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Dark Places ch. 01-02

by darthewriter

30-year-old Zahid took a final deep puff of his cigarette, and dropped it onto the wet street outside the gate of his house. A distant clap of thunder warned of more rain to come. He left his muddy shoes on the veranda of his f****y home and walked, in his socks, into the house.

Zahid lived in a spacious but modest bungalow in the town of Abbottabad (N. Pakistan) with his parents and elder s****rs.

At 5 ft 11 inches in height, Zahid was a handsome young man, with dark eyes and short black hair. He wore a small moustache, the type that teenage boys grow with pride but that never actually grow thickly enough. Even by age 30, his moustache seemed to have become stuck in a time wrap and refused to thicken.

Zahid was the youngest of 5 c***dren. He had grown up being shown only affection and indulgence by his parents and siblings.

A year or so early additions had been made to the household. His eldest s****r 38 years old Nargis, had returned home following the death of her husband. She had brought along her two teenage c***dren, a girl and a boy.

Nargis was an attractive woman, 5ft 9, with a 38, 32, 36 figure. Long black hair, large brown eyes and a very shy smile. The Pathan bl**d in the f****y was obvious.

She had maintained her figure and had, some believed, actually improved with age. Certainly, Zahid found her extraordinarily attractive and spent every free moment with her.

Being an intelligent and careful woman, Nargis decided that it would be more economical to move into her parent's home and rent her own bungalow out. This arrangement was quite common and no one objected. After all, she was a widow and her chances of re-marriage were almost zero. The only income apart from her widow's pension was the rent from her house.

Nargis was the only one at home when he entered. His parents had taken Nargis' two c***dren, and her s****rs to visit their uncle in the nearby town of Mardan.

"As salaam Walikum Baji," (Peace be with you elder s****r) Zahid said, walking right up to her and hugging her as he kissed her cheek.

Nargis replied, "Walikum salaam" (And peace be with you).

As Zahid's hold became stronger and she felt his hands stroke her back as he rested his head on her shoulder Nargis added softly, "Zahid you are getting too old for this c***dishness".

"Oh Baji" Zahid said hugging her harder "Don't make a wet, dark day more depressing with 'old fashioned thinking'. You are too young and pretty for 'old-woman' thoughts".

Nargis laughed and patted his back. She felt him press himself against her, but decided to ignore the erection that pressed against her stomach. He was after all her younger b*****r.

About 8 pm, a telephone call informed Zahid that his parents and the rest of the party would be staying over night in Mardan. The rain had started to fall harder and his parents didn't want to risk a wet mountain road at night.

Zahid was pleased to hear this. He had been spending a pleasant evening seated next to Nargis watching TV as she busied herself knitting.

Zahid had enjoyed the feel of her warm body and the scent of her talcum powdered body as he sat with his arm around her shoulders, asking her what she was making and for whom.

His real interest in her knitting though was in the view it gave him of her breasts. By looking over her shoulder as she kitted, he could get a clear view of her large, full breasts. He watched them rise and fall as she breathed softly and answered his questions with amazing patience.

Zahid was wearing his house shalwar kamiz (long shirt & baggy pants). The looseness of the clothing allowed his Lund (manhood) to throb hard and erect without being noticed.

He had stopped wearing underwear almost from the moment Nargis had returned to live at home. They were too constraining and he soon realized that Nargis gave him an almost constant hard on.

Zahid was still a virgin, and given the very conservative town he lived in, it was unlikely that he would get laid outside marriage. Even the maids who worked for his mother were 'good women'. No amount of money would have convinced them to let him fuck them. Besides, they were nothing compared to Nargis. Not even close.

Zahid did however have access to the net. In fact he was addicted to pornography. The Internet, DVDs, and videocassettes everything but magazines and prostitutes were freely available in his hometown.

These gave him an outlet for the sexual heat; they didn't satisfy him.

The thing was that after years of jerking off, he was sick of it. He wanted to taste the forbidden fruit. He just didn't want to marry to taste it. With Nargis around, he somehow reasoned that he could get to taste sex without the marriage proviso.

He had fanaticized about Nargis constantly. Watching her move around the f****y home with lust filled eyes and a throbbing, burning hard on.

He had taken to walking around his bedroom and house in only a shalwar, the Nara (belt) tied below his belly button, exposing his athletic hairless chest, tight smooth stomach and part of his pelvis, to the various females in the house.

Dressed like that, it was impossible to conceal an erection. Even with the folds of cloth at the Nara, the telltale bulge was obvious.

He always made sure to go in front of Nargis and engage her in pointless conversation.

At such times Nargis would blush, get flustered and occasionally reprimand him for being under dressed. If it occurred to her that Zahid was horny or horny for her, she never let him know.

