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My sl**ping Wife and the k** Next Door

Since moving to Atlanta, my sex life with my wife has been hotter than all hell, but what happen the other evening was too fucking erotic! My wife Jill is a very sexy lady. My wife stands 5’6”, weighs 125 lbs, blonde hair and size 34c tits, and has killer legs.

It was a super hot day here in Atlanta, and Jill had a rough two weeks at work. It was around 7:00pm and still daylight outside. Jill had just taken a sl**ping pill to catch up on some much needed sl**p and was calling it a night. She had to be up early in the morning and go to her client’s office to make a presentation. Jill did not like taking these sl**ping pills, as one pill made her sl**py, but two pills knocked her out cold. Because of her lack of sl**p these last two weeks, Jill decided to take two pills tonight. I assured her that if anything happens that I would take care of her.

Around 8:00pm I heard something outside our house. I looked out and it was the teen-age boy from next door. His name is David. David had come over to do our lawn. I went outside and greeted him. I then told him how Jill had just laid down for the night, and that seemed to depress him some. David informed me that he really needed to make some money and would not be able to do our lawn again until the following week. I asked him to follow me inside, so I could make sure that Jill was asl**p and then he could go ahead and mow our lawn.

Once inside the house I made my way to our bedroom. I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I expected David to wait in our living room while I checked on Jill. I had no idea he was behind me. I opened up our bedroom door and looked inside. There was Jill sound asl**p on our bed, dressed in only a white crop top and a pair of purple satin bikini string panties. I went to back out of the room and backed right into David who was trying to look over my shoulders.

Oh my God, David said softly. I am so sorry. I thought you wanted me to follow you. I am so sorry. Wow, are you one lucky man David said, as I carefully shut the bedroom door. We both made our way back out to the living room. Once there, David started saying how sorry he was. I told him to relax that it was no big deal. I asked David if he wanted a soda. Sure he said. David then said something that some what shocked me. Wow you sure have a pretty wife, David said. I thanked him and gave him his soda.

I bet you have all the girls chasing you too, I asked him. David was a good-looking teen. He stood about 6’-2”, and must have weighed around 185. David smiled and said, sure I wish. I broke up with my girlfriend over eleven months ago and I have not had any dates since then. I sat in my chair in the living room as we talked. So how come your wife is in bed so early tonight. I told him that Jill had been working hard the last few weeks and was meeting with a client in the morning. The he surprised me by saying if I had a wife like that, I sure wouldn't let her sl**p alone. God she is so fucking fine, he said.

Smiling I thanked him. Then something inside of me made me ask him this next question. I asked him how much of her did he really see. Not much Bob he answered. Really I said. I saw her legs and that’s about it. What I said next made David’s eyes open wide. Well if that’s all that you saw you missed the sexiest parts of her I told him. Then in a silent pause I heard him gasp, followed by a slight whisper of …. “Shit” I wish I could have seen the rest of her body. I laughed as I always though David was a very shy teen but was mistaken all.

Well since I was enjoying the company and I blurted out… “Well would you like to take another look?” with out even thinking. David’s eyes opened wider than hell… “Oh god, shit yeah he said out loud. Now kind of regretting I said anything at all, I told him it that he had to be really quite hoping he would back out, but he didn’t. As we got up and made our way to the bedroom, I told David how Jill takes sl**ping pills to help her sl**p. But that he still had to be very quite. I did not want to wake her up or she might get really pissed off. David moved his head and softly said ok.

As we crept down the hall and made our way inside my bedroom, there was Jill lying on top of our bed without any covers still sound asl**p, dressed in only a white crop top and a pair of purple satin bikini string panties. At first David just stood in the doorway. I motioned for him to come closer to the bed. David was eyeing Jill’s body like there was no tomorrow. Softly he said, god you are one lucky man. Jill was lying on her stomach. David was getting an eye full staring at Jill’s purple panty covered ass and her legs.

I softly asked him if he wanted to see more. Of course he said yes. I told him to stand back some. I was going to see if Jill was in a deep sl**p or not. I touched Jill shoulder and called out her name softly. Of course there was no answer. I did it again and again. No answer!

Those sl**ping pills work really good David said softly. I reached up and took Jill by her shoulders and carefully rolled her over. No sign from Jill that she was waking up either. She was out cold.

Once Jill was over, I instinctively lifted my wife’s crop top. David had a clear shot of her beautiful tits. Our house has air, but yet I swear I could see sweat on David’s forehead. He surprised me by asking if he could touch her boobs. I figure what could it hurt, and David made his way up by the side of the bed. With one of his hands, he reached out and cupped Jill right tit.

He carefully needed it letting her nipple run in between his fingers. I looked at Jill face for any sign of life, but saw no movement. By the time I looked back, David now had both hands on her tits and was squeezing a little harder now.

I noticed that David was not looking at her tits as he played with them. David was looking at the crotch of Jill’s sexy little satin purple panties. Unbeknown to him; Jill keeps her pussy trimmed nice and short.

