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Would you mind if i ask you a question?

This is the first time writing
The last night of the theatre show i worked on the cast and crew had a cast party. Being involved with theatre i am around people flirting with each other all the time. I am pretty oblivious/desensitize to all of it. When a friend said he was going home I told him I would walk to our cars down the campus together. Walking past a greek open theater being built we decided to jump the fence and look at the concrete stage and outer shell of the building thats been built so far. we walked trhought ht back rooms that will one day be dressing rooms. over the stage was a roof and more pillars. We climbed up there and sat for a little while he looks at me and says. "You mind if i ask you a question?" "sure" "would you mind kissing me?" my mind started racing. I had questioned my sexuality when i was younger never when i was older. I watch all types of porn but I dont believe the porn you watch reflects what your interested in. I thought why not this is a good friend of mine and i knew if i said no he would respect me. "sure". People throughout the department have wondered his sexuality and how far hes gone. We started kissing and it felt no different from when i was kissing a girl. I got aroused immediately and my troubles seemed to melt away. we would stop kissing and he was shivering i took of my sweater and put it over him we lied down and talked. He asked me if i had any sexual experiences before and I told him about the first one which is another story. His face was scruffy and scratched my lips while kissing him. I could tell he probably hadn't kissed much which he admitted later. he would open his mouth as wide as he could which made it hard to kiss him. he started scratching my chest and his hand ran lower right under my belt and run his nails up to my belly. my back started arching. after he started this scratching he tells me "would you mind if i stopped it here." "no problem at all" i say assuring him i was completly alright with it. I wanted to make sure that both of us felt comfortable.
thats all. i kno who i am but how will this define me

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