Zahid would often bring her small gifts from the bazaar; a bunch of flower; a new CD; small things that were not expensive but nice to receive.

On the Eid festivals he took her and their s****rs shopping and always bought her a flower garland of jasmine and red roses, to wear around her wrists, a traditional token of love and affection. It was an acceptable token between siblings although not many b*****rs would have bothered.

Nargis was always happy to receive these things and ignored the brush-ups against her back, ass or sides that Zahid seemed to constantly give her as accidents.

A few weeks earlier, Zahid had been ill with a high fever. It had kept him at home and away from his job as a Secondary school teacher at a reputable Boys High School.

Despite his illness he had been in heaven. Nargis had cared for him.

Zahid had not been too ill to take advantage of the situation, however. Lust is a very powerful motivator.

Pretending to be feeling unusually warm, he had insisted on sl**ping in the nude. He would deliberately toss and turn and ensure that the bed sheet slipped down to expose his naked butt, or his 7-inch cock, whenever Nargis entered the room.

Initially she had always fussed and pulled the sheet back up averting her eyes, but Zahid had caught her a few times studying his hard cock with interest.

One day, soon after Nargis had moved back home, Zahid had needed to use the washroom. Nargis had quickly exited the washroom, since he was pleading that he needed to go desperately. In her haste she had left her discarded cloths on the floor.

After Zahid had pissed and washed his prick, he noticed the clothing and picked it up. He put the clothing to his face and breathed in the deep perfume of Nargis' scent. He then looked at the clothing, and his heart leapt as he saw he actually held her recently worn white panties in his hands.

Unable and unwilling to stop himself, he sniffed the crotch of the panties and imagined they were still covering Nargis's choot.

He pulled on his stiff cock as he savored the scent of her pussy.

Then struck with an idea, he wrapped his cock in the panties and masturbated. He came in great spurts of cum. The panties soaked with his spunk as he sat weak-kneed on the bathroom floor.

He had never ever experienced an orgasm like it in his life.

After that day, he would seek opportunities to take Nargis' panties from the laundry basket and jerk off into them.

Nargis never commented on the state of her panties and probably simply dropped them into the washing machine ignorant of the sexual use they had been put to.

As the rain fell that night, Nargis asked Zahid to make them both a cup of milky-sweet tea.

Zahid made a face but got up and headed to the kitchen. The rain was falling very heavily now and suddenly the electric power flickered and died. Looking out of the kitchen window, Zahid saw that the whole area was in darkness. It wasn't a fault with the house fuses. The storm must have taken out a substation or Electric pylon.

"Power Cut?" Nargis suddenly asked from behind him.

"Yes, seems that way," Zahid said, turning the gas stove off as Nargis lit a candle.

He made the tea and then carried the cups to his bedroom.

After his illness, Nargis had continued to sl**p in his room on a spare bed. The sl**ping arrangements in the house were cramped. Nargis' s****rs and daughter were glad to have her out of the bedroom they shared. Nargis' son also slept in Zahid's room on wet or cold nights. Otherwise he slept on the veranda. Teenager boys need space.

They chatted for a while as the rain fell. The flashes of lightening and the candle were the only sources of light, in the darkened room. Nargis could sense Zahid's eyes on her even though she could barely see his face. But each flash of lightening revealed his eyes burning with desire.

Nargis stood up and looked out the window at the darkness and rain splashing against the windowpane. She needed to break the tension and move and stop Zahid's lustful appraisal of her.

She had to be honest with herself, as bad as it was to admit it; she was lonely for a man's touch.

It had been nearly a year since she last had sex. With all that had happened she had almost forgotten what sex was. But, her body remembered. She was not blind to Zahid's lustful gaze or ignorant of his almost constant hard-ons. She had tried dismissing it as c***dishness and even her own imagination running wild but, the way he brushed past her at doorways, touched her and hugged her, left her feeling uneasy.

Then there was the time she had found herself dreaming that her husband was caressing her breasts and thighs as she slept. The dream had been too real and she had opened her eyes to find Zahid lying besides her on her bed, touching her in 'wrong' ways.

She had slapped him and demanded to know what he had been doing?

He had innocently explained that she had been moaning and he had thought that a massage would ease her nightmarish dreams.

Nargis had doubted this explanation but she had taken no further action.

Now as she stood gazing out into the dark, she felt him watching her, staring at her.

She heard him stir or rather felt him move, it was so tensely silent in the room and yet she hadn't actually heard him stand up.

She turned to find Zahid standing naked by his bed, pulling slowly on his cock. She caught her breath. In the flashes of lightening she saw that he was indeed a handsome man with a good body and a very large looking prick.

""What are you doing" She asked unsure what to say as his body was illuminated by a flash of lightening.

"I am feeling hot, Baji" He said walking towards her "It is so humid let me open a window".

