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The Village part 3

Mico had been with his woman five years producing six babies. He was a hero but much time was wasted for breeding with the woman carrying babies much of the time. He loved her large tits always full of milk. He sucked them himself to taste the liquid. Her nipples hd grown large and long from the babies sucking constantly. Several babies had been conceived as he fucked her with a c***d attached to her tit. He started the fucking after the bleeding stopped after birth. This meant fucking her many times day and night.
Today he would be rewarded young twins to breed also. They were being readied for him today and he would have both of them this evening. They both would share his bed and he would fuck them many times till they were with c***d.
At seven he was called to fit his cock to their cunts. He was huge and the men would hold them till he fit inside. He needed to be able to easily fuck them to breed them. When he walked in the prep room, they were both naked on the table with legs spread wide for him. He got hard looking at their young bodies. He would love having two in his bed while the pregnant woman laid on the cot in the same room. He walked to the table and removed his pants freeing his huge cock. He rubbed the first girls pussy amd then put his cock to the entrance of her hole. He slowly pushed in letting her stretch to his large size. She was trained to lay and let the big cock invade her tight hole. The men held her legs wide for the breeder. There was much pain for her as he slid all the way inside. Once he was in he pulled out and she was taken to his bed where he and the other would join her and he would begin fucking them all night and many times during the day. To get both girls pregnant would gain him much respect with the village. This meant he would fuck them constantly.
Next he moved to the second twin. he again rubbed her pussy and then began to shove in her. She was tighter and it took him longer to get inside and once he was inside, he fucked her to stretch her. he fucked her tight pussy till he filled her with his cum. Now he would take her to his bed and join her twin.
Once in the bed with the twins he had one on each side of him and began to play with their pussies. This would arouse him so he could fuck them again and again. He loved pussies and it made him fuck like crazy. He loved the tight pussies and soon was pushing his cock in the twin he had not yet fucked. he fucked her as he fingered the other twin's cunt pulling on her clit. After he filled her hole with his cum he turned to the first and sucked her nice tits. He imagined them full of milk. He loved tits heavy with milk and with the large stretched nipples. Sucking and chewing the nipples he shoved his cock in her hole again. He grabbed her hips and fucked her hard, ramming his cock deep into her. He was able to fuck for several minutes till he filled the small hole with his cum. Every time he fucked them, it was easier to push deep in their cunts. They would be great breeding women. He sucked the tits of the first twin as he fingered the pussy on the second twin. Tonight and tomorrow would be no sl**p as he would fuck them all night and all day. Next he turned on the light in the room. he sat one twin up in the bed as he pulled the other to sit on his cock. He wanted the twin to see his big cock invade her s****r. Then the other would watch him fuck the other s****r. They watched each pther get fucked and he decided to use them as toys. He laid one twin on he back and started to finger her cunt as he told the other twin to suck her tits. As he fingered the one the other was sucking her tits and this turned the big man on so he decided to fuck her while he watched her get a tittie sucking. after he pulled out he took the one twin from the tit and pushed her to her s****r cunt. "Lick it and clean it." he demanded. As he watched the twin lick the cunt of the s****r it made his cock hard again so he mounted her as she kept licking the wet pussy. As he fucked her, he pushed her head to the other girls cunt and made her lick and suck. Watching her lick the pussy made him cum hard. Watching the twins play with each other would keep his hard and able to fuck more. This would be an extra pleasure for the huge cock of the breeder.

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