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Cheater Cheater Big Black Cock Eater

I have what just about everyone considers to be a very
large cock, I'm also a black guy so am kinda expected
to have a big one, I'm supposed to fulfill some racial
stereotype. I'm about 8.5 inches long and about 6
inches around. I'm not just long, I'm thick.

What people say about girls truly wanting big cocks is
bullshit, some girls don't like my cock for whatever
reason, it's too big for them or it's intimidating.
There are also probably an equal amount of girls who
honestly don't care. However, some girls get wet just
hearing about it.

Here the racial stereotype comes in useful sometimes,
especially with these big cock slut girls. It's these
girls I try to hang around and meet, it's all about
knowing your abilities and going with them!

This is a true story about a white girl I knew who was
one of these big-cock sluts, her boyfriend, and what we
did one night.

Dawn and her boyfriend Andy were college acquaintances
of mine, Dawn and I went to the same school and one
night I was hanging out with the pair of them at her
place. I had always wanted to fuck her, she was
definitely what you would call a party girl and looked
the part. She had long dark hair, pretty face, really
big tits, like D's, an average waist and nice hips and
ass. Her personality was a big turn on too, she was
real relaxed sexually, sometimes talking about what
turned her on and flirted with everyone, even in front
of Andy. I think she did it on purpose sometimes.

So I was at her place one evening, we were just joking
around and smoking weed.

I remember thinking that Dawn was looking really good
and I wished that I could somehow maneuver Andy out of
the room and try to get it on with her. I don't recall
exactly why, but Andy left, I think he had to go over
to one of his friend's houses for something school
related but I'm not sure and it doesn't matter. He left
and it was just me and Dawn.

The conversation began to get more and more sexual
until finally she said, "Can I ask you a question, a
personal one?" I told her sure and she continued," I
talked to Ronda and she told me all about you, is it
true?" Ronda was this white girl Dawn knew I had
fucked, she was one of those girls who search out big
cocks and we had had lots of fun.

It registered what she was asking and my pulse
quickened, things were looking very good. "Maybe it
is," I said, "what did she tell you?"

Dawn smiled and said, " she said you were hung really
well, like a horse and that it was the biggest she'd
ever had!"

I knew right then how this night was going to go. "You
ever see one that big?" I asked and she shook her head
no, slightly blushing. "Well come over here then."

Dawn giggled a little and came over and sat next to me.
I put my arm around her and began to kiss her. We laid
down on the couch, her beneath me and began to hook up.
She spread her legs and I moved in between them. Her
hand slipped down and squeezed my crotch through my
jeans. "Holy shit that's big! Is what they say about
black guys true?" she asked as she felt my semi-hard

"You wanna see it?" I whispered excitedly.

"Yeah sure!"

I sat up, unzipped and took her petite little hand and
put it into my fly. "Pull it out and see," I said.

She looked at me as her hand went around my cock and
pulled it out, she had this look of surprise on her
face, but it quickly turned to something more lustful.
My black cock was semi-hard, throbbing with the beat of
my heart as it hardened. She just stared at it with her
fingers not quite reaching around it. I stood up in
front of her so that her face was level with it. Girls
like her reach a certain point when they're so in lust
that the house could be on fire and they wouldn't care
as long as they get that cock in them, when they get
like that is when you can take control and have some
fun with them.

"Open your mouth Dawn, you're gonna suck my black
cock," I told her and she looked up at me and smiled.
She jerked me off a few times bringing me to a full
erection. I put my hands in her hair and onto the back
of her head, slightly pulling her head towards my
upward pointing cock. She opened her mouth and took the
head in. It was warm and wet and I could feel her
tongue on the underside of my cockhead, going from side
to side.

I remember I spoke to her in a dominating sort of way,
saying "Yeah, suck my cock you little slut, suck it
hard, you like fucking black guys behind your
boyfriend's back don't you?"

After a few minutes of this she was breathing hard
through her nose and I could smell her juices starting
to flow from her pussy. She was definitely about ready.
I decided I was going to make her beg for it and let
her suck on my cock some more. It was like she was
trying to get off by face fucking my cock as fast and
deep as she could, I just stood there, hands on her
head, letting her lips slide over my thick cock.