He was beside her, naked and beside her, as he reached to open the window; she felt his hand on her back and his cock press against her hand.

It was so hot! So very hot and hard. She gave a gasp and moved away, only there was not enough room and he pressed in closer.

"Zahid!" She said, "Pargal hogay kya? Mei Tumare behen ho!" (Have you lost your mind? I am your s****r!).

"You are also a beautiful woman Baji," Zahid said moving closer still.

Nargis was now backed into a corner nervously waiting and yes secretly wanting him. The realization hit her hard and she fought to retain control of herself.

"Zahid!" She said harshly "You are not well. You must stop this behavior"

Zahid smiled. He made no other movement but seemed to tower over her.

That smile was so much like her husband's at such times. A 'hungry smile', if there was such a thing. A rapid series of lightening flashes showed her that His eyes were dark and burning with lust, as his tongue wet his lips.

She saw it in a flash of lightening and felt suddenly confused. Her body wanted him even as her mind denied the fact.

More terrifying was the effect that it had on her...she felt her stomach flutter and tighten as her nipples hardened and her choot (Womanhood) became hot and wet with desire.

The realization that her body was willing and ready for whatever he had in mind and, actually wanted it shocked her. She had always tried to be a good person. A good daughter. A faithful wife and loving mother. It was not fair to be widowed at 40. Her husband may have died but she had not. Her sexual needs had not either. The relief that fingers could bring, in stolen moments of solitude, were nothing compared to what she had experienced as a wife of a very sexual man.

Slowly, Zahid backed away and she took her chance to rush to the washroom.

There in the darkness, she stood under the shower and turned on the cold water. It hit her like a slap on her face, as she stood under the stream of water and willed her mind to re-assert its authority over the hormones raging through her body.

Despite her relative youth and good looks she knew that a new husband was not likely. Her sexual life was as dead as her husband but unlike him, it refused to lie still and leave her in peace.

Shivering with cold she stripped off her clothing and dried herself. In her haste she had neglected to pick up any fresh clothing and so she stood naked in the dark washroom wondering what to do.

Finally, wrapping the irritatingly small towel around her as best she could, she opened the door and strained to see where Zahid was. The room was in darkness and totally still and silent. She decided to sneak out to her wardrobe and grab a suit, any suit to wear.

She had just pulled a kamiz over her head (a bra would have to wait) and was bending to pull her shalwar up (panties too could wait) when she felt Zahid's hands on her hips pulling her backwards hard against him.

She felt his super hot tool pressed between her buttocks as he rubbed himself against her damp cool flesh.

She screamed. More in surprise then fear. A loud clap of thunder drowned it out.

"Shut up!" Zahid whispered harshly, leaning forwards across her back, her upper body pressed into the wardrobe as his hot breath caressed her ear.

"I won't hurt you," He said, "I love you Baji! I really love you!"

Nargis was silent her ass cheeks split by the iron hard cock of her youngest b*****r. As he moved himself against her, his heavy ball sack slapped against her choot. Her hairless slit responded despite her mental efforts, and she shuddered as her choot got wet and her breathing got heavier.

Zahid was kissing her neck and ears telling her he loved her begging her to let him do it.

Nargis closed her eyes and put her head down bracing herself as she parted her legs slightly.

It was an instinctive movement; it was a gesture Zahid took to mean acceptance and permission.

He grabbed his man meat and rubbed the swollen hot head of it along her wet slit seeking the entrance to her choot.

She was so wet; she wanted it!

He was sure of that.

She was ready and waiting for him to enter her. She wanted him to fuck her.

She needed it. She was a young widow with needs; he was there to help her in any way she wanted.

Nargis gave a sob as she felt Zahid's long hard Lund split and enter her. She had forgotten how good it felt to be filled by a man's cock. She couldn't be sure but she thought Zahid was longer, thicker and hotter then her husband had been. She sobbed in shame and also in pleasure. She willingly moved her ass in time with his pumping, moving back to meet his inwards thrusts. She may have reasoned that getting him to cum would end the nightmare of i****tuous ****, but her body simply demanded quick and total satisfaction.

Experienced gained from many fucks with her husband told her that from Zahid's increasingly panted breathing he was about to cum.

"Under nahin. Bar nikalo!" (Not in me! Take it out) She yelled panting as her body approached its own orgasm.

"Don't cum in me! FOR GOD"S SAKE!" She pleaded struggling to dislodge him even as she felt her body betray her and she came.

Whether he heard her or even understood her, she wasn't sure, but he did pull out and shot a series of hot streams of cum all over her shaking ass.

Nargis was still bent over, her face resting on a shelf of the wardrobe as her legs quivered and her sex juice flowed from her recently fucked hole.

Zahid was panting and saying "oh wow Baji! I did it! I finally fucked you!"

