it, here was the son I never had, I never regretted my Daughter but, shit.
He was young, He had ambition. He wanted something more out of life.
Could I help him. FUCK YES."Hang on a minute, I think I have just the idea", I raced into my office, I mean I ran, grabbed a blueprint and some detailed drawings, checked, got another and went back.
"All good things come from inquiring minds, look at the blueprints, the drawings and see if you can ask questions as to why. You don't have to know what, you need to know why. Why it is designed that way, why do you need all these extra bits. WHY, keep asking that question, why". The best way to teach, make the student ask, why.

We were interrupted by my phone. He left with a big grin and I went to the phone.
It was all on, I had a jet waiting for me next Monday. There was a possible 5 to 6 day window. It wasn't a question of 'if', it was a matter of 'now'. I raced about getting everything ready.

Bags packed and waiting for the taxi, I ran through my mental check list. The house, I ran next door.
I didn't even knock as the door opened. The Mother, "Yes?".
"I have to go away, could you look after the house please, just get the mail and stuff. It's not much, please, I'll be back on Monday, I hope".
"No problem, the c***dren or I will be here all week, we can do it. Where are you going in such a hurry?", she covered her mouth but with a cute smile, "Sorry, I didn't mean to probe into your life".
"Alaska, It's part of my work". the taxi stopped our talk with his horn." Thanks, gotta run".
"Get some pictures..............., please".

One weary week later I opened my door. It had been hard work but everything had worked, efficiency up to 62 percent and rising. The boss-man was happy, I was happy and the bank-man would be happy as well. Lots of oil equals lots of money. I dumped my bags and headed for the shower thinking about takeouts for dinner. Two steps later the door bell. Shit, I just got home, what now.
I was rubbing my head as I opened the door. IT happened again. There she was, the Daughter, and.........
I could smell it, food, hot food. I looked down. Damn, that was a mistake. I could see the covered plate but my eyes were focused a bit above, I mean, 6 inch's above, the plate I mean. Right into the valley of her breasts. I couldn't help it, they were there, open and inviting, I could see the start of her nipple.
It was happening again, my cock was rising to the occasion.

"Mum thought you might like a hot meal if you got home late. I'm sorry, it's only what we had warmed up. You don't have to........."
My mouth was watering, a little thought trickled through my mind, the smell of the food, country chicken unless my nose betrayed me, and, and....., chicken breasts.
My cock went into overdrive.

"I love IT, I hate aircraft meals, they are so.... It smells so goood I can't wait.Thank you and don't forget to thank your Mom. I'm going to have it right now"
"Well I can wait, I mean, when you are finished I can take the plate home, if you don't mind".
Shit again, where were my manners, she was still standing on my front porch. "I'm sorry, my mind was on other things, I couldn't tell her what 'other things'. Come on in to the kitchen".
"Look, we are going to have to start from the beginning, I mean, I don't even know your name. My name is Dave and no, it's not short for David, Mom had a sense of , well............."
"I'm Sue and Mom's June, Bobby, well...., he's my twin b*****r"
I nearly choked on the mouthful I had. They were twins, how old did that make her. I mean, he had said he had a scholarship. She would be just about.........., legal.
"Hot, It's hot", I tried to cover my shock.

After I had finished my meal, it was beautiful and I had rinsed the plate I remembered the pictures. They weren't all mine, the company had a professional team working on a photo shoot and I had asked a favor. I was the flavor of the week, no problem. I got a copy of the whole shoot, before the edit. This was a P R exercise for the company and was going to all the networks. I knew a lot would be cut before it went to air. I had the lot plus some of my own.
"Would you want to watch some pictures of Alaska with your Mom, where I was working. They are pretty good".

OH MY GOD, To watch a young face light up like that. "Now, I mean you must be tired..... Yes please, I'd love that, can we, PLEASE, you too".
The SPCA should have share's in this girl, she could get anybody to adopt a pet.
"If your Mom doesn't mind a late night, there is quite a bit".
"It's OK, I don't have an early class. Come on, lets do it".
Again that sad, happy puppydog look, I got the DVD and my memory stick, "Lets go", and without a second thought I held out my hand. She took it and me to that wonderful place. My heart.

Again there was no stopping her as she towed me into the lounge, calling out to her Mom.
I thought we should at least exchange names before this got any further and stood rather stiffly with my hand out as June entered the room.
"Don't be silly Dave, Mom, this is Dave, Dave, this is June now sit down so we can watch.
When ordered, I sat. It was nice as June sat close by me, we were on a two seater. I was not prepared for what happened next.
Sue put the DVD in the player, hit start and jumped onto my lap.

Happy Families, Life With........what was the name of that show, it didn't matter, June beside me, Sue sitting on my lap, watching the beauty of the frozen north. What could be better............. or worse.
Sue was grinding her butt on my cock, with a beautiful smile on her face telling her Mother, sitting right beside me, how lovely it was.
Oh fuck, I was screwed, my cock wasn't just getting hard, it was getting wet, and, as a shot of the mountains, a beautiful shot, came on, Sue finally got my cock just right. Right between her ass cheeks. She squeezed.

Reason went out the window as June put her hand on my leg. Bears. "It's so pretty, how do you get any work done, I mean, I would be looking at this the whole time, I.."
Finally, "It's easy, first off it wasn't like this all the time, the sun is just starting to rise. Also, this is professional work, I know they sometimes wait for hours to get the right lighting. As for the bears, you can't direct them and, they are still asl**p right now. I was working 12 hours a day, there's lots of pressure to get the work done before the next storm. It's not always as pretty as this, some of these shots are months apart, we, I was lucky, the weather was pretty good while I was working. You'll see latter, the Sun had just started to show. In the winter, well, it's cold and dark.

