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Cum on my face daddy *

It had all started in her stepfather's bed. Pretty little 18-year-old Jenny had begun to kiss her way down her stepfather Mitch's hairy chest, slowly, inch by hairy inch, adoring the taut skin and musky smell rising from his groin. Mitch lay motionless as his ultimate fantasy grew nearer and nearer, his heart pounding and his huge penis straining ever harder and stiffer in mad excitement. He was beginning to realize that what was about to happen, what had to happen when Jenny's heavenly mouth -- the adorable full mouth that had occupied his erotic fantasies for years -- reached his straning cockhead, was not only his ultimate fantasy but Jenny's too. Ever since Jenny's mother died, Mitch had been fighting the desire to take her gorgeous daughter to his bed and sink his giant cock into the mouth that so much resembled her mother's. How Julie had loved to suck cock! She lived for it, Julie once said in a moment of shuddering ecstasy as Mitch drove his cock between Julie's huge jugs and up against her luscious pouting mouth. I live for this, baby! She had mumbled. At that moment they had both stared, sweating, panting with excitement, at the expanding lips at the end of Mitch's long, huge cock, in the instant before the first orgasmic blast of hot semen hurtled from the cockhead to spatter Julie's face and d**** her pretty lips in Mitch's trademark thick white cum.

Was it possible that such desires passed from mother to daughter? Mitch wondered, as exquisitely pretty Jenny kissed her way down his tense, twitching body. Little did he knows how often little Jenny had crept to the doorway of Mitch and Julie's bedroom, hoping to see the ultimate erotic sight: her mother kissing and stroking and coaxing a giant eruption of hot, steaming semen from her stepfather's big cock, begging him to spunk on her face, spatter her face, cum all over her face, until finally Mitch cried out in an ecstasy of fulfillment and his cum blasted onto Julie's pretty lips and nose and cheeks. Then Jenny would slip back to her room and masturbate to a shivering climax, imagining...

...Imagining just what she was doing now as she kissed her way down her stepfather's body towards the giant tool she'd dreamed about, the tool she knew so well and had so often watched swell up and stretch and finally explode semen on her mother's face. Now it would happen for her, now, soon, any moment, as she moved closer and closer to the heat she could feel, under the thin sheet, already searing her face -- the heat being radiated by Mitch's great club of a cock. All for her! And as her heavenly soft pout descended on the very tip of Mitch's huge, tennis-ball-sized purple cockhead, and all Mitch's masturbatory fantasies came true at last, Mitch's cock decided to take over and surprise both of them. Without waiting for the tender masturbation about which Jenny had been dreaming -- how she would softly, infinitely slowly wank her stepfather until he erupted in her yearning, pretty face -- and about which Mitch too had been dreaming, picturing Jenny's face beneath him as he furiously stroked rope after aching rope out of his cock onto her pretty, pretty lips and nose -- instead Mitch's cock decided it couldn't take any more, didn't need any more stimulation... and went off like a geyser, right on Jenny's pursed red lips and up her tiny, curled, shell-like nose with its miniature nostrils.

Aaaaaaghhhh! Mitch had screamed, beating the bedsheet with his fists and then whipping the upper sheet away so that he could watch the deluge of his semen blasting, at last, onto Jenny's exquisite, tiny face with its perfect skin and big sensual mouth. To his joy, Jenny hadn't recoiled but went on kissing his monster cock as it twitched and flung thick sticky bursts of semen into her face, while she gasped, Oh, Oh, Oh, yes please, yes please, I've wanted this so much, Daddy, cum on me, cum on me! And in her thoughts: Cum harder than you ever came before, even on Mummy...

The next day he had driven her into school too ashamed to acknowledge what had happened, and it was only after school, as Mitch sat in his armchair with a beer in his hand -- he'd already consumed more thqan one in nervous anticipation of Jenny's return from school -- that it became clear that last night's orgiastic facial was only the beginning. Jenny ran in through the front door, her face glowing with excitement. Dropping her schoolbag, she came over to one side of the armchair, her shoulders limp, her face already hot and glowing with lust, and gasped in pleasure as Mitch took her hand and pulled round to the front of the chair. He pushed her to her knees. Before he could even speak her hand had gone to the front of his pants. Oh God, Jenny whispered, knowing how much she was turning him on by saying it. It's as big as last night. I can't get over how big you are, Daddy.

Jenny, Mitch could hardly get the words out -- Jenny, I don't know what to say -- I've needed this so much -- and I've dreamt --

Hush, Daddy, I know. I've dreamt about it too. For years. Yes, for years. I used to watch you cum on Mummy's face. I know how much she loved it.

It was her favorite, baby - she couldn't get enough -

Yes, Daddy, I know. You did it all the time. I saw you spurt your beautiful thick white cum on her, and I loved it. I've been masturbating, waiting for the day when I could take your cum for you. I know how much you need it. But, Daddy, I need it even more than you do.

That's not possible, Mitch gasped, as he watched Jenny undo his zipper and tenderly bring the huge, stiff, weeping 11 inches of cockflesh into the air between them. I need to spurt on your face more than you can possibly imagine. I've pictured loading every inch of your face with my thick hot cum --

That's what I dream of, Daddy. Once I brought warmed up honey to bed with me and as I was about to cum, wanking for you, I poured a spoonful on my face imagining it was your spunk, and I came SO hard. But not as hard as I came yesterday when your cock spurted against my face and I tasted your cumjuice for the first time. Cum for me now, Daddy, right away, I can't wait any longer, I've been thinking about nothing else all night and all day.

You and me both, Jenny. I think I'm going to cum again before you touch it.

