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B*****r In Laws Whore pt.1

Christie sat on the couch, her eyes barely looking at the scenes before her on the screen. But she didn't lose a stroke as her hand pumped the dildo in and out of her pussy. The guy on the screen held the woman's hair in his hand. She let go of the dildo and snatched the remote. Turning up the volume, she closed her eyes. "Now Bitch, you're gonna do exactly what I tell you to do. Otherwise, your husband will find out just how much of a nasty slut you really are."

Those were the words she loved to hear. That was the key to her climax. Hearing the man talk so f***efully to the young housewife. If only she could get Tony to talk to her like that. But her husband would never think of using that kind of language with her. He hated it when she cursed while they had sex. Christie's hands were slick from the amount of cum that had oozed from her cunt and coated her toy. She was pumping her pussy far deeper than Tony's average dick ever did. She would pay for it later, she knew. But it felt so good to be so stuffed.

Two hours later, she sat at her table sipping coffee. Her porno tape had been safely hidden away. Christie closed her eyes and let her mind focus on the throbbing pain in her cunt. She had pumped her fake dick deeper in her cunt than she normally did. And she could still feel sharp pain deep in her gut. She hoped that she had not hurt herself bad enough to have to go to the doctor. That would be very hard to explain to Tony. She was lost in thought wen she heard the knocking on her back door. Setting the cup down, she got up and looked out the window. Then she let out a sigh. Standing on her porch was Tom, her b*****r-in-law.

He came by much too often now days. And most of the time, it was to borrow money. She turned the knob and opened the door. "Tom, if it's money you need, we're flat broke." His big smile lit up his whole face. Those shiny white teeth, against the background of his dark skin, had always been his trademark. Tony always made fun of him and called him "teefer".

Tom brushed pass her and walked into the kitchen. "Ah come on s*s, I don't come around just to beg money. In fact, this time, I came to give some back." Tom stood up and reached into his pocket. To Christie's astonishment, he pulled a roll of bills from his pocket, big enough to choke a horse. "Tom! Where did you get that much money?" Tom smiled his big smile again.

"You and Tom thought I was lying when I said I had a big settlement due me. Well, what do you think now?" Tom began to count out bills on the table. When he finished, he had counted out $5,000. "That's for all the times you two have helped me. Tell my little b*****r, thanks." With that, he kissed me on the cheek and walked out the door. I was at a lost for words. Tony and I had always looked at Tom as a loser. A dreamer, whose ideas would get him into big, troubles some day.

Christie thought the rest of the day about the money. It would help her and Tony get out of debt. She would even be able to get the new dryer she had been looking at. But her hopes for something better were dashed when her husband came home. Instead of being happy, Tony was livid. "No! I don't know where he got the money from, but I don't want any part of it. Settlement, my ass! There's no way anyone would pay that loser any money. I want you to take it back to him. Tell him, I don't want or need his dirty money." They had a big fight that night. So big, that Tony ended up sl**ping in the guestroom. The next morning, Tony was gone by the time that Christie got up. All morning long, she looked at the money sitting on the table. She wanted nothing more than to just hide the money and keep it. But she knew that Tony would find out. And then things would only get worst. By 10am, she was dressed and headed out the door to Tom's house.

Knocking on the front door, Christie stood on the steps of Tom's home. After knocking a few times, since Tom's doorbell didn't work, he answered the door. When he opened the door, Tom looked like he had just gotten up out of bed. Christie could see that he had just thrown a bathrobe on to cover himself. "Christie! What are you doing here?" Christie walked pass him and entered the living room. She reached into her pocketbook and took out the bills he had given her the day before.

"Tony doesn't want the money. He said that you didn't get it from no settlement. He calls it dirty money. He told me to come over here and give it back." Christie set the money on the coffee table. Then looking at it with longing, she turned to go out the door. Tom touched her arm. "Christie, sit and have a cup of coffee with me." She followed him into the kitchen. Looking around the house, Christie was surprised at how neat and clean it was. "What did you do, hire a cleaning woman?"