I was just starting to get my control back when June moved her hand higher as the bear cubs played in the snow bank.And squeezed when one of them rolled down. Her hand had slipped under Sues leg, close to my balls. OH SHIT.
We sat there watching, anybody watching us would have seen a happy f****y looking at a holiday outing. I was heading toward hell. The DVD finished, I was reprieved, Wrong.

My little angel. "Mom, Dave has a memory stick, can you make it work?', Twisting around to look at her Mother she managed to get my cock closer to her pussy. I knew it was closer because I was wet from outside as well as in. Sue was wet.
June got up and a few things happened all at once. I noticed her ass, actually her pussy. She had a pair of tight pants and I could swear I could see her lips, as they were hugging her V, definitely no panties, Sue moved, her legs opened to get me closer and my cock got harder. There was no way I could stand up let alone walk out of that room without making a fool of myself. I was really screwed.

June was computer savvy, she had my memory stick running on her computer and playing through the TV. She sat even closer. Oh shit, she took my hand and held it between her legs. the dim light of the TV got dimmer as my pictures started.
We watched in silence as my pictures started to run. I had seen what the professionals had done and wanted to capture the bits left out. The little bits, heart warming bits.I thought I had done a good job. June's hand confirmed that.

I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, between heaven and hell. Doomed.
Silence followed the last shot.
June, "Oh my, this is what you do, this is what, where you work?".
"I work all over, sometime overseas. Most of the time I work at home, a lot of it is boring, just computer work, you know, WYSIWYG".
Sue did it again, OMG, when would she quit. This time there were no hidden parts, no dim lighting. I was sure her Mother could see. I could hear the cell door slam, the key turning.

"WYSIWYG, what's that". This time it was June, "What You See Is What You Get, now it's time for bed. Off you go, I'll say goodnight in a minute, as soon as I see Dave out".
I thought all my prayers had been answered until, Sue turned and kissed me. I swear she kissed me, I didn't do anything your honor. I couldn't believe June, she just smiled.
Not only did the cell door slam shut, a big, really nasty man smiled at me. I was toast.
"When can I see what I'm gonna to get?'. Sue asked. "Later honey, latter, now off to bed". Her Mother had a grin, a Cheshire Cat grin as she shooed Sue of my lap.

"Thank you Dave, I know the only other way to see something like that is a wild life documentary. Could you let Bobby see them as well?, he's been working on that stuff you gave him all the time. Keeps saying how neat it would be to be like you.Sue keeps ribbing him as well, telling him she got you first. You're so good for them".

"No worry, just keep them here in the mean time and it's a big 'thank you' by the way, that chicken was the best". I managed to flatten my tent as June turned off the computer, she must have seen me as Sue got up but hadn't said a word. We headed out and I said goodby just as June started to speak. "Sorry, what?".
"I was going to ask you if we could have a coffee, in the morning, here?".
"Well, if you are still going to ask, the answer would be 'yes'. What time suits you?".
There it was, that smile. If only I had seen that happy face all those years ago, would I wouldn't change my life. But it did make me........, I'm not that old.

"About ten.....".
"Ten what? sorry, I was miles away, oh, ten o'clock, yes, sure . See you tomorrow". And finished a great night......., by walking into the door post!
I was looking for a hole, a great big hole, just swallow me up, please....... Turning to June didn't help, her hand over her mouth, trying hard not to laugh couldn't hide 'that' smile. I thought I had done enough for one night and just waved as I headed home.

A cold shower wouldn't help me. This was Raging Teenager Hormone 101.
I don't think I was ever this bad when I was young.
What the fuck was going on in my head, the big one. I knew what was going on with the other.
What was I going to do tomorrow????? SHIT.

They say sl**p cures most things and that is what I did. Slept. The sl**p of young c***dren, peaceful deep sl**p. I woke up to bright warm sunlight and jumped out of bed. I hadn't done that in a long time and my body told me why. Not to worry, things to do, places to go and people to meet, June........
I set the coffee machine into action, threw my dirty washing into the machine and was humming as I stepped into the shower, a few of the words of the song I was humming popped into my mind, 'what a difference a day makes'.

Toast, a banana and my first cup of coffee gone I turned on my computer. My mind started to drift as it booted up, my Daughter sitting on my lap when she was younger. Sue, not my Daughter........., I was brought back when it beeped. I hadn't asked it to do anything, had I. Was I loosing touch completely thinking about June and Sue, I looked and sighed. Reality, I had to hang out my washing, that's all.

By the time I had finished my 'She' chores it was ten. my..... 'date' awaited.
I got right in the middle of the door way, no more blunders today and went to knock as June opened the door. I was off balance. Today was going to continue straight into a replay of last night. I fell forward, straight into her arms.
There was no way June could hold me up so she grabbed me around the waist as I prepared for a tumble, not that sort either. I suppose it would have looked funny, sort of, but I knew I would hurt her if I landed full weight on her and put my arms out to stop an accident before it happened.

So, I look like I'm doing push ups, half in and half out of my neighbor's back door and she is clinging underneath, shaking actually. Laughing really, a flat out, full belly laughing. I didn't know what else to do. I started as well. It was funny.

Then it was more, the feel of her breasts against my chest, the sweet fresh smell of a woman up close and the tightening of her arms around me. Her legs wrapped round mine helped as well.
"OH MY GOD, I'm so sorry, I... I just wasn't ready to have the door disappear like that.....I, damn. This is not a good start is it?".

June had stopped laughing, just, and smiled up at me. "Oh, I don't know. I have never had a man fall over me before. What an entrance, wait until I tell Sue. I think she will want to try it herself. That's a hell of an icebreaker".
I was going to try and stand up but June didn't quite let go, in fact I got another hug before I could do anything. "Well, after all this exercise a cup of coffee will go down well. Shall we try again, sorry.... , I mean....., can I help you up June. I'm not usually this bad".

