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I fucked the shit out of Lynn Shell!

I fucked the shit out of Lynn Shell! You were overly horny that night you wanted cock and lots of cum. You were restless. I was out-of-town. Your vibrator didn’t do the trick. So you decided to head to the bar. Maybe you’d find some desperate guy willing to give you a quick no-strings-attached anonymous fuck and from past experience, you weren’t worried that it would be a problem.

You slipped on a short tight blue jean skirt,conveniently leaving your panties behind and you pulled a tight white crop-top over your plumpbbraless tits, making sure your half-dollar size nipples were rock hard and pointing straight-out. And you stepped into a pair of black heels, completing the slut-look. You fluffed-up your hair and hurriedly applied some make-up, with some fire engine red lipstick, and went out the door. On the mile-long drive to the bar, you frigged your clit mercilessly, getting your shaved pussy nice and moist. You wanted afast-fuck, no foreplay, but you wanted to at least be somewhat lubricated. The bar was busy, as usual, when you arrived. A lot of unfamiliar faces that night. But Rusty was there, as always, and spotted you right away.

Rusty was the town troublemaker, and had been after you to fuck him for a long time. He and I had many a fistfight over you. I was pretty straight-laced, a pretty-boy, a bodybuilder, a health food nut. Rusty was a biker-type, with leather and tattoos and greasy hair, the whole bit. He wasn’t a terribly attractive guy, and he looked pissed-off all the time. But you decided that that night would be Rusty’s lucky night. He came right over to you, asking where you’re old man was. You told him out-of-town and started to walk away, playing hard-to-get.

He followed, offering to buy you a drink. You walked up to the bar and ordered, and he sat down next to you, rubbing your leg. You pushed his hand away. He said, ah, come on, baby, you’re here for a reason, you must be horny without your manaround. And his hand was on your leg again. This time you didn’t push him away, and his hand immediately moved to your pussy. He felt your pantiless crotch and started rubbing it hard, exclaiming fuck, slut, you do want it bad, don’t ya?! You swallowed your drink in one gulp and got up off the barstool and led him to the back,to the men’s bathroom. You walked in, and there was one guy pissing at the urinal and Rusty screeched at him to get the fuck out NOW!!! With piss dripping off his cock, he ran out, knowing that Rusty would kick the shit out of him if he didn’t do as he was told.

You and Rusty went to the back stall, not necessarily for privacy, since none of the men’s room stalls had doors on them, but just so that if somebody did come in, you wouldn’t be visible thru the open door. He pushed you down to your knees and pulled out his already stiff cock and shoved it in your mouth. You took it willingly, trying to get it to fit completely in your mouth without gagging. He had a nice size cock, probably about 7 or so, nice and fat too. You slurped on his tool for a couple of minutes, when he said, fuck, bitch, I gotta get inside you now!

He turned you around, so you were leaning over the toilet, lifted up your skirt and slammed it in your cunt hard. You yelled out, yeah, you fucker, fuck my cunt!! And he pounded you and pounded you it felt so fucking good to get filled up like that. He called you a filthy slut as he rode you. Guttural sounds came out of you as you held on tight to the back of the toilet slam it in, you bastard! do it hard!!

He says, Oh yeah whore you’re gonna get it hard all right! and pulled out of your pussy and f***ed it up your ass. He grunted loudly and moaned as he filled you completely with no mercy and criedout, OH FUCK you fucking pig take my cock up your tight fucking ass!!! You could barely hold yourself up as he was slamming himself into you so hard. It hurt your asshole, and you knew you wouldn’t be able to take another cock up your ass for awhile after this, but you were like an addict you needed it, so you kept taking it as hard as he was giving it.

He pulled out completely and buried it in you one more time in one ****-like thrust, then said, you’re gonna eat my nasty cum, bitch turn around NOW and he pulled out, and you turned around and opened your mouth wide. As he jacked himself off, he wasshaking, and mumbling Oh yeah, slut, eat my fucking dirty cum then grunted, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH as two wads of hot cum squirted onto your tongue. You started to savor it in your mouth, when a bigger load splatter on your cheek, then a long stream squirted out of his cock onto your lips and chin, leaving a string of jizz hanging off your face. Oh, that’s it; you dirty cumwhore, that’s what you wanted, isn’t it? he laughed.

You looked up at him with a big smile on your cum-covered face. And he said, tell me what a dirty whore you are. You proudly said, I’m a dirty whore! And he laughed again and said, well, good, because I’ve got one more thing for you and started spraying his piss all over your face and on your shirt, soaking your tits, laughing. You had never had that done to you before, so youweren’t sure if you liked it or not. You started to get up, as the piss was spraying you like an out-of-control water hose. He pushed you back down to your knees and grabbed the back of your head and said open up, slut and finished emptying his bladder in your mouth.

You swallowed some of it, but most of it ran out of your mouth, down your chin, and onto your tits and the floor. Now lick my cock clean! You took his cock in your mouth once more but only got to have it for a few seconds, when he pulled out, pushed you down onto the floor between thetoilet and the stall wall, and said, I’m done with you now, whore. And he stuffed his cock back in his pants and walked out.Humiliated, you wanted to lie there and hide, but you knew you had to get going and try to sneak out without being seen. But evidently, the guy who Rusty chased out had told his buddies that Rusty took a woman in the can to fuck. Because when you walked out of the stall, soaked with piss and cum, some of the cum still coating your face, there stood three guys stoking their dicks, waiting for you, smiling. You tried to get around them and get the hell out of there, but one of the guys grabbed you and pulled you over to the sink and bent you over it.