Tom looked around and laughed. "Yea, something like that. I helped my neighbor pay some bills and she rewarded me by cleaning my house." Christie snorted. "Let me guess? The sexy, Latin lady down the block." Tom threw his hands in the air. "Hey! I don't make a woman do anything she doesn't want to do. I can't help it if Nora likes my boa constrictor." Christie looked at her b*****r-in-law. "Boa constrictors don't run in your f****y. If they did, Tony would be a lot better in bed than he is." Tom looked at his s****r-in-law. Christie felt a bit uncomfortable at the way he looked at her. It was like he was taking her clothes off with his eyes. "What's the matter Christie, he's not big enough to satisfy you?" The way he said it there was a lot more said by his sneering tone. Then with no care for her feelings, he reached out and cupped one of her tits. "Tony was always too much of a gentleman to really satisfy a woman. I bet he fucks you with all the lights off?"

Christie should have just brushed past him and left. She could have said something smart and let him standing there in his bathrobe. But she didn't do either of those things. Her body shivered at the touch of Tom's hands on her. He acted so sure of himself. He looked down into her face as his hands squeezed and molded her tit. And Christie couldn't hide the effect he was having on her. He was treating her like he owned her. "If I were your husband, I'd fuck you with every light on.

I'd make sure I saw every expression on your face, as I rammed my long dick in your pussy and made you scream." Christie was a good-looking woman, but by no means was she a raving beauty. Tom had once told her that she was the perfect wife. She was cute enough to make a husband horny, and plain enough to keep the neighbors husbands away. She had always thought that it was an insult. "Is that how you fuck Nora?" Tom dropped his hand from her tit.

He walked over to the sink and poured two cups of coffee. Setting one down before her, he gave her cream and sugar. His cup he left black. "Nora takes it any way I give it to her. She knows who's the boss in the bedroom. I bet you're the boss in your bedroom? Knowing my b*****r, it damn sure ain't him!" Tom sat across from Christie and sipped his coffee. Christie looked up past her cup at him. The look on Tom's face as he stared at her made her thighs itch.

"You don't know anything about Tony. Why, he satisfies me very well, thank you." this time, Tom laughed while he was sipping his coffee and the spray hit her in the face. He jumped up and grabbed a dishtowel. Wiping off her face, he couldn't stop laughing. "Christie, I'm sorry. But I think I know my b*****r a lot better than you do. He's a great guy and a good provider. But a lover, he ain't. He used to hate it whenever I would sneak a woman in my room in college. He said hearing her moan and cry out would keep him up all night. I think he was just jealous cause I had to beat them off me and most of them didn't pay him any attention at all."

Tom hadn't moved from behind her. She could feel his closeness but dare not turn around. "And what made you so popular?" Christie almost jumped when she felt his hands on her shoulders. Then he leaned down and whispered in her ear. "I knew what they wanted. And I had a dick big enough to satisfy them. They didn't want flowers and dinner, they wanted to scratch and claw a hard back while their cunts were being plowed with a fat dick." His words were crude. She knew he was just using those words as a way to intimidate her. But those were the words her porn stars would use and it was turning her on. Her hands were shaking as she put her cup down. "And I suppose you had the big dick to give them?" Christie could feel Tom moving behind her. But she was afraid to turn around and see what he was doing. Suddenly, she felt his hands brushing her hair. Then he grabbed a handful and turned her head to the side.

Christie nearly gasped, as she stared at a dick twice as big as her husband's was. "Does Tony have a dick as big as this?" With her eyes glued to the tip of his dick, she shook her head no. Christie felt her b*****r-in-law pull her face closer. "And does he make you suck it like this?" with those words, he pushed the fat black head between her lips. Christie made an attempt to turn her head away. But Tom only pulled her hair even more. The pain made her open her mouth and he pushed the head in. "Suck it! Find out what a real man's dick taste like." Christie felt trapped. She was alone in her b*****r-in-law's house and he was forcing her to suck his dick. As his grip tightened on her hair, she began to suck on his dick. At first, all she did was let her tongue lick across the head. She didn't attempt to take any more of him in her mouth than the tip. He was forcing her and she refused to give him the pleasure of acting like she wanted it.

But there was no denying the feeling that was spreading between her thighs. Christie's pussy felt like it was pulsing so hard that surely Tom could hear her squishing. Her eyes were shut tight. She was not going to give him the pleasure of looking up at him. "Open your eyes, slut! I want to see the tears fall when I push all this dick down your throat. I said suck it, not lick it to death."