I stood and held out my hand. "Do you always come on so strong?" she asked as she got to her feet, "It fair takes my breath away to be swept of my feet like that".
"No, and I really am sorry. It was all my fault". She started laughing again.
I had to smile as well
"Sorry, it really was funny though, and it does sort of help me. I...., let's get the coffee first", and led me into the kitchen.

As we sat there I thought back to last night, this morning, Raging Teenager Hormone 101 and missed the first words June said. Sex brought me back
" ..know, I read all about it, I wondered if you could help?. This is going to sound a little clinical, but, well......we are older, here goes. They have done a study with a lot of women after they have a baby, they say they will, as soon as the baby sl**ps through the night but after that happens there's, when they start school, and after that happens, it's when they graduate. By then it's to late, It's a habit and I need to break this habit. Do you think you could help? please.

Another old saying, about opening you mouth stopped me saying anything stupid, so I looked wise and nodded. What the fuck was going on?
"I really need to be f***ed into it and I, we both find you quite sexy any way. I know this is supposed to be 'the open age' but.., it's still hard for me to be so forward, but I've got to break the habit". I thought June was trying to disappear into her cup. I smiled.

"The study shows women of our age should have a healthy sex drive. It's just that I'm scared of the dating game and I don't like the idea of 'speed dating'. When Sue suggested you might help last night I got thinking. I really started thinking when she told me that if I didn't she would. You have made quite an impression on her..........., I think that's why she said that we could......... both of us together, you wouldn't stand a chance......."

'The lights are on, but no one's home', well I had finally got home. Sex drive, that's what this was about. June wanted help with her sex life, Could I help........, it was hard keeping my big stupid mouth shut as she blushed. I nodded again. I thought there was more.
"I don't want a husband, the last one started my habit, but I don't want just any old partner, I mean........... I'm starting to realize just what Sue is going through and I can see why she would want you to.......... Would you? I know you would be careful, it's just so... It would make a huge difference for the rest of her life if the first time is good, she already likes you. Sue told me how she was going to seduce you. You...... don't stand a chance".

I lot more, different more's. Two or three more's.
"I remember a joke about a couple who go out for the first date, He hopes he will get lucky, she knows. What I mean, well, I, we will get to the sex...., but I would like to do some of the old fashion things as well. It can be fun. No, I don't........, sorry, I wasn't looking for a wife and with my job I'm away a bit, sometimes quite a bit. So yes, I think this could work out very well, for everybody. Opp's.........."

"Opp's what?, the smile and blush was replaced with a frown, just a little one.
"You want me to 'teach' Sue............?, and what about Bobby?".
"Just how 'open' are you?............, I...., I have a younger s****r and she............"
"I have a Daughter.............". Where the hell did that come from.
Jill hadn't dated much. She inherited my genes. Tall and well built, I always wondered if the boys were afraid of me or her. I could see her and Bobby................ She would be home for the summer. Opp's, what would She think?

June fussed about in the kitchen making lunch and I watched, I mean I really looked at this lady who had just asked me to be her sex partner. June would have been 5ft 6, maybe 7, not tiny but certainly not fat. All the right bits in all they right places. I am an engineer but don't ask me about a women's body size or even cup size, anything more than a mouthful was a waste, anyway, her breasts looked pretty good to me.
I remembered Sues breasts. Suddenly I knew I was going to help, really help and my other head decided I had made a good decision.

We hadn't set any guidelines so when June stepped close I picked her up and sat her on my leg. Just being friendly, yeah right. Well it was right, she looked up at me and I got that smile, then put her arms around me and tucked her head under my chin, against my chest. Boy did it feel right, it got even better as her hand closed on my cock.
June was like a cat that had just jumped onto your lap, moving until she was just right and like a cat padding, she squeezed me, let go then squeezed again. I could hear a deep sound, like a cat purring so I stroked her hair, just like I would have stroked a cat. My hand was running from the top of head down over her shoulders, my fingers sliding through her long silky hair. She was a cat, June was purring and squeezing.

Two could play at that game, my fingers continued over her shoulder and down, over the top of her breast, grazing her nipple and down until I could cup her breast.I squeezed. I really had forgotten how nice that feeling was, even with a layer of material between it took my breath away.
"That's so nice". We both said it at the same time, with the same low, just about whisper. We both laughed. June leaned back a little. "I knew you would be the one", she just got out before my lips touched hers. This time it was me, a deep, sort of growl started, one of those you can feel more than hear. I pulled June close as she responded to my kiss. Nothing could stop us now.
Wanna bet.

Sue had entered, very quietly until she saw us, all of us. Her mother holding my cock, me holding a breast and both of us kissing. What stopped us, damn near gave me a heart attack, was what she did with two pots. If you sneak up on two people that are 'busy' and smack the bottoms of the pots together, well. The results can be outstanding.
"Is this WYSIWYG, I can't see anything, Mom, you can't do it while you're dressed, Dave, you have to get it out, I mean like, out of your pants........."

"Young lady, DON"T ever do that again and ....... well, we have just started and..... , and now we have to start all over again, after lunch. Go and change. Orders given and received with the same smile.
Was it true, I didn't want a new wife???????????
Looking down at my 'tent', "You do want to start again don't you?.... I", was all she got out before I kissed her again.
"Of course, not withstanding your Daughters interruptions, wild horses couldn't drag me away".
"She does have a twisted sense of humor for a s*******n year old. Come on, lets eat".

s*******n, I had heard right this time. Something didn't add up. They are twins, Bobby already had a scholarship which would make him 18.........., What, that was the sound of the cops hauling me up in front of the Judge...........
No that was the sound of the tornado called Sue as she entered the kitchen again. That's why they are called tornado's, no warning until they touch down and so she did. right in the middle of my lap, again, with the same uncanny knack of ending up with my cock between her ass cheeks. OK, I can give her a hug can't I.

