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On her knees**

Sylvie and I have been broken up for over 3 years now; she is more than officially my ex-girlfriend. She even has a new boyfriend, some guy named Denis or something like that, that owns pawn shops (I think).

But even though she is my ex, and she has a new boyfriend, she still has not managed to change her cheating ways. When she was with me, officially, she would fuck other guys. Now that she’s with someone else, well she still fucks other guys, except that for me it’s less annoying and complicated.

I just wonder if the poor sap that’s paying her bills knows that she gets fucked by every guy she can.

So as I said, it’s a lot less complicated for me. I only see her when I want, I either go to her place of work and fuck her there, or she comes here. Just like a whore, except I never pay her. God knows I’ve paid enough!

So last weekend, I was horny so I decided to go to her work. She is a beautician and has a salon in the suburbs. I made an appointment with her secretary for 9am on Saturday morning, making sure not to use my real name.

When I got there, I waited for a few minutes then Jessica, her secretary, ushered me into the cabin. I was ostensibly there for a facial, but I was more in a giving than a receiving mood!

Sylvie came in moments later, as I was sitting down in the chair.

“Hi, Sylvie.”

“Marty? What are you doing here? I have an appointment… “– “I know, I’m the appointment. How’s Denis?”

“He’s great. Works a lot, but then again, I’m here on a Saturday morning, so…”

I didn’t feel like wasting any time. I got up in front of her, close enough to kiss her. I leaned in to her ear, and she lowered her head, moving even close.

“Get on your knees, slut.”

“Marty…” She whispered “No… I can’t…”

“Open your coat and get on your knees, whore, “I whispered back. “Take my cock in your mouth and suck it until I come in the back of your throat.”


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Sylvie moaned and did as I told her. She made sure the door was closed behind her and got on her knees, having opened her coat so that I could see her nice tits. As usual she was only wearing a bra underneath her white lab coat.
She took my cock out of my pants and starting licking my balls, slowly, as she knew I liked.

“You came here just for that, Marty?” – “Yes. I know that you are a very good cock sucker and you are always available…”

Sylvie moaned again as she took my cock entirely down her throat, sucking faster and deeper.

“That’s it, my little whore… Suck my cock good, and twist your tongue around the head… Ahhh… You’re good…”

She pulled my cock out of her mouth. “I’ve had a lot of practice… Denis wants me to suck his cock almost every day…” – “And do you do it?” – “Almost always… I love having cocks in my mouth…”

With that she resumed sucking my cock. I could see people walking on the other side of the partition, and hear their conversation, while my personal slut was on her knees sucking my fat cock, for free.

A few minutes later, I grabbed my cock and started pumping it right in Sylvie’s face. She knew what to do. She leaned her head back, mouth opened and tongue out as I shot my load of sperm in her mouth. She was at work so out of consideration I didn’t shoot any in her hair, even though I wanted to.

She got up, long strands of white pearl on her lips and on the fake-tanned cheeks.

“That was hot, Marty… If you come back at closing time, I’ll let you take me on this chair right here. Denis is not expecting me home until 9, so be here at about 7h30…”

“You are such a fucking cheating whore, Sylvie. It’s hard to believe.”

“I know, but I enjoy getting fucked too much to restrain myself to one person, or even one person at a time…”

“You’ll have to tell me about that later tonight…” Sylvie: “I will…”

And I knew that I’d be back the same day.

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