The huge throbbing penis was right in front of Jenny's heavenly face with its tiny curved nose and her huge soft, startlingly red mouth. She leaned forwards to feel the heat of it against her cheek, and murmured,

You do it this time, Daddy, please, just the way you used to do it on Mummy, right on her pretty face. You do it, you stroke yourself please --

Wank... tell me you want me to wank myself off on you --

Yes, wank, please wank off on my nose, my big red mouth, my cute face. Jerk off on your adoring Jenny, who wanks off every night imagining your huge cock splattering my face with cum.

It'll only take one stroke, Jenny --

I know. I want it so badly. Point it at my nose.

At your nose? Mitch groaned, barely able to speak as he looked down to see his huge cock lying against Jenny's heavenly little face, and brought his hand up to his jeans to take the cock and point it at her. Not at your lovely red mouth?

At my nose, Daddy. One time I saw you spurt on Mummy and the second shot was the biggest I've ever seen, it covered Mummy's nose and went all up her nostrils.

I remember. I used to masturbate about it afterwards, it was so exciting -- and the way she sniffed up all the hot wet spunk --

I want to smell it up my nose, as it drips onto my mouth. Look at it, Daddy. Watch my big red mouth when you cum. Cover me in your beautiful thick white spunk, your hot, hot, thick cum.

Jesus, Mitch had gasped as he took his giant penis in his hand and placed the great peach-sized, plum coloured head on the very tip of her angelic snub nose, that little heavenly soft bump of a nose. He gazed again at all his fantasies come true, then gasped as the great penis-head swelled up, recoiled, and fired the first gigantic wad, making him scream with the f***e of it, in pain and ecstasy. Cum, thick cum, bounced off Jenny's tiny nose, dr****g it thickly, dr****g Jenny's entire cute angel face again and again as she cried out in rapture.

And now, the next day, as Mitch drove her down their little driveway onto the road that would take Jenny to school, Jenny glanced at him in grateful surprise as they reached the school buildings and Mitch hesitated... then drove on past the school, towards the hills.

It's all I want, too, she murmured as she placed her little head on his shoulder, and brought her hand to the stiff cock that pressed up against the material of his jeans. All I want, she moaned as she began to work him off through his jeans.

Mitch had never felt so hard, so stiff to bursting, as he drove along with cute little Jenny shucking his penis through his jeans and staring lustfully at the giant bulge. The cock would be against her little angel face, rubbing all around her nose and soft red mouth... until she took it all, all on her face...

Soon they were parked on a logging trail, and Jenny had undone her stepfather's jeans and reached inside to pull the giant tool free. Now she was rubbing it madly around the gorgeously soft skin of her face, as Mitch lay back gazing at her, fascinated, staring as she used his huge flaring cockhead to bend her nose back and forth and f***e its sweet turned-up shape to turn up even more as she pushed the wide cockhead against her nostrils. He stared in shuddering, joyous disbelief at her little face, so magically pretty, as she pounded her big red mouth with his cockhead and twisted it from side to side with his straining, shining purple flesh, licking and laving his cockhead as he stared at her, gasping out his love for her and his need to cum...

Oh God, I need to do it again on your face, baby, on your mouth, baby, I need to cum...

Cum. Cum on my face, Daddy. Cum right now. On my mouth and face.

I need to cum on your face, Jenny. I need to say it.

Yes. Say it, say it.

Oh God --

Yes, say it all, say everything -- I want to hear everything, every dirty thing -- you can whisper it -

I need to cum all over your pretty soft young face, Jenny. All over your angelic lips and nose. I need to say it.

Say it, Daddy, keep saying it. I love the words you say.

Thick hot spunk on your lips. Thick hot spunk on your nose. I'm going to make a mess of your pretty face -

Yes - oh yes!

And I need to hear you say it too, baby girl -

Jenny rubbed the giant cockhead back and forth across her small soft nose, sexily murmuring, Okay, I will. On my face. That's what you need to hear, Daddy. On my mouth and face. I'll say it as often as you want. I need you to cum all over my pretty mouth and my nose, Daddy. On this cute face. It's yours, all day, every day and night. I need your thick cum all over my big red mouth. I see you looking at it and I know what you want, you're imagining my red mouth covered in your thick white spunk. I like it when you talk about my mouth. My big red mouth. I need it, Daddy, I need you to cum and make a huge mess on my face. I know what turns you on. - I'll rub your cockhead like this...all over my mouth and my nose. I'll rub it over and over and all around on my face so hard it hurts. Rub it until I'm all smeared and oily in your pre-cum. Watch, Daddy, watch. Watch me. I'll do this as long and as often as you want.

Oh God say that again --

As long as you want, I'll do it for hours if you want, and as often as you want, all day -

I'm going to cum on you, Jenny. I've wanted it for so long. I need to cum right on your nose -- he gasped, d***k on the erotic sight of her bruised, swelling lips and flushed features, as she pursed her mouth for him - and your big red mouth.... oh God.... your big red mouth...

Jenny moaned as she licked his cockhead madly, and kissed the tip and pumped the stiff cock, stiff and hard and slick with pre-cum and warm as marble in the sun -- murmuring, I know you need it, not just to cum and give me what I want, the big sheets of spunky cum all over my nose and lips, not only that, but...

But what, baby? What?

You know what, Daddy: you need to see it. You need to watch it. You need to see how much I love it when your cock spurts in my face and --

Take it, Jenny. Take it right now!

Oh, Jesus! she gasped. The first thick musky rope of cum had hit her full in the face, had shot up her nostrils, just where she had placed the cockhead, where Mitch could see it bending the sweet flesh of her nose.

Aaaaaaghh, he cried into the silence of the woods, as the next great gluey wad spread violently across her perfect young mouth.

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