The Judge was banging his gavel, trying to get order back in the court room after everybody heard, "Are you going to be my lover Daddy? Can I feel your cock?"
No, This time it was June's laughter, she did have a nice laugh I thought until the full impact of her words broke through. "I warned you she was going to seduce you. I told you, you didn't stand a chance. She wants your cock, maybe more than I do. This is going to be fun, I feel sexy, more than I have in a long time. Sue, don't spoil it for mommy, you can have daddy's cock after. We don't want to waste anything, do we?".
Mommy?, Daddy?, I thought I was the guy next door. Where did I see that add for those sex pills?

"Now hop off daddy's lap and give me a hand upstairs".
I had a moment to relax as Sue followed her mothers command, just a moment until.. June was sitting, just the same as Sue. Well, not quite the same. She had lifted her body astride me and was not wearing any panties. I knew that for sure. She was leaking. I don't mean just wet.
"Can you stay hard for a little while longer, there is something else we need to talk about Daddy".
By now the Judge was laughing about how long I was going to be locked up for. I just nodded, yes.

"Be back in a minute. Don't forget about Sues sweet little cunt. I need you hard".
FUCK, what had I gotten into, shit, I didn't even have time to answer myself before June was back in place astride me. But, a big but, she only had a small, lacy pair of knickers between us. I mean, I'm looking at tits. Capitol T tits, beautiful tits. Forget jail, go straight to heaven.
"We need to talk about........?". Sue walked in. She hadn't even bothered with the panties. Naked as the day she was born and I do mean naked. She had shaved or waxed and her pussy was shiny. Lotion?, her own juice?. I didn't know but either way it looked good. Better than good as her nipples tightened. Nipples, I had forgotten I had another Pair, RIGHT in front of me.
"You are going to be Daddy's naughty little girl aren't you? Come and rub Mommy's nipples, make them HARD for Daddy then you can rub Daddy's cock and make it HARD for Mommy".

June was moving, like a slow bump and grind on my cock when all the lights went on. In my head, the other one. She had a Daddy Fetish, she must have had her Daddy for her first time and it must have been good thinking back on some of the things she had said. I was humbled. June was trusting me with her Daughters deflowering.

I didn't have a problem with her fetish and it looked as if Mother and Daughter had talked about this before. June's eyes were closed as her Daughter caressed her breasts, touched her nipples. I can help, I hope and took a deep breath. "Pinch Mommy's nipples, make them stand out for Daddy to suck". I whispered.
June opened her eyes, a question, was it OK on her face. I smiled, I didn't know how thick to lay it on, but. You don't know until you try. "Feed Daddy his nipple, Lift Mommy's breast to Daddy". What ever it was it worked. June leaned into her daughters hand, pushing the nipple closer to my mouth. I licked the tip.

A bit more, bring Sue with us, "Daddy's going to love you so much. Let Daddy know how wet you are". I thought I had gone to far, there was a pause.......... June reacted first, just a second before Sue. I tried to keep it all straight in my mind. June pushed forward, her breast in my mouth, her arm went around my neck, holding me tight.I of course opened my mouth. Sue moved her legs apart and used her free hand, I had that breast in my mouth now, to rub between her lips.
I tilted my head to watch, it was so sexy, no, sensual. Sue lifted her leg, resting on her toes, knee bent as she rubbed her juice over her clit. I mean her clit, it was standing out, looked at herself, her wet fingers then at me. The extra, "Let me taste you Daughter, give it to Daddy". Just as her finger touched my lips the other partner in our little three way made her presence felt.

June was starting her climax. I hadn't touched her apart from sucking her breast but she was coming on strong, dry humping my cock, her panties pushed between her cunt lips. "Cum for Daddy, now, CUM ON DADDY......, fuck his hard cock".
I didn't need to know all the buttons to push but it was enough for June. Her back arched, her head between her daughters breast, her mouth open........., "Put your finger in your Mommy's mouth, let her taste you as well". That was it, the big button and I had pushed it. June wanted to taste her Daughter's cunt. "Suck your Daughters juice, Think of sucking Daddy's cock after he has made love to his Daughter".
That's when I found out June was a squirter, she was trying to get further into my groin.

I thought I could take it up another step, "That's it, cum for Daddy, he's going to lick up all your juice". June screamed, scared me a little but shocked Sue. She was wide eyed looking at her mother, her Mother's breasts in her hands, her body the only reason June hadn't fallen. Her mouth was open and she was breathing deeply. I could tell by how much her breasts moved. I don't think she was ready for anything like this June moved back a little, it was enough for me. I undid my jeans and pulled my cock free. Three people sighed, me with relief at last, June and Sue, well, I'm not small.

"Put it please honey, I need to feel Dave's cock so bad. Hurry". June had forgotten about the Mommy Daddy bit as she pulled her panties to the side and showing me I was in heaven. Trimmed pubic hair above pouting lips and......., she had one too. Well all women do, but not like this. It was about the size of my little finger around and half as long. No wonder she had climaxed, she had masturbated herself on me. I just knew she would be really sensitive, OH MY GOD.

June had slid down my cock, we were both so wet it went all the way, trapping Sues hand between us. So hot, so wet and so tight. June was like a young girl.
Sue was standing side on to us when her sense of humor showed it's self. "Is this WYSIWYG?".
June sat up a little straighter, "No honey, It's even better. What you can't see, she smiled at me, is that Dave's cock is oooooooh, it's entered my womb, Oh god, it's so nice. I've never felt anything like this, ever. She kissed her Daughter, You are going to love it and hate it".