Being stoned and turned on, neither of us heard Andy
come into the house. He came in and just stood there, I
can only imagine what he must have thought, coming back
home, expecting to go to sl**p and finding his pretty
little girlfriend on her knees lustfully face fucking a
hung black guy. He was speechless and shocked. Andy
finally said, "Dawn! Wh...What the fuck are you doing?"
What Dawn did surprised the shit out of me and I'll
never forget it.

"Andy!" she said loudly, "What I'm doing is getting
what you can't give me with that little excuse between
your legs." She was talking in a really demeaning tone
of voice to him. "Now Andy get over here and help me
get fucked or get out of here, whichever you prefer."

What happened next surprised me even more, Andy was
silent for a second or two, and finally said "what do
you want me to do?"

I had heard about cuckolds like Andy, but never met one
and never thought that he would be one, even though he
was a bit of a whossy. "Just sit there and watch for
now," she said, and then looked up at me, smiled and
said, "so where were we?"

The whole idea of fucking her in front of her boyfriend
turned me on so I grabbed the back of her head and
f***ed my cock back into her mouth. She started face
fucking me again and the whole time I watched Andy
watching us.

Suddenly Dawn stopped and said, "Fuck me already, I
need that big cock in me." She struggled to get her
jeans, shirt and panties off as I dropped my jeans. I
watched as she lay back and spread her legs. "Andy!"
she yelled, "get over here and watch what a real man's
cock does to me!"

I smiled at her, she was so bad! I took my cock head
and began to stroke her clit with it, this drove her
wild. I taunted her, "You want it? You want my big
thick hard cock in that little pussy of yours?" The
combination of my cock and what I was saying drove her
wild, her pussy was gushing juices and she was rubbing
and squeezing those big tits of hers.

Between heavy breaths, she said, "Yeah! Fuck me! Put it
in me!"

I taunted her some more, "You wanna see my big black
cock stretch your little pink pussy lips?" She was
getting wild with lust now. Thank God we had smoked up
before this cause otherwise I don't think she would
have been so uninhibited and willing, and I know I
wouldn't have lasted to this point.

Andy was sitting quietly next to us, watching his
girlfriend in heat. "Beg for it then, beg me to fuck
you!" I can tell you from experience that with girls
like this, once they beg, you can do anything to them,
all they want and need is your cock. Not surprisingly,
she begged.

"Please, please...fuck me. I...I need it please!!" A
few minutes of her begging and I was satisfied. "Andy",
I said," grab my cock and put it in your girlfriend's
pussy. "

"YES! Do It Andy, do it now!" she yelled.

He looked kind of scared and slowly reached out and
grabbed it. He pushed my cock head down to meet her
dripping pussy, and put the head of my cock against her
entrance. I slowly slid in, not far, just a little.

She was unbelievably tight, a statement about Andy's
size. As I pushed in I could feel the head of my cock
splitting her cunt walls apart and forcing her pussy to
stretch around me. I put her legs up against my chest
and slowly worked into her, this seemed to satisfy her
for about 3 seconds and then she started crying, "put
it in deeper!"

I did what she asked and thrust in the rest of the way,
she cried out, mostly in, "Oh shit you're big!"

That made me smile. I had about 6 or 7 inches in and
hit bottom, her pussy lips were stretched tight around
me. She was so tight and hot and wet. Her tits jiggled
with every quick hard stroke I took. She moaned and
panted hard throughout it. About 30 seconds later, she
came. She dug her heels into my back and pulled my cock
as far in as possible. "Fuck me fuck me fuck me
aaahhhhh I'm cuuuummmmiinnnggg..." she held her breath
for a few seconds and arched her back, her tits jutting
out into the air and her cunt rhythmically clenching
around my cock and then her body collapsed and she
returned to her heavy breathing.

The whole thing turned me on too much and I came
seconds later, spraying my cum deep into her. She got
off on this too, "God I can feel you cumming in me, I
can feel you so deep in me!" I collapsed on top of her
and we lay there for a while.