Nargis couldn't think of anything to say as she ran shakily back into the washroom and stripped her kamiz off and squatted under the shower She took her time thinking about what had just happened, ashamed of herself, but also relieved. And yes satisfied. It had been she admitted, quick, hard and very good. Probably the best fuck she had ever had in her life. After 20 years of marriage, she felt guilty thinking that but she knew it was true nonetheless. Her husband had never made her cum so violently.

Turning the shower off she realized that the towel she had used earlier was still outside. She called to Zahid for a fresh towel, just as the power came back on.

The washroom door opened; flooding the bathroom with light from the bedroom; (The bathroom light switch was outside and off), as Zahid came in. He was still naked and still very hard.

She didn't object when Zahid kissed her breasts and toyed with her nipples. She felt his arms wind around her in a tight embrace and felt his lips press onto hers as he kissed her. His hard cock sticky and hot against her stomach as he hugged her, his hands squeezing and stroking her buttocks as they stood in the bathroom.

"Baji!" Zahid groaned "Oh Baji I love you so much...I could explode," He kissed her again.

It was not an experienced kiss she realized. It was the kind of kiss you learn by watching movies not by practice. It struck her that Zahid had probably been a virgin up on till 30 minutes ago. She had been his first. She wasn't sure how she felt about that. It made her feel funny inside but not ashamed.

He studied her body closely for a minute or two gently stroking his cock and smiling as he did so. She made no attempt to cover herself or turn away. Zahid had caught her at her weakest point. Sexual starvation had weakened her moral resolve.

She didn't object when he turned her away from him and urged her to bend over. She was silent as he teased her choot from behind with his fingers.

"Baji I want to cum in you," He said probing her with his fingers; turning them this way and that. His thumb teasing her slit and sending jolts of pleasure through her.

"No. You can't do that. I will get pregnant if you cum in me," She said quietly "I can't risk that; think of our f****y honor."

The last word struck her as suddenly stupid. What honor was there now? Her own b*****r had just fucked her and she had let him do it. What was more she was bent over letting her young b*****r freely toy with her fuck box and was actually enjoying it.

Zahid mumbled something she couldn't understand and then pressed his thumb roughly against her anus.

She gasped and asked him what he was doing.

"Agar choot witch nahin fareeq kursakhta tho Mei Teri gaand ko pardunga Baji aur is witch munni ki pani dalunga," (If I can't cum in your cunt then I will bust your ass and cum in you there!) He said with a steely edged voice of determination.

"Pargal ka bacha! Pechay hut harami! Hoosh mien ao " (Madman! Get back from me, bastard. Get control of you mind) She said with a sudden flash of anger. She Straightening up and tried to turn around to face him and push him away.

"Nahin!" Zahid said firmly holding her tightly and frustrating her attempts to turn around. He roughly squeezed her breast and he rubbed his cock against her butt. "Tumari gaand ya tumari choot.eik sai muza lunga mei" (You ass or your cunt. One is going to get pumped) He vowed harshly into her ear.

They struggled but he was stronger, younger and after all, horny.

She was not weaker, but her resolve was grumbling as she felt her body getting turned on by his manhandling of her breasts and the feel of his cock against her ass cheeks.

Nargis stopped resisting him and was silent for a moment. Then she said softly but firmly, "Oil me first".

Zahid gave a whoop of joy and reached up to the medicine cabinet where his olive oil hair oil was kept.

Nargis positioned herself. Bending over and parting her legs slightly, as her married life, experience had taught her.

She felt the oiliness fall onto her butt crack and his finger pushing the oil into her back hole. She saw Zahid's lean muscular legs and saw his hand cup and oil his balls and though out of sight, she hoped his shaft was also being oiled.

Finally after a few minutes of pumping her ass hole with oily fingers, Zahid aimed his cock head at the lubricated target of her anus and pushed.

Nargis groaned holding onto the wall as Zahid pushed into her rectum.

"Slowly!" She pleaded She was aware that he was an inexperienced boy with fucking on his mind, so she would have to guide him or end up unable to sit for a few days.

Zahid was neither slow or gentle he just pumped and fucked her ignoring her cries until with a groan he shot his second load deep into her ass.

Nargis panted and cursed him.

Later on that night as Nargis lay in bed struggling with guilt; Zahid lay down beside her and hugged her tightly.

They had both showered and after the fuck in the bathroom. Nargis had dressed cursing him for the pain she felt in her butt.