"What?, Mom, What, how am I going to love and hate it?".
"You are going to love aaaaaaaaaaah, the feeling of being full with this beautiful cock but you are going to hate never feeling so good again. I , yes Dave do it again I don't think there is another cock in, yes, yes,........ in the World".

"Mom, please, tell me what's happening? you are not even fucking, moving".
Now June started moving. I was pulling my stomach muscles, making my cock twitch, Yes, I had felt my cock head slip into her womb and June was still so tight she must be feeling everything. The whole length. I felt a little naughty as I watched her clit. It was jumping in time with my cock. time to push some more buttons. June was enjoying my cock so much she had forgotten her daughters hand. Time for some more Daddy Mommy stuff. I still had the daughter to go and I wanted it to be very special for Sue. June was right, I was going to spoil her. But I was going to make her very happy though. Very happy.

"Daddy's cock is nice and warm but Mommy's clit is out in the cold. It would make Mommy's clit warm if you rubbed it a little Daughter. It's not going to be as warm as when I suck your clit in my mouth but it would make Mommy feel better".

"OH GOD, yes, honey, that's just rightooooh, Dave, you are an evilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Oh fuck, I cumming again". No scream this time but she did squirt again.
Sitting up June wrapped her arms around me as we kissed, locking Sue's hand again.
"I'm going to get even for that. You are EVIL. And damnit I love it. Now Sue, hold his balls, just lightly. Let's see if we can make the big man come. Remember, it's your turn next".

Two beautiful women working on me, I didn't stand a chance, but I was going to finish on a high. This had all started with June thinking she had a low sex drive. I was going to prove her wrong. It wasn't her fault, she just didn't have a partner that was good enough. I stood up taking June and Sue with me, my cock still buried.
"Pick on me would you, two against one, not fair". All the time making my cock jump in her pussy. the new angle putting even more pressure on her clit. I walked around the kitchen, not going any where, just walking did it. Sue had given up trying to hold me as I walked and was sitting, watching and lightly rubbing between her lips I did have time to see she was not touching her clit before June started again.This time she was squeezing me with her legs. I stepped a little higher putting more pressure on her clit each time my foot came down.

"OH YES, Dave, don't torment me any more I can't ooooooooooh, now, now, please move. Please fuck me. HARD. Cum in me, I want.... I need to feel you cum".
I sat her lovely ass on the bench top, just the right height and pulled back, as slow as I could then pushed in. I wanted to expend just the right amount of energy to make her happy. I wanted enough left for Sue as well. The lunch set out beside us would help.

June surprised me again by lifting her legs, bringing her knees to her breast and squeezing her pussy shut. A very talented lady but she couldn't best me. "Are you ready for Daddy?, do you want Daddy's cum. Remember Daddy's big cock is in your little small pussy and he's going to fill you up............. I was going further with our little charade. But that was all it took. Thank god I didn't go further. This wasn't a climax, June was in the middle of an orgasm.
She screamed, she flexed, she squirted, she moaned and cried, even Sue stood up and held her hand. Then I started to cum. If I thought June was caught up in her passion, well some of it rubbed off on me. It had been longer than the eight years I had been on my own.

If it had happened it was a long time ago since I felt a woman go to town with me. I didn't want to wait that long again and plunged back into her womb.
Silence, we were locked there in silence.
Nobody moved. more silence..........., my knees started to shake about the same time as June started to lower her's....... , still nobody spoke.......... , could we frame this. I didn't know what was going through Sues mind but I had a fair idea about June.She started to cry. I leaned over, covered her and held her tight.
"Beautiful, so beautiful, never........ , I have never.......... I didn't let her finish. I had one more job to finish. I popped out, amazed. I wasn't hard, but I wasn't soft either. I slid down her body leaving a trail of kisses until........ , I plunged my tongue into her still open pussy. I had only that one chance as her legs gripped me in a head lock.

I had had an idea she had never experienced this before. I was right. "Ooooh, nNO you can't yes please. I......... I gently played my tongue around her hole, licking and sucking her clit until I felt her legs relax, her fingers in my hair, pulling me up.
I rose to standing and playfully wiped my cock against her clit, "Is Daddy's little girl happy now?", I asked. The tears were flowing again. Tears of happiness I hoped.

We were all sitting at the table, lunch a thing of the past, Sue on my lap, again and June as close to me without climbing on as well, her legs between mine.
"I can't put into word's, Sue, you just have to feel it. It's something so wonderful when it's right and Dave is so right, so very right. How did you know, about me. For years I felt so bad but so good, I......... ". I put my finger on her lips. She kissed it.
"What happened?, I don't know but I do know, If it's right, just do it. I, personally, don't think anyone should judge another, it's your body. If it feels good, 'Just do it'.

"Your cock is jumping, Can we do it now". Sue was trying to f***e the head into her pussy. I squeezed her nipple, hard enough to get a yelp. "You have the rest of your life in front of you, slow down a little. Please".
"Yea, but I'm wet.........."
"The c***dren of today". and shook my head. "Sue, understand what we are going to do, not the moral or even the legal, in India you would be considered an old maid by now and worried if your b*****r or even your father would take you for his bride, as I say, different strokes for different folks, but in the here and now, well. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, with a big meaning on the word 'your', not mine, not your Mom's. This is what she has been trying to say to you. It's important for you.

I could see the smile was fading a little as she thought about what I had said. Now it was my turn, a bit of humor. "So, do you want to make love on your bed or here on the floor? , and stroked her clit. It must be as sensitive as June's, her eyes closed as she turned and kissed me. "My bed please, with Mom". I didn't think I could have stopped June from being there even if I wanted. We headed off upstairs and I trailed my fingers up and down the inside of her legs as we went. Sue giggled, she was wet.

