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How I lost my virginity to an older man, continued

I was so young and naive and thought it was really great that this busy guy was taking such an interest in me. I wonder how many teenagers have felt the same way about an older, sophisticated man...

I kept on cutting his lawn every week and afterwards we'd have talk and he would spend a lot of time showing me things about computers. One day when I knocked on the door he called out and told me to come in. He was sitting in the living room watching porn. I was just staring at it and he asked if I wanted to watch with him. He put it on pause and went to get me a soda. When he got up I couldn't miss that his penis was sticking out a little from the bottom of his shorts. He brought back a soda and told me to sit down. I was a little embarrassed and he must have noticed because he told me there was no reason to be embarrassed. He asked if I ever watched porn before and I said yes and he turned it back on. I had an instant hard on.

While we sat there watching he kept making comments about what was happening. I saw that the head of his penis was still sticking out of his shorts and the bulge in his shorts was really big. I had never seen a man's penis in the flesh before and it was like I couldn't help but sneak peeks at it. About the fifth or sixth time of looking at him he caught me looking. I got really embarrassed and couldn't say anything. He told me it was ok and asked me to come over and sit next to him. I did as he asked and he gently took my hand and started to move it towards his penis. I didn't know what to do but I didn't stop him. I sat there with my hand on him while he sat there making comments about the girl giving a guy a blowjob.

I could feel that his penis was really hard and was very big. He started to move my hand up and down on his penis. He took his hand away and told me to keep doing it. He put his hand on the back of my neck and started massaging it. He kept commenting about the porn and talking to me but I couldn't answer. It was a very surreal experience for me but I didn't stop.

He then got up and took his shorts off, sat back down, put my hand back on him and told me to keep rubbing it, which I did. I could see out of the corner of my eye that he was watching me but I couldn't look directly at him because while I was enjoying what was happening, at the same time I felt self-conscious about doing it. He went back to massaging my neck and after a while he moved my head down and rested it on his chest. A few minutes after that he started to move my head toward his penis and I just sort of went with it.

He told me it was okay and to put my mouth on it. He put his hands on each side of my head and slowly moved it up and down. He wasn't saying anything and all I could hear was him breathing and the sound of the TV. After several minutes I could feel him tense up. He was holding my head part way down on his penis and his cum started shooting into my mouth. When he finished he let my head go and I was so totally blown away and self-conscious I just felt like I had to get out of there. I got up and left as fast as I could and he kept calling after me asking where I was going. More later...

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