As she lay there listening to the sound of the thunder now distant as the storm moved off, she allowed Zahid to undress her. He pulled her kamiz up over her head, removed her bra and tugged her shalwar down. For some reason, she didn't understand, her white panties were left on. They seemed to hold an erotic fascination for Zahid. He caressed the fabric of her panties lovingly. Tracing the shape of her camel toe pussy with his fingertips and leaning down between her legs to smell her as he rubbed her slit and clit through the soft fabric. Nargis allowed him to freely feel and explore her body. Zahid's hands, pushing under her panty waistband to continue fingering her as he sucked and squeezed on her nipples, hungrily.

After 10 or so minutes of this pussy wetting, fingering; Zahid lay down on his back beside her on the bed and sucked his pussy flavored fingers as he pulled up and down on his cock.

Nargis watched him silently, her own fingers replacing his at her clit and finishing what he had failed to finish. She came over her fingers in her panties, with a soft almost inaudible moan of pure pleasure.

Zahid took her hand and placed it around his stiff bloated prick. Grasping her hand in his, he began to pump his cock.

He placed his free hand behind her head and gently coaxed it towards his shaft.

Nargis understood at once and adjusting her position she took hold of his shaft and licked the mushroom head.

"Oooooooooooooh!" He moaned as she sucked his cock head and manipulated his balls.

"I love you Baji," He moaned softly and Nargis knew he meant it.

Dark Places Ch. 02

Nargis woke up with Zahid on top of her. They were both naked; He was pressing her down and sucking on her breasts as he thrust his cock between her open legs at her bald, defenseless Cunt.

"What are you doing Zahid?" She demanded waking up suddenly as she felt his cock head try to enter her fuck hole.

"Chaudai (Fucking) Baji" He said with a smile "I am fucking you like a husband and wife fuck".

His blind thrusts were simple trial and error attempts, but his persistence paid off as a thrust had hit home and her wet hole was actually 'wanting' to take him in. She was defeated without even a token show of resistance. The previous night's events had broken down whatever wall was between them. It was simply sexual now.

He slid in to her an inch at a time, as her body betrayed her by welcoming and enjoying his invasion of her choot. She held back a moan of pleasure as he sank into her deeper and deeper. Her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist as he lodged himself fully in her sex starved choot.

It felt so good to be filled and stretched by his manhood. He felt larger then her husband had felt, she decided but perhaps her memory was fooling her. It had been a long time since her husband had screwed her.

"Oh Zahid" She moaned enjoying every sensation his pumping cock produced in her Cunt. It had been too long without sex and this felt so good; too good for something as sinful as i****t.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" She groaned again and again as her head whirled with pleasure and her Cunt baked his hard manhood in a hot, wet and very tight embrace

The shock of her own wetness hit her hard. He was making her wet making her want him or was it simply her own body wanting any cock to fuck her?

He was moving into her now with deep hard jabs of his hips, his rhythm was irregular but he was adjusting it with each push in and pull-out.

"Ohhhh! You are so hot Baji" Zahid groaned, kissing her face and neck.

Nargis suddenly woke up to the danger of the situation. He was 'on' her and 'in' her; fucking her hard and almost certainly not thinking straight. A moment's pleasure had almost made her careless, if he came in her unprotected choot, there could be problems.

"Oh Baji I love making love to you" Zahid groaned in pleasure as his pace picked up, he was close to Cuming; She felt his Lund pulse and throb in her choot and felt him tense....

"Zahid!" She yelled, slapping him hard in panic, across the face. This couldn't be happening, her body was accepting him and' betraying' her; she had to stop this at once. She had to get him off her and out before he 'came' or even 'dripped' in her.

Her violent slap shocked him and as she f***ed him off her, she felt his seed erupt over her choot opening, thighs and stomach.

Her heart sank as she wondered if any of his seed had actually cum inside her. Had he shot his spunk into her womb before she had dislodged him?

"You think you can just climb on me and stick your Lund in me whenever you want, do you? Am I a whore or a bitch in heat?" She continued as she got up, to run to the wash room and rinse and urinate in the hopes of ejecting any sperm that may have been shot into her.

Zahid was waiting for her as she came out and started dressing quickly.

"Baji, I would die before hurting you or damaging your reputation" Zahid said after a heavy silence.

Nargis replied "Zahid, you just can't jump on a sl**ping woman and stick your cock in her. I told you, I am not on birth control, and do you understand that you can make me pregnant with even a tiny drop of cum?"

Zahid nodded and said "I am stupid and careless but I love you, I will be prepared next time".

"Next time?" Nargis asked raising her eyebrow "what do you mean by that?"

"Baji, I am not going to stop now I have had you, finally. We are too good together and admit it, you WANT me" Zahid explained with a confident smile.

In her heart she loved her youngest b*****r more then her own c***dren. It was an odd kind of situation but she could understand that at 30 and unmarried Zahid was only human and well, nature was not to be denied. At least he wasn't fucking some man's gaand (ass) as so many horny young men did in the area, in frustration. Maybe a lover was just what they both needed. She made up her mind to visit the f****y planning clinic and get some pills and advice.