Andy sat on the couch and began to jerk off, adding to
the weirdness of the scene.

Still it turned me on immensely to fuck his lusty slut
girlfriend in front of him. A few minutes later she
began to kiss me and let me know in not-so-many words
that she wanted to go again. Fortunately the
raunchiness of the situation had kept me kind of turned
on so I was interested too. I got up and sat on the
couch next to Andy.

Dawn came and stood in front of me, saying "Andy, I
want you to lay on the floor and watch me ride his big
black cock, after if you're good I'll let you suck on
my clit."

I wasn't sure but got the feeling that this had
happened before. I reclined on the couch, my cock hard
and laying on my stomach. She turned so her back was to
me and she faced Andy, spread her legs and slowly sat
back. As she did, I put one hand on her white ass and
guided my cock into her cunt with the other. It slid in
more easily this time, needing less f***e on my part.
She folded her legs beneath her and to the sides of my
legs. She leaned forwards with her hands on my knees
and began to gyrate her ass up and down and front to
back. It was incredible.

I couldn't see Andy but I could hear him jerking off,
watching his girlfriend with my big cock splitting her
cunt lips. Just to have fun, I started teasing Dawn,
"Hey little white girl, you like my big black cock?
Yeah? Tell me you like it!" She immediately replied, "I
love your big cock, I love it in me."

I was feeling evil and added, "Tell Andy how much you
like it, tell Andy about my big cock." Andy listened
silently as Dawn said, "God Andy I love his fucking
cock in me, it's so big and hard and black, its so much
bigger than yours and it stretches me and goes deeper
than you ever could. I'm his personal property now only
for his big black cock. He's fucking me so good!"

I couldn't believe I was hearing this little foxy white
girl tell her boyfriend those words while I fucked her,
she was definitely out to humiliate Andy's small size
that was for sure. But her words must have sent Andy
over the edge and I could hear him cumming as he jerked

Dawn, still gyrating that great ass of hers, said, "Did
your little weewee cum? Ryan, look his little weewee
shot cum all over his chest from you fucking me" she
said with a giggle. I could hear from the way she was
breathing that another orgasm was coming. I grabbed her
hips and made her ride my cock faster. "Ryan yes oh
Ryan yes fuck with...that...big
black...dick...of yours..." She was seconds away from
cumming...I said, "Say 'I only fuck big black cock"
"I...only fuck...oh god...big black cock!" Her cunt
began to spasm around my cock, "AAAHHHH IIMMMM
CUUMMIINNGGG" Once again it was too much for me and I
began to shoot whatever I had left into her orgasming

"Oh God I'm cumming!" I said.

And still in the grip of her orgasm she shouted, "yes,
oh cum in me, empty those...big black balls into me,
huh...cum in... me...I want...Andy...ahhhh...lick it
out!" I came so hard from the idea that Andy would
obediently crawl over and suck my jizz from her pussy.
She collapsed back onto my chest.

I spamsed over and over and finally relaxed, a minute
or two passed I could feel my cum and her juices
running out of her pussy and down the base of my cock
and over my balls. She finally stood up and my soft
cock fell out of her with a pop. She looked radiant,
her skin and complexion was nice and red, her nipples
were hard, her face was happy looking and her whole
body had a little bit of sweat on it making her shine.

Andy on the other hand looked exhausted and ashamed,
laying on the floor his 2 or 3 inch soft penis in his
hand and cum all over his chest. He looked like he was
ready for sl**p but Dawn walked over and stood above
his face looking down at him. Suddenly she sat down on
his face and began to grind her cunt into his mouth. He
reached up, held her hips and began to eat her out. As
he did his cock began to harden.

"Andy," Dawn said loudly so he would hear with her legs
around his ears, "I hope you like the taste of that
cause whenever Ryan wants he can fuck me from now on, I
like his black cock too much and you'll just have to
accept that," she said looking over at me and smiling.

Andy made some sort of sound, muffled by Dawns cunt on
his mouth, but his hardened 4-inch cock said all that
needed to be said.

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