After a few seconds, David looked up at me. I can't believe you are letting me touch her like this, he said. My heart was in my throat making me speechless as I watched this k** fondle my wife, and all I could do was give him a thumb up sign. David then began to point is eyes and nose at Jill’s panties, letting me know he wanted to touch her pussy. I moved toward the end of the bed and then carefully slid off my wife’s purple satin bikini string panties. As her pussy no longer hidden by the satin material and came into view David let out a soft moan. After dropping my wife’s sexy little panties next to her on the on the bed, I eased Jill’s legs apart. David slowly moved one of his hands down Jill belly and onto her pussy.

I thought he was just going to rub it, but no sooner was his hand down there and I looked and he had his middle finger all the way inside of Jill’s pussy. He kept it still, but it was all the way inside of my wife. David moaned softly again. Slowly David started to move his finger in and out of my sl**ping wife’s pussy. Within minutes I could see that Jill juices were flowing heavily. David suddenly stopped and pulled his finger out of Jill, and up to his mouth where he sucked her juices off of his finger as I smiled at him.

I felt like I was going to pass out, all these raw emotions were spinning around my head. I was no longer sure if I wanted to kick this k**s ass or let him continue. I knew what ever happens from this point on would be all my fault, as I was the one to open my mouth and offer this k** the opportunity to look at my wife.

As I was so inebriated with my thoughts, I didn’t notice David move his hand back to my wife’s pussy, and continue his finger fucking assault on her. Buy the time I snapped back to reality, David was fucking her harder and harder with two of his fingers. I swear that I heard a soft moan from Jill, but David just kept on fingering her.

What seemed like ten minutes later, David moved and stood up. God Bob, she is one fine looking lady and she tastes so sweet. As he said this to me, I noticed that he took his one free hand picked up my wife’s purple satin bikini string panties and moved it inside his jeans. This boy was in bad need of a good fucking, as he stroked his dick with my wife’s panties.

I was so caught in the moment that I surprised both David and myself when I carefully grabbed Jill ankles, and eased her ass down towards the edge of the bed and shoved a pillow under my wife’s ass.

David was undoing his jeans as he watched my every movement. As his jeans and jockeys hit the floor, I could easily see him rubbing his rock hard dick with my wife’s panties. I motioned for him to come to the end of the bed. In a flash he was there. Softly I told him, she is all yours. And with that I made my way over to a chair in the bedroom.

No sooner that I sat, I looked up and David tossed me my wife’s panties landing on my lap. This boy was at least 10 inches long and three inches fat. I thought to myself, he is going to rip Jill wide open, but it was to far along to stop now. David took his hard cock and stroked it a few times. Then he placed his tip right at Jill pussy. I picked up my wife’s panties, and noticed the wet streaks all over them from David’s leaking cock.

As I watched him carefully ease his dick into my wife ever so slowly, I pulled off my pants and boxers, sat back down in the chair and wrapped my dick with my wife’s wet panties. Inch by inch I watched as all ten inches were soon buried deep inside of my sexy wife pussy. After he had his dick all the way inside of her, he slowly started pumping in and out. I matched each of his pumps into my wife; with a stroke of my dick using her panties.

I noticed with each pump he started to push harder and harder. Then with his one hand, he reached down and started playing with her clit. David had his eyes closed now. I could tell it wouldn’t be long before he shot his load deep inside my wife. Of course, in our rush, I had forgotten to have him put on a condom, but I was on the verge of my own climax onto my wife’s panties, which prevented me from mention it to him. Suddenly my body stiffened as I watched him fuck my wife, my orgasm hit and I began to saturate the purple satin bikini string panties. With my mind being to clear, I looked toward the action in my bed. Suddenly I remembered that David is not wearing a condom, and fear of my wife who is not on the pill could very well get pregnant!!

Just as I was about to say something David grunted! I know he was blasting his pregnatious seed deep inside my sl**ping wife’s unprotected pussy, this is the same woman I promised just a short time ago that I would take good care of! With one big push I watched as he emptied out what he was saving for months.

As David pulled out I could see his and Jill’s juices mixed together on his semi hard cock, as he made his way over to his clothes. He dressed quickly and walked over to me at my chair. God Bob, you really did a number on those panties, I looked down and smiled. He then said… “I head off to college next week and this is going to be something I will never forget” thank you and then left the house. I went to the bed and I could see David’s hot cum pouring out of Jill red and wet pussy. I grabbed a towel and wiped it as clean as I could get it, then proceeded to slide her cum soaked panties back on her. I was exhausted and spent from what just transpired. I lied down on the bed and covered our bodies with a sheet as I fell asl**p next to her.

The next morning Jill was in the kitchen making coffee. She turned and saw me staring at her. She had a smile on her face. She began with “You were a bad boy last night”. I just smiled and asked her what she was talking about. She said, “My panties were very hard and in some spots stuck to her body. She also said “When I stood up to get out of bed this morning all kinds of cum was running down my legs”. I just smiled and told her that I couldn't help myself. She laughed and headed for the shower. After she headed for work I sat there and thought about what I did last night, allowing this teenager to have his way with my unaware wife. I must have jacked off three times that morning into those purple satin panties after she went to work.

It’s been a week now and Jill still has no idea that David had his way with her body. The only thing that now worries me is the fact I don’t know if she is pregnant and that allot of other teenage boys have suddenly been hanging around our end of the street. I can only imagine that David told them what a great time he had with Jill.

If I ever decide to try this again maybe I can figure a way to have Jill be awake when the next k** tries.

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