As she spent the day going about her chores, Nargis thought over the events of the last 24 hours and despite herself or because of her sex drive, she found herself smiling. To be truthful, she had almost forgotten how good it felt to be screwed, to have a man squeeze and hold you and fill you with his seed, or even spray it across your tummy. This was not a new experience; her deceased husband had been fond of Cumming 'on' her instead of 'in' her.

Zahid had been good for his first time. His prick was not a 'boyish toy', but a real 'man-thing'; genuine 'choot filler' and she had to admit; it had felt good in her only the fear of pregnancy had stopped her enjoying it fully.

Zahid had gone out to work at the private school the f****y owned and ran in town. Being a teacher he would be home relatively early. She went to the 'Green Star' clinic and got some pills and the advice she needed and went home again with a strange c***dlike feeling surging through her body.

Nargis found herself watching the clock, waiting for Zahid to return home.

It was raining again, a light icy drizzle that was carried in by cold winds from the distant snow capped mountains.

The kitchen was however warm and cozy and rather then waste gas heating other rooms, the ever money minded Nargis, took advantage of the need to cook and be warm, to create a comfortable seating area in the corner of the kitchen using a 'two- seat' sofa and an armchair, almost as soon as she had moved back home, after her husband's death.

She was sipping her usual cup of hot, sweet, milky Pakistani tea, when Zahid opened the door of the kitchen and entered closing the door quickly behind him to keep the cold draft out.

She watched him silently, appraising him with the eyes of a woman not a loving s****r. This surprised her but she had to accept that he was a handsome man with a good body. He didn't look like a sinister person and it was hard to believe that he had fucked her last night and this morning. Hard to believe that he was a 'behanchoard' (s****r-f ucker).

Had last night been so terrible, honestly, she wondered to herself, feeling her nipples harden and pussy get hot at the memory of him using her so f***efully?

Zahid looked at her and smiled reaching into his pocket he pulled out a brown paper bag and said meaningfully "I am now prepared Baji. These are condoms. You are right I was careless and I was not thinking" He admitted "I was just so hot and seeing you lying there naked, I just lost me mind".

"Zahid, you must be careful always, mistakes are not something I need in my life right now" Nargis said. Trying to ignore the obvious meaning of his statement; He was going to fuck her again. Her heart raced not from fear but from Joy. Yes, she wanted him to do it. She just didn't want to make the first move and risk being called a 'Rundi' (whore).

"Yes, Baji I know and I will be careful "Zahid said sitting down beside her on the small comfy sofa and taking her tea cup gently from her hands and putting it on the floor beside the sofa.

Her mouth was slightly open and dry as she watched him. He was going to do it there in the kitchen.

Nargis looked at him as he leaned in close to her and put his lips on hers. She felt as if she was watching a movie with everything happening in slow motion. The taste of his mouth was a surprise to her; he had obviously brushed his teeth before coming to the kitchen. She could taste the minty clean flavor of the toothpaste and as he eased her back against the back of the sofa, she felt his hands reach for and squeeze her breasts with a gentleness that was a turn on. His hands molded and squeezed her breasts, his thumbs playing over the nipples as he kissed her. Her Kamiz (shirt) and bra didn't prevent her from enjoying the feeling of him handling her tits.

She began to kiss him back and wrapped her arms around his neck as they kissed.

His hands moved down her back to hold her butt. She felt him squeeze her ass tight as his mouth moved down to her neck.

He released her and said calmly but firmly, "Stand up and bend over the dinning table".

Nargis was unable to resist his voice; mainly because her own pussy was hungry and demanding to be filled and used by a Lund

After she had done as he said, she watched him almost breathless with anticipation as he looked at her ass and smiled.

Zahid stood up and flipped her Kamiz shirt tail, up over her back and pulled her shalwars and panties down to her feet.

She heard him unzip his trousers and saw him reach across to pick the condom packet up.

After a few moments she felt his lips on her bare ass and his fingers working at her slit. Teasing the opening of her choot to get her as wet as possible for his entry.

Nargis rested her head on her hands and sighed, her legs shivering slightly, but not from the cold but from the erotic situation she found herself in. Her b*****r was going to fuck her again and she was looking forward to it.....

She gasped in shock when Zahid put his mouth to her pussy, his nose wedge between her buttocks as his tongue lapped the Cunt juice off her pussy lips. The feel of his thumb on her clit as his fingers fucked her and his mouth sucked her made her shudder violently. This was a new experience. Something she had heard of but never done. Her dead husband had been eager to have her suck him but never repaid her by licking or sucking her choot. To be fair, she had never suggested it.

