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Very Dirty Story of My dream

It was night, i was in my room, sudenly i heard strange noises from the bedroom of my mom, i went to see what was going on.
When I came to the door it was a bit open and i looked in and what did i see, four of my friends wore fucking my mom, in the ass mouth pussy in every hole, my mom was moaning loudly, i could see how one of my friend dick was going in and out in her tight asshole.
-go on bitch suck it one of my friends said
Then sudenly i felt that someone was standing behinde me it was my grandfather (fathers father) he pushed me in the room and came inn himself, the guys all looked at me, i did not know wat to do. my grandfather said ok now live her to me, all the guys stept back from my mom,one of them came to me grabed me and the other pulled down my pents bend me over and began to finger my ass, meenwhile my grandfather went up to my mompulled down his pants toock out his dick and began to slap it aroun my moms face then he took her by the hair and f***ed it in her mouth, at the same time my friend was fingering my ass and, he puuled his cock and f***ed it in my ass, he began to fuck me like he did my mom, the grandpa took out his cock from my moms mouth ent behinde her bent her over and f***ed his cock in her butthole, my mom yield out as it wengt in, and he fucked her deep and rough fucked fucked and finaly he filled her asshole with hot cum, then again f***ed his cock in her mouth and maid her clene it with her mouth, i could see how cum was coming out from my moms sexy butthole, we got both fucked and good.

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