Christie's eyes snapped open. She looked up at him, but not before seeing how much more dick she still didn't have in her mouth. She would choke before she even took half of his dick in her mouth. Christie's thighs were opening and closing. The pressure that was building in her cunt was incredible. Tony had never made her feel like this. Slowly, she pursed her lips and began to suck. She looked up into Tom's face. He sneered down at her. "That's it! I'm gonna give you what my polite b*****r doesn't."

Christie could feel the tears of shame begin to roll down her cheek. How could she face her husband after this? "Open your dress. I want to see what my b*****r doesn't know what to do with." With trembling fingers, Christie unbuttoned her dress. "Now pull your bra up over those big tits." Tom was rocking his hips back and forth. And Christie could feel more of his dick slip into her mouth. It felt like her mouth was being f***ed open wider.

"Now bitch, slide your hand down in your panty and finger that pussy. I want it wet when I put you on this table and lick it. I bet my b*****r doesn't eat your pussy the way I'm gonna do it?" Christie's hand slid across her stomach and down into the elastic of her panty. Her whole body shook when her fingers brushed her clit. Then when she touched her slit, she groaned. She had never been this wet with Tony. And Tom hadn't touched her cunt yet. Christie pushed two fingers of her right hand into her cunt. She slowly worked them in and out. Even she could hear how wet she was. Her pussy made loud squishy sounds as she fucked herself.

She looked up at Tom, her b*****r-in-law. The look of pure lust on his face almost scared her. She had seen that look in the porno movies. Then, as her thumb began to stroke her clit, something happened in her. She had always fantasized about being one of the women in the video, now she had become just like them. She was being f***ed to satisfy a man with a gigantic dick. And he was using it to fuck her mouth. Christie pushed her fingers deep inside her cunt. She rubbed her hard clit with the ball of her thumb. And to her astonishment, she lifted her left hand and wrapped it around the base of Tom's dick. Holding him like that, she began to work her mouth back and forth on his dick. She would control how much he shoved in her mouth. But she wanted to fell it all. The sheer power of his dick was like a strong drink. And she wanted to get d***k. Her tongue licked the large vein on the underside of his shaft as she struggled to take more of him in her mouth.

Looking down at his s****r-in-law as she struggled to swallow more of his dick, Tom smiled. He took his hand off of her hair and watched as on her own, she attacked his dick. The loud slurping and sucking caused him to throb in her mouth. Christie moaned as she worked even more of him in her hungry mouth. "Rip your panties off, cunt! I want to see you finger fuck that pussy."

Christie felt so nasty. The ripping sound as her panties were torn into shreds caused her to shiver. Suddenly Tom pulled his dick from her mouth. As she looked up, he grabbed the shaft and began to slap her across the face with it. "You have to tell me you want more. I want to hear you ask for it." Christie could only imagine how she must look. She was sitting at a kitchen table, her dress open, her panties in shreds at her feet. And she was acting like a hungry whore. Her legs spread wide, with her fingers pumping deep in and out of her pussy. Yes! She wanted more. She wanted to feel him ramming that long fat black dick in her pussy. She wanted to scream as he filled her. He was even bigger than the dildo she hid in her closet.

His dick felt so heavy as it smacked across her face. It felt like a flesh-covered log. And the taste of his pre-cum was so sweet. She had to have more. She looked up into his face. "Fuck me. I want you to fuck me with that black snake." Tom threw his head back and laughed. "So my b*****r is too good to take my money? I guess his wife isn't too good to take my dick. You're just like all the rest of his women. That's right! I fucked all of them. Every girlfriend he's ever had ended up on the end of my dick.

They love his charm and manners, but they crave the fuckin only I can give them. I knew when I first saw you, that it was just a matter of time before I fucked you too. Now get back to suckin my dick. You haven't earned it in your pussy yet." Christie understood now why Tony hated his b*****r so much. And yet, she was no better than any of the other women her husband had dated. Only she was his wife. But so help her, Tony couldn't come close to making her feel the lust that Tom made her feel at this moment. She would have slit her wrist to feel that massive dick fucking her.

Wrapping her hand around it again, Christie attacked it with a vengeance. As her mouth played up and down the shaft, she twisted and turned her head back and forth. Just like the sluts in the videos. Christie felt herself gag as Tom shoved hard. He was trying to shove it clear down her throat. Holding her head, he f***ed her to take more and more. Then when she was sure she would blackout, he pulled back. With tears flowing down her face and gasping for air, Christie hung her head down. "I can't take all of you in my mouth. You're too long."