Zahid's tongue shifted its attention suddenly and trailed a trail along her butt crack to poke at her anus with its tip. All this time, he worked his fingers and thumbs on her slit and hard erect clit, triggering thrills of pleasure throughout her body.

He kept this up until she could stand it no more and begged him to fuck her.

"Do it Zahid! Put it in; I am burning up and I want you in me now" She whispered lustfully.

Zahid smiled and stood up watching his s****r's ass shiver in spasms of pleasure. This was easier then he had imagined it would be. The woman was actually begging him to fuck her. It was unreal but wonderful.

He checked that the condom was on properly, glad that he had used one condom, in a 'dress rehearsal' an hour earlier. That 'test' and the 'Mutt-mar' (hand job) he had given himself had taken the desperation out of his lust. It had allowed him now, to manipulate and control the situation.

The results were very good. Here was Nargis, his elder s****r, bent over the dinning table, asking him to fuck her.

He took hold of his cock and aimed it at the pink wet lips of her choot. He ran the swollen cock head along her slit a few times, teasing her and lubing his cock slightly in preparation for what he was about to do.

Nargis moaned at the first touch of his hot cock head along her slit and then gasped as it pierced her hole; she gasped louder and almost yelled out as Zahid took hold of her hips and savagely thrust into her in one violent movement of his hips and butt.

'Aaah!" She gasped her eyes watering "Slowly please slowly"

Zahid smiled wickedly. He had always wanted to do this to her. Do it hard and rough and make her gasp in shock. He now had her impaled; speared on his long hard cock. He was buried, up to his balls in her, and if he could have he would have buried his balls along with his Lund in her.

He held her tight, not pulling back until he felt her adjust quickly to him. Then he slowly eased back and gave her a hard fast jab with his cock again, burying himself up to his balls in her. He repeated this over and over again until Nargis moaning and panting with pleasure, came all over his cock.

"OooooooooooooooooooH" She wailed her body shivering and shaking as her orgasm ripped through her choot.

As the orgasm died, she felt the slow steady and now gently thrusts of Zahid in her and was impressed by his control.

Zahid was trying hard to regulate his thrusts and delay his own orgasm.

His shirt was wet with sweat and his ball soaked with Nargis' generous cum, it was great to fuck her at will. Wonderful to make her cum and mind-blowing to think that he would do this whenever her felt like it.

"Cum" Nargis moaned softly and weakly "Cum in me"

Zahid picked up pace his thrusts getting faster and deeper as she moaned and sighed "yessss! Oh yessss! That's the it Zahid Do it now. Cum" She moaned.

With the sound of bl**d pumping in his ears and his own panting, he felt the moment approach and sending his cock into her a deep as she could, he let his spunk explode into her with a cry of triumph.

Later they ate dinner in silence but the tension built up as the night went on.

The rest of the f****y turned up after dinner and for a while Nargis could forget all that had happened.

As bed time came, Nargis went to the room she shared with Zahid feeling strange inside.

She was scared, ashamed yet excited too. Her nipples hardened and her legs shook nervously as her choot grew hotter and wetter with every step she took towards the bedroom.

What was happening to her? She had never thought of herself as a 'bad' woman. She had never done anything to be embarrassed about but now when she should feel shame and remorse for letting Zahid have her, she felt, 'hot'.

Zahid was asl**p when she got to the room. Unusually for him, he was dressed in a very modest way; a sl**ping suit that covered him decently for a change, rather than a loosely tied shalwars, slipping from his hips and a bare chest, as usual.

Nargis took her night suit and went into the bathroom.

Stripping she looked at herself in the basin mirror and noticed perhaps for the first time in a long time that she was still attractive. Looking down at her body she decided that marriage, pregnancy and widowhood had not taken too high a toll on her.

Putting her cloths in the bucket for washing, she paused to feel her panties and was surprised at the wetness her fingers found on the crotch of her panties.

What was happening to her and why?

Showering and drying herself slowly, she realized that she was still a young woman who had been widowed too young. Obviously, her body and sex drive were not willing to accept a cold, sexless life, despite what her mind and society said.

Dressing, she went back into her room and looked over to check that Zahid was still in bed asl**p. He was and so she lay down and fell asl**p.

An hour or so alter she woke from a dream with a start. She had dreamt that a man was fucking her, his long hot cock moving in and out of her wet pussy as he played with her breasts. She had pulled herself from the ecstasy of the dream believing that Zahid was again on her fucking her.

To her horror and surprise, she found that the 'Lund pumping her' was actually her own fingers and the nipple teasing was being done by her too!

She lay back confused and ashamed by the sexual thoughts ripping through her mind.

Zahid rolled over and smiled, he hadn't been asl**p at all, but what had he seen or heard?

"Nargis?" He whispered "I know you are awake and I know that you are hot. You were playing with your tits and pussy a long time and moaning in your sl**p".