It wasn't going to be like I thought June and her father had experienced, I wasn't her father, But Sue was going to be 'My Little Princess and it was going to start here, outside her room. I took her hand and stopped there.
"Wait My Little Princess, I could see the start of a protest, I should carry you to your bed". I bent and picked her up to a squeal and more giggles. I hadn't put my arms around her, I had one hard arm between her legs, touching her pussy, the other under her arm. Her breast just naturally sitting in my palm. I rolled her into my chest and kissed her nipple.

"Much better, especially for the next part". This time it was June who giggled as she slid around to the other side of the bed. I think she knew what I had planed.
"Close your eyes honey and keep them closed. You are going to love this".
The way I had picked Sue up allowed me to lower her onto the bed but with my arm between her legs she couldn't stretch out. I lifted her trapped leg, opening her fully.

It was my first camel toe and I drank in the sight before I lowered my mouth.
"OOOOOOh" , my tongue entered her. I didn't have to hold her leg, it disappeared. What. I lifted a bit to get at her clit and stopped, just for a second as I saw why.Sue could do the splits, lying down. Amazing, even more, I saw what it did for her clit. It was just like a young boy lying on his back with a hard on. I dived on it, sucking it hard, deep into my mouth.
This was my second time sucking a clit without having to hunt for it. The first had only been an hour ago and by the way Sue was lifting her hips, it was like her Mother's. Super Sensitive. I slowed down, just flicking it with my tongue. I had planed my way to the end but this threw me a curve ball. I was not going to strike out and moved to take a hit for a walk. One finger slipped up her pussy, slowly. I didn't think Sue had noticed as she was still bucking her hips as I sucked a little harder.

I heard June asking Sue if she was alright, was it nice, trying to distract her a little. She could see what I was doing and knew what was going to happen, what I wanted to happen. I curled my finger and drew it back, right over the sensitive inside and ducked.
It worked, Sues legs closed, just over my head. I did it again as Sue cried out. No word as such, just sounds of pleasure and I knew what and where I was going. Doggie style, so my cock could touch her in all the right places without hurting the first time. I didn't think she could take me in her womb, but then again, I had never had a sexual encounter with someone that could do the splits. this was going to fun, for everybody, latter.

Back to the job in hand, so to speak. If I was sucking her clit, Sue would open her legs, if I used my finger they would close, just about straight up. Time for a change, just a little one. Instead of pushing my finger into her pussy I aimed for just about midway back to her rose bud and pushed, gently. Oh this was working perfectly.
June was helping us by squeezing a breast and pulling a nipple. All of a sudden the smell, scent overwhelmed me, I thought........ then the truth was there. Sue wasn't a squirter, yet, but boy did she cum. In my mouth, over my chin, it seemed to just carry on.

I had opened the floodgates of a virgin climax and I had to move fast.
Sitting back on my knees I saw June was ahead of me and had Sues arms stretched above her Head. How did she know?. Did her father teach her the same way?. I reached down and picked Sue up by the hips and flipped her onto her stomach. She was like a rag doll, a shaking rag doll but I was in a hurry. I lifted her hips and spread her legs and had my cock touching her opening before she knew what was happening.
"Are you ready My Little Princess?". There was no reply, Sue was still gasping for air but she must have known, she pushed back against me. I held her tight. This was going to be the slowest entrance in history. My history anyway. I started to enter this incredible girl. Her lips seemed to open and flow around my head, I waited,I watched, a bit more disappeared. I stopped, the head was in. I can't explain the feeling, was it because I was the first, this WAS my first virgin, and she was so tight. Was there a bit of 'naughty' in my mind.
She had told her Mother she was going to seduce ME or was it that face, the same smile I could see reflected on June. I nearly lost it then.

Looking at June watching me, watching and caring for Sue as she became a woman, I finally recognized the look. Love, no, LOVE, it needed the Cap's. to beat it home.
I inched in further as Sue tried to push back, I was just about there and made my cock jump. I was there, Sue jumped and cried out, thank god, for her Mother.
June knew this was coming and wrapped her arms around Sue, making those noises only a mother can make. Sue, on the other end. Gripped my cock, I mean, it was in a vise, then released, gripped and released. My god, this girl/woman was milking me. I pushed a little further and was surprised as it bumped the end of her vagina.I looked down and was even more surprised. She had taken just about all of my cock. I had entered June's womb when I was fully home, that hadn't happened with Sue. She must have a long vagina I thought.

I had never really thought too much about it with my wife, I know I never fully entered her but, she seemed to enjoy sex, had a climax every time, or did she? Enough, I'm here now, making love to Sue. I started moving, still slowly until. I was on an in-stroke when Sue pushed back suddenly and dropped her back. She was telling me what she liked and how she liked it. I joined her.
I looked up to watch June caress Sues back, still making those sounds, smiling, watching for the sign's. She knew her Daughter was getting close again but it was still a shock.
Sue pushed harder and June started. "That's it Dave, shove your cock into your Little Princess, fuck her. Show her what a big cock can do, how good it feels sliding in and out. Sue lifted her head. You are going to cum aren't you, you are going to shoot all that sweet cum in your Little Princess. Now Dave, DO IT, CUM IN HER TIGHT PUSSY.

I knew what June was doing, but it was still a hang of a turn on to hear her, to watch as she spoke to ME for SUE.
"Are you ready My Little Princess, are you ready to cum?".
I didn't expect an answer and I didn't expect what happened. I was touching the end when she, cried out, gripped me and flooded the bed. I held her as she milked me dry. I didn't pump once. My god, what an experience. I folded over Sue and hugged her. She was crying but June, lying beside her was smiling.
I pulled out and got a little whimper, I think it was 'no' but gently rolled Sue onto her side, I spooned behind her and felt June guide my cock back into place, and when she was sure everything was right, snuggled in to her daughters embrace.
I don't think I have ever felt more.......... , love before. June's arm came over and pulled me tighter.

