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MY s****r AND I

My s****r and I grew up on a ranch in Montana. Since we were so far from town and other friends we were very close to each other. My s****r was just a year older than me. We couldnt even participate in sports or other school activities because we had to catch the bus home each night. Because of that we pretty much entertained each other.

One night when I was 13, my s****r Mel and I were just hanging in the basement den watch a movie and eating popcorn. Mel threw a kernal at me and that started the food fight. We were rolling around wrestling each other. We did that all the time but this time I noticed my s****rs titties through her white tee shirt. When her shirt got pulled tight I could see the impression of them and I got and instant hard on. It was making a tent in my shorts and precum had mad a wet spot on them that was apparent on the front of them. My s****r must have notice it because she stopped wrestling and looked right at it and asked if that was my thing. I was so embarrassed that I got up and ran upstairs to my bed room and closed my door.

Mel didnt say anything about it the next morning at breakfast or the rest of the day. That night we were watching tv again downstair. My parents had gone into town with some friends and wouldnt be back for a couple hours. I was hoping that Mel had forgot the hard on thing, but, no such luck. She said she thought it was sweet that I got excited last night. She asked if it was because of her. I was beet red and just nodded my head "yes." She asked if it happened a lot and I again nodded "Yes." She asked if it got hard like that how did it get down agian. Now I was really embarrassed. I just kind of shrugged my shoulders. She then asked a really personal question. She asked if I ever played with it. I didnt want to tell her that I jerked off a lot so I just shrugged again. She asked if she could see it. I told her no way. She kept on saying finally that if I showed her my cock she would show me her tits and pussy. Well hell I was a guy and how could I turn down a opportunity even at my tender age to see a pussy and tits. I said OK. I pulled down my shorts and underware and out sprang my hard cock. Mel just stared at it as she took off her tee shirt exposing her just forming tits. They were just barely a little mound on her chest and had a puffy pink nipple on them. I had seen my moms and they were nothing compared to moms. She then pulled her shorts off. She was wearing little white panties with little roses on them. She wiggled out of them exposing her pussy. I just stared at it. She had just a little bit of blonde hair right where her slit came together. She reached up with one hand and started to play with her tities. Rubbing them and pinching them. She said that sometimes she played with herself in bed at night. She said she would show me how she did it if I would show her how guys did it.

I was in a trance by now and just nodded. We sat down on the floor with just or bare feet touching each other. I could take my eyes off my s****r and she couldnt take her eyes off my twitching cock. She reached down and started to rub the top of her slit where the hairs were. I later learned that was where her love button was. I began to stroked my leaking cock up and down. It didnt take long for me to cum. I shot a jet of cum all the way over to Mel, hitting her right on her left tit. I kept on pumping out cum for what seemed like forever. My cock remained hard and I kept on stroking it. Mel was getting a real dreaming look in her eyes and started to kind of jerk her hips into her fingers. She started grunting and jerking around screaming "I'm cumming." Just then I shot off another volley of cum.

Mel, now spent crawled over to me and we cuddled. I explored her body and she explored mine.

To be continued. (Let me know how I am doing so far)

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