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Hunky toilet surprise Mmmmmmmmmm

My name is Nic and I am 34 and every last Friday my BF and I go to our local pub. It’s always quite rough and boisterous as it’s a mans pubs really. It was busy as everyone has been paid and having a few liveners before going on there way. Even though I am 5’4” I am a lot taller in heels, I have a great bum and legs (or so I have been told or see my pics). Anyway I always try to look my best and I think my BF gets a thrill at seeing at all workman and guys in pub looking at me.

We had a few drinks and after few more I noticed a few admiring glances. I was starting to get brave and suggested a game of pool. We had to play doubles first and were playing two fit 20 year old lads. I say lads they were both over 6ft and quite broad one was called gary and the other John. I was wearing my very tight jeans with my strappy 4” heels on. As it was colder outside I had on a blue jumper but underneath I had in a very short white t shirt which shows off my mid riff and belly button ring.

After a while I was getting the all the guys attention as I was stretching further for my shots. Bending over quite regularly and flicking back my long brunette hair. There must have been 12 guys watching my every move on and off table. I was enjoying every minute of it and so was my BF. As it became hotter I took my jumper off. I shook my hair and felt everybody looking at my figure. I went to the toilet to add bit more make up and perfume to really send them wild. When I came back my BF wasn’t there and the two guys asked me to help choose some records on the juke box. They let me take a closer look and I could feel them huddle behind him. I could feel there breath on my neck as they pretended to look at juke box from behind me. I was so turned on knowing they were checking my arse out as I bent up and down looking or pretending to at the juke box. Just then my BF came out of gents, his face was a picture when he saw us like that but he said nothing. I then took my shot and carried on as before.

By now I was very merry and turned on. I started to tease John by staring at him and rubbing my hand up and down the cue. But I was getting so worked up wanted to go past my usual prick teasing. In the next game my BF played just the other lad. I went to the bar for more drinks and when I came back I went to the toilet. As I cam out of cubicle there was John stood in the ladies. I was happy, excited and a little scared. I was just about to say what about my BF but before I got to that he lunged forward and kissed me. He put his tongue in and I couldn’t help but respond. His hands were running all over my legs and bum as he led me back into the cubicle. As he shut the door he undone his trousers and shorts and out jumped this huge cock at least 7 inches. I put my hands around it and led him towards me. He was undoing my jeans and pulling aside my now soaking wet black silky thong. With one movement he was positioned right in front of my pussy lips. He thrust in his helmet taking in my juices as I gasped and wrapped my legs around his back. He was now fully in pounding away. I struggled to muffle my groans but was starting to orgasm. I snogged him more to keep the noise down further as he plunged deeper into me. After another few minutes I came again as he start to thrust harder. I was in heaven as he emptied his full load into me.

We quickly dressed and made our way separately back into the pub. I could feel his cum seeping out of me and it felt so good. Must change my panties when I get in and decide if to tell BF or not…………….

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