It was a shock to wake up and hear June and Sue talking quietly. I had never, I mean never pulled out, rolled over and gone to sl**p before. How could I do something like this to Sue, her first time?
I quickly took stock. I was still lying on my side nestled with her, June was still facing Sue, talking and I........, I was still buried in her pussy. It wasn't the talking that had brought me back from heaven. It was Sues pussy milking me again, a slow rhythm of squeeze, relax, squeeze, relax. There was only one way that I could be able to feel it. I was still hard and getting harder.
"I think our sl**ping beauty is waking up Mom". June lifted her head and the breath caught in my throat as she looked at me. Her face was lite up like the Fourth of July, she was happy.

"WE ARE NOT talking about you, it's OUR sl**ping beauty we were worried about. We thought we had worn him out. Now, are you going to do anything or do we have to do all the work?".
"Picky picky, and I am 'doing something', ask Sue".
She didn't have to, Sue let out a long Yeeeees as I twitched my muscles, my cock jumping in time to her squeeze and relax. "I do think Sue should be on top this time. We still have a bit to 'teach her' if you want me to continue".
"Oh Mom please, I want to know everything". Sue did her squirming thing again and I popped out and rolled onto my back just in time to have Sue kneel over me.
"Hey, slow down and you don't want to KNOW everything all at once, June the teacher, A quicky is good sometime but you should never hurry all the rest. If you learn everything at once, well, what's left for all the other times".
"Sorry Mom, it was so good, you were right, I do love it and hate it. I love feeling Dave's cock in me and I hate letting it go. I'm sorry Dave, it's....... I, oh god it's so nice".

Me the teacher, "It can be good both ways Sue, as long as you under stand, there must be love and understanding. One is sex and the other is making love but they...., my understanding of it anyway, is when you are making love both partners are giving and sharing. It's still sex, but.........., better.
And we can learn a bit more today. You are dripping on me".

"Didn't I tell you Dave was perfect for you Mom! but It's still my turn".
My cock was engulfed by a warm hand, June held me ready as Sue lowered her sweet young pussy onto me. Again, I closed my eyes and went back to heaven. I hoped they had revolving door's. This time it was June's hand that was trapped. "Five and fifteen, safe..........."
"God Dave, it's sooooooooo long, can you get it in my womb, like Mom did, there's a bit out in the cold. Mom ooh yes, Mom, the, well some of the girls at school have said they were fucking their boyfriends aaaaaaaaaaah, please Dave, don't do that for a minuteOOW, they were lying weren't they, no one said it was this good".

"Yes honey, they probably were, Dave is making his cock jump isn't he? do you want to talk to them about this, how good a real man makes you feel. Could you?".
"Hell no, Hell yes, now, you can do it again Dave. No Mom, Ieeeeeeeeeeee, OMG. There aren't any words for this, fuck me Dave, I want to feel you move".
Me move, Sue was on top. Sitting there, then I remembered her clit, June sitting on my lap masturbating herself, I lifted my hips. Sue pushed me back onto the bed.I watched her face, again, her eyes screwed shut but she pushed back. This time I arched my back and used my pubic bone to pressure her clit. That was it, she bit her lip. Here goes, I tightened my leg muscles and pulled my stomach.

It was like Sue was trying to ride a bucking horse and the only instructions she had been given was to keep her ass glued to the saddle and every time I lifted I got her clit.
Now she opened her eyes, wide and her mouth, trying to get more air as I pumped it out of her body. She was gasping like a fish out of water. She didn't say anything, she couldn't. Sue had had a G spot climax, this was going to be a clitty climax.
Her body was still glued to mine, as I pulled on her nipples I saw why. Sue had her knees spread just about 180 degrees, balanced on her toes she was riding up with me as I pushed and letting gravity bring her back down. she never missed a beat until...

Sue held herself high as I started down, then dropped, threw her head back and cried out as her climax peaked. It was again one of those sort of funny things. When Sue landed back on me, unexpected, I folded in the middle like I had been sucker punched, below the belt.Because she was sitting on my hips, I sat up and caught her as she fell forward. Her legs had finally collapsed. I held her close and heard a sigh.
From beside me, I looked over at June. She had a wide eyed look of astonishment on her face, I could see it even though she had her hand to her face. No, there's something wrong, right. She was sucking two fingers. The wet spot told the story. June had masturbated as we fucked, her other hand still held her breast in what looked like a death grip.

Again the silence. What had these two women done to me, how had I missed what was going on around me.
More silence, nobody moved apart from four breasts heaving, my cock twitching. I was still hard, I hadn't cum yet. Sues sucker punch had stopped me cold. I wasn't complaining, I was thinking, which one. Sue was going to be sore in the morning, June. She was the one. I really did want to help her if she did think she had a low sex drive.
"Don't do that again, I haven't finished with you, yet". I said smiling, no. It was my attempt at an evil grin. My words opened the floodgates, both of them and seeing that they seemed to be talking to each other I stayed quiet. I knew I could get their attention, latter. Sues tight sheath and my mind was keeping me hard. But I still lost it when June blew in my ear.

"Where has our little toy boy been?".
"I not a toy, I'm not a boy and the last time I checked, I'm not LITTLE. Now, Sue, you have school in the morning and a good hot bath now will help you be able to walk tomorrow. I still have some work to do with your Mother".
"MY GOD, Mom, Dave's still hard! are you going to fuck Mom again?, can I watch? Dave?, Mom?, there's still so much to learn!".
All of this as she stood, which put me in the right spot. I didn't want to just kick her out. We were on her bed. So I leaned forward and kissed that pretty naked pussy.
"Oral sex 101, 1600 hr's, tomorrow, I promise". Her hands holding my head in place made it hard to pull away, who wanted to pull away. Another first for me, a naked pussy. It was really hard to push Sue away but June wasn't waiting. She had my cock in her mouth.