Tom's laughter was like a dog's bark. "Nora said the same thing. Now she takes it in any hole I want to shove it. Just like you're gonna get used to takin it. Now bend over that table. I'm not gonna waste time takin you to bed." Christie stood up and was about to take her dress off. "Leave it! You look even nastier with it on." Christie shrugged and turned around. Then she held onto the table as she bent at the waist. The tabletop was cold on her skin, but Tom pushed her down with his hand in the small of her back.

Christie felt her dress lifted up and pushed over her hips. Then her thighs were roughly pushed open. Christie felt Tom pushing the tip of his dick against her slit. She hoped he would go easy. She had never taken a dick as big as his before. But she knew better than to tell him that. When she felt the head begin to push pass her pussy lips, she gasped. It felt like he was pushing a water glass up her cunt. She began to struggle with fear. If he tore her open, there was no way she could hide that from Tony. Tom smiled as he saw her tense up. He had fucked many of his b*****r's girlfriends, and knew just how easy he had to go so as not to hurt them.

When the head of his dick was lodged securely in her cunt, he just stood there letting her adjust. When she began to breathe easier, he slowly began to move his hips. "Oh Tom! Oh shit, you're huge. Oh fuck! It's splitting my pussy in two. Easy! Please, take it easy!"

Tom ignored her. He concentrated on slowly working his dick in her tight cunt. "You're my slut now! Say it!" to emphasize his words, he jerked his hips. Christie cried out in pain. "Yes Tom! I'm your slut now!"

Tom drew his hand back and slapped her hard across the ass. "You're gonna come around here more often for more of this dick, aren't you?" Tom slowly pushed in more of his dick. Christie's knuckles turned nearly white she was gripping the table so hard. Never had her pussy ever been stretched like this. "Yes Tom! Oh fuck! I've never had a dick this size before." he pulled back until just the head was pulsing inside hr cunt. "Tell me to stop, and I'll let you up. You can button your dress and get the fuck out my house." Christie's mind was reeling. She had fantasized about being fucked by a dick this big and a man this rough for so long. She was not about to let him stop now. She turned her head and looked back up at him.

"Fuck me! Show me how fuckin good your dick is. But please, I beg you, take it slow. I don't want to have to explain to Tony why my pussy is ripped to shreds." Tom snickered as he began to slowly stroke her cunt.

Christie couldn't believe the feeling. Her pussy was crammed tight with hard, fat dick. And she could hear drops of her cum as it hit the floor. Every time he pulled back, she heard another drop hit. "Oh Tom! Oh fuck! This is the best dick I ever had. You know I'm gonna come back for more." Tom, sweat poring off his body, was holding onto her hips as he methodically stroked her. Christie, her pussy milking his dick, had cum about three times already. Suddenly she heard a voice. "Senor' Tom!" Christie turned her head and saw Nora standing in the doorway.

She tried to struggle to get up but Tom only pushed her back down on the table. Instead of looking angry, the woman's eyes were glued to the scene before her. Then she smiled at Christie. "I see you have another woman at the end of my boa constrictor, Senor Tom. Is her pussy as good as mine?" Tom pushed his dick in until Christie groaned out loud. "Come here you hot slut! No woman's pussy is as good or as hungry as yours is. This is Christie, my b*****r's wife. He's got a little dick so I'm showing her what a man's dick can do."

To her shock, Christie watched as Nora sat in the chair right next to her. Then she felt the woman's hands rubbing her thigh. Another woman had never touched Christie in her life. She thought that any woman who made love to another woman was sick. "Senor Tom's dick has tamed many frustrated women. He keeps most of the women in the neighborhood happy. Sometimes he even invites me over to help him." Christie tried to turn as the woman's hand slid all the way up to her cunt. "Tom don't! I'm not a lesbian." Tom slapped her hard across the ass again.

"You're anything I tell you you are. Nora here loves the taste of fresh fucked pussy. And your pussy is definitely freshly fucked. I think she would love to lick the crème from your cunt. Wouldn't you Nora?" Nora smiled a big smile. "Oh Senor Tom! Would you let me lick this sweet, fucked, pussy? Tom laughed as he pulled his dick from Christie's cunt. She had grown so tight; it hurt just as much when he pulled it out, as it did when he first put it in her.

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