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The Circle Jerk Club 1

Part One Wiggling

It might seem like a strange idea having a sex club at a hair salon but it was the best location for all concerned. There was nobody around that time of night anyway except for an occasional passing cop car. They must have made quite a double take at a group of drag queens standing outside a beauty parlor at 9 o'clock at night.

Gigi and I were already inside waiting for our guests to arrive.

"Are you sure you won't change your mind?" Gigi asked holding a wig in hir left hand. "You'd make a stunning blonde.

"No " I insisted. "It must be red."

"Fine! "Red it is."

Gigi walked away briefly while I admired my newly made up face in the mirror. She returned with a red wig and placed it on my head. As I looked at my face you could almost hear angels singing.

"I was wrong." Gigi confessed. "You were meant to be a redhead!"

Several raps at the front door signaled the arrival of the other members of the circle jerk club.

First came Robbie and Terry. They were simple cross dressers like Gigi and I. Then came Billie Jean and Jilly Girl. These two were genuine hormone taking she males with very real and very becoming lady breasts. The pair were singers who
put on quite a show at one of the areas better gay bars.

After some brief chit chat the six of us made our way to the back room where everything was set up. There were a group of old easy chairs surrounding a mechanic's stool. While I positioned myself on the stool the grrls pulled out their already hard lady sticks and began stroking them.

I began by blowing Robbie, then I moved over to Gigi, slid over to Terry's seat then made my onto Billie Jean and then quickly over to swallow Jilly's pretty pink pecker.

At this point I was becoming quite a cock and cum addict. Yet I had already known at least one gal with a "need to feed" far greater than mine.

Besides I knew I was sex addict my whole life. I began jerking off when I was in the second grade. Or as I refered to it back then, "Wiggling." While thinking about girls pissing on the toilet I'd place my hands on cock while in my bed and rock back and forth, and side to side.

My dad's best friend had a daughter named Sky. We did everything together growing up including watching each other pee. That was the image I'd conjure in my head while wiggling. It was me watching Sky piss in the bathroom.

I'd continue to bounce up and down until this strange tingling sensation came over my penis. Thinking I may have done something wrong with my penis I'd always stop. To this day I wonder if only I'd have just grabbed my p*****n wiener when that "tingling" started and gave it some good healthy strokes. After all back in those days there would have been no mess to clean up when climaxing.

Meanwhile all those thoughts of jerking off to Sky still get me excited.

"Sky" I said outloud.

"What?" asked Billie Jean.

"Stiff. You're very stiff!" I said with a slight grin.

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