"I told you I hadn't finished with you. Don't get the I and You mixed up". and gently lifted her. That was hard to do as well. June had a teasing tongue. I pushed her onto her back and hooked a leg over my shoulder. just as I got myself into position I felt another warm hand hold my cock and squeeze. Sue.
"I can help, squeeze, please Dave, I want to help, squeeze. Are you going into her womb again?".
Sometimes words can help, before lunch, sometimes they can be a distraction, now. If I didn't concentrate now I was going to cum as soon as I touched June's lips. My washing. I had to get my washing in or I wouldn't have clean jeans when I went shopping in the morning. It didn't help much. I didn't stop at the entrance, I was pushed right home. June was wet, again, but it was Sues hand on my ass that did it.

And I did enter her womb, again. This was going to be a close race, I wanted June with me on the finishing line though. I straightened, up on my toes so our pubis meet, touched, rubbed. This way I could hit on her clit with every stroke. We were so well alined that I was still sliding into her womb on every in stroke. Her pussy was so tight she kept my cock perfectly straight.
I got faster, not harder. I wasn't my fault. June was getting closer and her cries alerted Sue who squeezed my balls. I don't think June needed it but....
"Come on Baby, Ride my cock, cum with me, I'm close, so close. Cum with me. I pushed, I hoped. I pumped. That did it, My cum squirted into her womb as she squirted onto my balls and Sues hand, but this time I needed to keep pumping, to drain my balls completely. Shock, June screamed, she was into the throws of another orgasm. I kept pumping. I could feel her whole body spasm and slammed home.

This time it wasn't silence that got me, it was crying. The happy type, from below me and behind. Sue was hugging my back and June was hugging my chest. Clinging to me like there was no tomorrow. But something had to give, I was as stiff as a board, my body that is, well, not all of me. From my toes to my knuckles in the classic pushup position, we had been here once already today and my body remembered my age, and a few problems I had picked up over the years. Football, motor bikes, the service, you know. Growing up.

My arms started to shake a little as June collapsed, I mean. Sue had felt like a rag doll before, June collapsed like a rag doll with no stuffing. I was worried and lowered my body, still on my elbows and knees to listen for breathing.
A huge gasp of air filled her chest, her nipples poked my chest and it was only because I was so close that I heard her whisper. Never. I held my breath, never, what. Never again, had I hurt her with that last stroke. I am a lot bigger than her, had I done some damage?. Shit, this wasn't supposed to happen. I was just about to ask Sue to ring 911 when the rest followed the never. June was just getting her Breath.

"OH DAVE, you have had two virgins today, OH MY GOD". Sue, come here please. Sue sort of dived down the bed to lie beside her Mother. "I'm sorry if I scared you, I heard you crying but that has never happened to me before. Dave, oh my beautiful Dave, I have climaxed before, even thought I have had an orgasm or two. Fuck was I wrong, what did you do?".
I thought long and hard. "I don't think you have a low sex drive, I.......I hope you don't mind but I don't think you have been made love to before, that's all I did. I made love to, with you". I was quiet for a bit, "Not a bad score for a women with a supposed low sex drive, let's see, climax - Two, orgasm - One", I smiled down at her.
"Let keep the stat's correct, climax - five, orgasm - Two, one mini, one maxi, not bad for a 36 year old, old maid with two c***dren. She smiled at Sue, I think you should 'slowly' work up to this level. I'm pretty sure I blacked out when it hit!".

Sue propped herself on one elbow, so close their breasts were touching. she traced her Mother's nipple with her finger tip. "I had a flash, you know, in "Scream", just a flash of his mask, the bl**dy knife and the body, I......., I thought Dave had fucked you to death".
"I had too, I know why they call it "The Little Death"..........., I want to die again. Lot's of times", and pulled Sue down for a kiss.
I thought now was a good time to finish and rolled over. Then rolled a little further. Off the bed and ended up on the floor, June gave 'the wet spot' a new meaning. Two smiling face's, two cute giggles followed by, "are you OK?", floated down at me.
"I was just thinking", I tried to cover another fuckup, "Sue needs her bath, I need to get my washing in and we NEED to change this bed. It's WET". Laugh at me would you, pick on me did you, revenge is sweet. I don't think they knew how strong I was. I gathered a good handful of the bed linen and stood lifting both arms.

The sounds this time were all mingled, a shocked gasp, a giggle, a cry, all mixed together...., as FUN. I threw everything to the other side and crawled over to look down on them, "are you OK? as they untangled themselves.
June was laughing, deep belly laugh and pointed at the door, gave a little hic-cup, "out, got another breath, Out and don't come back until we tell you to!!!!!!!!!!".

I hung my head and tried for a 'puppy being told off' look and headed for the door. Thinking about everything that had happened today, and yesterday as I got into my clothes. I need to keep a diary, well, I need to write it down at least. So much had happened. A 8 + year drought broken, I didn't want that to happen again either. And in such a way that I did want That to happen again. A naked pussy, I could cross that of my 'Bucket List, sucking a naked pussy, tomorrow. Two at once went on the list, I think they would enjoy that........
The sun on my face stopped me, I had got out without thinking and without falling or walking into doors. I smiled and looked back. Yes, they were Perfect Neighbor's.

It's just as well I wasn't "Superman" and couldn't see through walls. If I could I would have been shocked, stunned. June and Sue were still naked, were still hugging and kissing and they were deciding how Auntie Jane was going to seduce Bobby.

How they were going to help..............

He Didn't Stand a Chance!

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