Your skirt was still pulled up, and a cock filled your cunt.The guy who pulled you to the sink grabbed your head and turned it so you could suck his cock while your pussy was being hammered. The third guy kept chanting, fuck the bitch, fuck the slut, hurry up, I wanna get in her ass mmmmmm. The cock in your cunt didn’t feel too bad, but the cock in your mouth was huge, had to have been 9, and you were worried what kind of damage he was going to do with that thing. What you didn’t know was how big the third guys cock was could you’re already stretched and sore asshole takes it?You sucked as much of the 9 in your mouth as you could. He tried forcing it down your throat, but you kept gagging, but he kept trying, saying, come on, whore, I know you can take it, swallow it, bitch! The guy ramrodding your cunt said, Gag the bitch with it, then I’m gonna gag her with my cum! We know she likes cum in her mouth and on her face!! 9 got shoved down your throat, then held there, as you struggled to move your head and tried to breath. But you couldn’t breathe, since Rusty had filled up your sinuses with his piss. You whimpered, and then he blew his load down your throat.

You could feel it coating your insides, and you started to feel light-headed, just as he pulled out and smacked his still-hard cock across your cheek. Then, almost simultaneously, the guy who was fucking your pussy grabbed your head from the opposite direction and blasted his hot spunk all over your face, AND the third guy drilled your ass with what felt like a fucking horse cock! You screamed bl**dy murder, and the guy inside your ass shouted at the other two to stuff your mouth full of their cocks, gag the bitch, and shut her up while I rip her asshole good!

Oh, fuck your ass hurt! You could tell his cock was long and thick the way it slammed deep up inside of you and filled you to overflowing. The other two guys worked their flaccid cocks in your mouth. Even limp, you had a helluva mouthful. The guy ramming you from behind didn’t act like he was going to be done with your shit hole, or cum anytime soon, so the two cocks in your mouth became hard again before too long with you gobbling them up. You worked hard on their cocks, trying to get your mind off the brutal violation of your asshole.

The guy ripping your ass laughed and said, fuck, she loves it, look at the way she’s inhaling those dicks in her mouth! He proceeded to pound you faster, as his cock seemed to almost get bigger in your ass. You were pretty sure he was getting ready to cum, so you sucked harder on the massive dicks in your mouth, trying to take them both at the same time, stretching your lips to exhaustion. You wanted this to be over with, and honestly, you wanted more cum you craved it.

The two guys were fucking your mouth harder, telling you how they were going to cover your filthy whore face with their hot spunk, then push you out the door, dripping with jizz. All three guys were breathing hard, moaning loud, saying how they should all cum on you at the same time. The guy in your ass pulled out abruptly, making a loud squishing, popping sound as the head came out. He pulled you back roughly, pushing you down onto your back, yelling, open your mouth, whore!

You saw the horsecock; it had to have been 10-12 long and 6 around you gaped at it, not able to grasp the concept that that monster had been buried in your ass! Then you heard let’s give her a fucking cumbath boys! he said. They all stood over your face, jacking their big dicks furiously for a minute or two, then you were hit with flying gobs and gobs and gobs of hot sticky goo, all over your face and in your mouth.

You tried to keep your mouth open and take it all in, but it filled up so fast, then most of the rest of it splattered on your face. You gurgled cum, trying to take it all down into your belly. You licked your lips trying to take more in. The men continued jerking their cocks trying to squeeze out the last remaining drops of their seed. The cum on your face hung off your chin and cheeks like sticky chewing gum being pulled from the bottom of a shoe.

Just as their cocks were going soft, a young man barged into the bathroom, heading to a urinal. He turned abruptly, with complete shock on his face, seeing the scene of the cum-covered slut on the floor and three big cocks hanging over you. He became overly nervous, needing to piss badly, but turning to leave, not sure if he should or if he wanted to. The guy that had been savaging your ass grabbed him and said, hey buddy, ever pissed up a sluts gaping asshole? The k** stuttered, uh uh NO! The guy grabbed you by your hips roughly and flipped you over and pulled your ass up in the air, your ass cheeks still spread wide on their own from the girth of the horse-size cock, your asshole as round and opened-up as the diameter of a silver dollar.

The young guy gasped, his mouth hanging open. The guy who punished your asshole said to me, Tell the k** you want his hot piss up your ass! You were exhausted, and didn’t respond right away. You felt the sting of a hard smack on your ass, and you bellered out, Piss in my asshole!! The k** was still stunned, but the guy said louder, Go ahead, she’s just a cum and piss whore she loves it DO IT! And the k** reacted like he was scared, and whipped his cock out and started pissing wildly on your ass, but something must’ve come over him and he realized how cool this was, then aimed directly at your tender, protruding butt hole and filled you up with what felt like a gallon of hot steamy piss.

It gushed out of you eventually, all the while stinging your insides like hell, but you moaned with pleasure at the whole idea of all of this hot pee filling up your hard-fucked fuckhole. The k** moaned as he finished-up. You were thinking he was getting a hard-on and maybe you would get some more cum (as it was forming a nice pool underneath your dripping face), but he evidently realized what had just done and couldn’t fathom it, and quickly put his cock away and bolted. The three men laughed, then started walking out too, and one of them said, Thanks for the hot fuck, whore! and they all laughed some more and left, leaving you in a pool of their sticky spunk. Being the true cum whore that you are, you lapped it up off the floor, picked yourself up, pulled your skirt down, and walked out of the bathroom and walked thru the bar to the door, with your head held high, and your face consumed in cum. When you got out to your car, you hungrily wiped the cum off your face and gobbled it up. Needless to say, when I came home the next day, you did not require my services right away.?

Rusty K. TX

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