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The Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez Stories Part 1

Wearing a Pink sports bra and short black jogging shorts, Demi started her morning run. Later on she passed by a Starbucks Cafe while jogging and saw her best friend Selena Gomez sitting at a small table just inside, Demi stopped jogging and made her way to the Cafe door.

"DEMI!!!!!!!" Selena yells after seeing her walk in, "Hey girl!!" Demi replys.
They hug and Selena kisses her on the cheek almost on the lips, "I was just thinking about you" Demi replys "I hope in a good way" she laughs as they sit down. Selena slips her filp flop off and lifts her foot to the middle of Demi's shorts, "Always" Selena says with a evil grin.

"What you up to?" Demi asks wondering why Selena isn't here with anyone, "Not to much, wanted to grab a coffee before going shopping.. How is your run going?" Selena slips her foot back down to the floor. "Okay, same as always.. only this time I get to see you!!!!" Demi looks at Selena with a huge smile.

"So my mom and step-dad are away with my s****r filming in new york, you want to come over?" Demi asks while reading the menu above their heads. "Sure.. What time can I come?" Selena was very happy with that idea... "I am heading that way now, if you want to come" Selena then replys with another idea "What if I stop on the way and pick up some drinks and stuff?"

"Sure! DON'T FORGET the rum!!" Demi replys licking her lips, "I won't.. I don't want to revisit what happened last time, I didn't bring you rum" she giggles. The two then get up and leave the table, Selena slaps Demi's butt on the way out. "I will meet you there!" Demi says as she starts jogging home, Selena gets into her car which is parked next to the building.

Demi sitting just inside the front door waiting for Selena to get there.
Selena Knocks on the door, Demi jumps up and opens it "About time!" Selena replys "Sorry, the store clerk was slow and it took me forever to get out." Demi grabs the stuff out of Selena's hands and puts it down on the floor and then pushes Selena againest the wall. "I have been waiting to do this since I saw you this morning.." She presses her lips againest Selena's.

The two keep making out as they work their way to the sofa, Selena slowly lifts Demi's sports bra off and starts to suck her nipples as they sit down on the sofa. "OH YESSSSSSS" Demi yells, then she starts to unbutton Selena's blue shirt.

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