"Go to sl**p" Nargis said softly, her voice quivering in anticipation.

He sounded so confident, so clear headed and certain that she wanted him. It was like he could read her mind.

She heard him laugh softly and then saw him stand up and remove his night suit.

"What are you doing?" She asked "if someone comes in?"

"No one will come in." he said walking over to her bed and standing beside it. Casually stroking his Lund's hard erection.

"Open your mouth and suck it" he commanded pointing the head of his cock down at her mouth.

"I will not" Nargis said sitting up suddenly and staring at his cock, aware that her body was reacting to it with eager anticipation.

"No you will" he said calmly "you want it. You want to taste it and lick it and suck it. Don't you Baji?"

"No I can't, it is, it is too big" she said her voice suddenly sultry and strange to her ears.

Zahid laughed softly "Really? Too big? Well that is not going to stop you is it, open your mouth and swallow it"

She shook her head and lay down covering her face with her hands.

Zahid lay down on the bed beside her, and took hold of her hand putting it on his tool he said "Play with it".

Nargis despite her words found the temptation too great.

As Zahid toyed with her Cunt and tits, Nargis found her 'playing' getting more erotic. His cock was so hard, burning hot and his balls seemed to be huge. Her mouth watered as she sat up and looked at his 'man meat'. It seemed so tasty and she soon got on her knees and bent over it. Her tongue tasting the tip and teasing the piss slit where a dew drop of cum pre-cum had formed.

Zahid watched her breathlessly; she was going to suck him off, like the porno stars in the movies.

She opened her mouth and slowly took him in. Her tongue wetting and stroking his shaft as she swallowed him.

Nargis was soon sucking with the all the experience she had gained from sucking her husband. Zahid's cries of pleasure and moans were so gratifying that they encouraged her to suck hard and take him deeper.

Finally, with Zahid lifting his buttocks off the bed and face fucking her mouth like it was a pussy, she coxed him to a frighteningly long orgasm. He just seemed to cum and cum in her mouth and she swallowed as much of it as possible.

Fifteen minutes later, Nargis was naked and on her back, taking his condom sheathed cock into her choot for a long hard ride.

He was so controlled; so calm as his balls slapped against her ass and his cock pumped in and out of her wet pussy.

She gasped as his fingers pulled at her buttocks to allow an index finger to fuck her butt hole in time with his choot pumping.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh! Yes!" she moaned as his Lund slapped into her again and again, sending shudders of pure pleasure through her body.

"Baji! Ohhh Baji" Zahid panted as his pace increased and the bed rocked and shuddered under the f***e of his fucking,

"I Ohhh, I am nearly aaaah! I am Cumming" He gasped his Lund throbbing as he slammed it back into her as deep as he could go and shot his burning hot seed into the condom deep in her. He came in a great flood that seemed like it would burst the condom and splash into her womb Nargis felt every pulse and spit of seed as it ejaculated into her. It was so hot and she longed to feel his naked Lund in her repeat the performance.

As the sun came up the next morning, Nargis was on her hands and knees with Zahid kneeling behind her feeding his soapy cock into her butt hole, He had wanted to fuck but the condoms were all used up. Nargis had therefore been encouraged to take him in her butt. She wasn't complaining he was doing her with slow deliberate strokes that were soon sending her pussy towards another orgasm. She used her fingers to savagely play with her clit and breasts as he held onto her hips and fucked her ass. She came almost the same second his spunk shot into her rectum. They both wallowed in the pleasure that they felt as he spat a series of spunk doses into her and she shuddered with her own orgasm.

Two nights later, a very hard and horny Zahid, was on his back as his s****r sat astride him, riding his cock. Zahid watched his cock slide in and out of her shaved pussy, seeing her choot swallowing his cock like a mouth, with every up down jump of her hips.

He was without a condom and had wondered what Nargis was thinking when she insisted he put' it in her'. He would have happily agreed to butt fucking her anus but she had been determined that he screw her first.

"Baji" He moaned staring at her face and tits as she rode him faster and faster. "Baji, I am nearly there"

She rolled over unto her back and lay with her legs open saying "Fuck me Zahid, cum in me"

"IN YOU?" Zahid asked surprised as he paused poised between her legs his cock already aimed at her choot.

"Yes Cum In me, I want to feel your juice flood my womb and make me cum" She moaned pulling him down onto her heaving body.

Zahid reacted as any man would to such a request; he obeyed and slammed his Lund into her boiling hot pussy. He could only manage a few powerful strokes before erupting into her with a cry of pleasure.

Nargis contemplated her new situation. She was glad that she was now on birth control, a man as hot as Zahid would one day not care about condoms and fuck her till he came in her; and she loved the feel of him filling her up with spunk.

She was looking forward to her new life as Zahid's lover.

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