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The author kindly advises that this scenario contains descriptions of exhibitionism, rough sex and graphic language and is only suitable for persons over 18 years old.


(A French/Moroccan girl discovers forest sex and exposes herself to a female motorist)

The envelope containing a memory stick in her mailbox looked innocent enough. She took it with her on the way in and left it on the table in the hallway. Aureli had just arrived home, exhausted after another stressful day at the office. Home was an apartment in an expensive suburb close to Paris’ city centre.

Aureli was a tall slim girl from Moroccan French descent. She had coffee colored skin, short curly hair, small boobs but was tight and lean with a rock hard small butt. She worked in central Paris as an assistant editor for a fashion magazine. After work she always went to her aerobics and yoga class before heading home. Her exercise regime gave her a lithe muscular body. The envelope in her mailbox didn’t surprise her. She often received last minute photo material by mail or email, to be used for publications the next day.

She threw her bag and coat on the cream-colored sofa and poured herself a glass of wine. She remembered the envelope, got her laptop and inserted the stick into the USB port. A folder opened and she double clicked the contents
She gasped as several shocking images appeared before her eyes.

A naked woman in a dark forest had her genitals licked by a masked black man who looked like a bodybuilder. A little piece of video showed the same female panting and moaning while being taken from behind by the man. At first she was disgusted and wanted to throw the memory stick away but foremost questions filled her mind; who had sent this to her and why? There was a web link on the files. She clicked the link and a window opened. There was an email link and an enormous amount of money offered to those who would be interested to participate and be filmed.

Aureli closed the files and removed the stick. Together with the envelope she threw it in the bin. She found it all disgusting and perverse.

A week went past. Work consumed Aureli. She spent days reviewing photo material and organizing layouts with other editors and photographers. Despite the volume of material crossing her desk the photos on the memory stick stayed with her.

It was Friday night. Aureli had arrived home from work and after- hour drinks with colleagues. It was mid summer, humid and raining heavily. She shook out her umbrella at the door, hung up her coat in the hallway, and uncorked a bottle of red. She opened up her laptop and looked at the bin. She was in two minds whether to retrieve the stick. In the end her curiosity got the better of her as she checked out the contents of the wastebasket. She inserted the memory stick and looked at the images again, especially the video footage. It was compelling to watch the girl’s massive orgasm at one stage. The hooded man was big, muscular and black and was hung like a horse. He was thoroughly delving into the girl’s crotch incessantly licking and roughly fingering her genitals. The woman couldn’t stop moaning and screaming.

Aureli closed her laptop.

That evening in bed she couldn’t stop thinking about what she’d watched. The urge came up to touch herself. Her fingers slowly crept towards her crotch. It was around midnight and still warm outside. She came out of shower and was naked when she opened up the lounge’s sliding doors. The faint street noises entered her dark lounge room as she felt the cool evening air on her skin. She sat naked on her large sofa where she spread her legs as she caressed her tight little breasts, her fingers running down her short black pubic hair menacing her dark clit, delving into her pink opening. The images of the girl and the hooded man tormented her mind and refused to leave her alone. The moon lit up her tight supple body as she fingered herself with her eyes half closed, her breathing heavy with desire.

It was 3am in the morning and she was still awake. With the sex chemicals flooding her brain, her genitals were twitching. She was at the mercy of her burning urges as she left her sofa and sat at her white kitchen bench. She looked at her laptop but hesitated. What would she get herself into when she would make contact with whoever sent her these files? Filming her having sex would be out of the question. She thought about the woman and the black hooded stud impaling her from behind. She thought of a masked stranger mating with her, penetrating her, flooding her with his sperm.

She caressed her breasts, her neck, her face, fingers running through her hair. She would be so up for it right now.

The thought made her skin crawl.

The attraction of the dangerous unknown was very strong, maybe too strong. Her curiosity, the lure of an incredible sexual adventure, the mental image of all that large hot meat throbbing inside her… She finally reluctantly opened her laptop and clicked the contact link on the file. A message arrived in her in-box with a date, place and time. In a comment box she acknowledged the details and wrote ‘no filming’.

She closed her laptop and spent the rest of the night frantically fingering herself.

It was a very warm and humid Saturday night. The rain had been pouring down all day. A car sat stationary on a busy parking area along one of the main highways leading out of Paris. Next to the car park area was a large forest with lush undergrowth. Aureli was in thoughts behind the wheel as she watched the heavy rain stream down the front windscreen. She had left home early. She had pondered what to wear and decided only a jacket, t-shirt, jeans and trainers would be OK. She was nervous and contemplated backing out. She asked herself if she did the right thing and didn’t know the answer. She acknowledged for herself that she was driven by curiosity and a desire for new sexual experiences.

At the agreed time a sports car parked in one of the parking spots in front of her and two men dressed in leather stepped out. They were Africans and both appeared to be bodybuilders judged by their muscular appearance. They left the car park carrying a leather bag and disappeared into the dense, wet and dark forest.

Aureli took this as a sign, got out of her car into the pouring rain and followed them at a distance.

The men went down a torn up dirt road where large forestry tractors had left deep tyre marks. The track had turned into a string of large mud holes under the weight of the heavy machinery. The rain had filled up the holes and turned the track into a thick dark brown slush. The men stopped as they opened the bag and produced two black hoods, a collar and a leash. Here the streetlights of the car park area still provided some fading light in between the trees and undergrowth. People could be seen amongst the parked cars with in the background the sounds and spray of the raging traffic.

When Aureli caught up with the masked men she recognized the scene from the video on her laptop. Aureli was nervous and excited at the same time. Few words were exchanged as all of them knew what they were here for. One of the men produced a large waterproof bag and ordered Aureli to take her clothes off.

The request caught her off-guard. She blushed, was taken aback by it and hesitated for a while but eventually started to peel off her clothes. She should have expected this, having watched the girl on the files. She slowly stripped and put her clothes and shoes in the bag.

The men checked out a stark naked Aureli and were pleasantly surprised. Young, tall, hard-bodied, dark skinned with lots of space between her legs. They imagined their tongues and cocks violating her lithe supple meat. Aureli became self-conscious for a moment but then proudly pushed her chest forward, squeezing her hard breasts and running her fingers through her pubic hair. She watched the men over her shoulder as she positioned her legs further apart and showed off her tight arse cheeks.

The rain had turned torrential and lashed Aureli’s dark body, as she stood naked and drenched opposite these strangers in the humid forest. The men produced a dog collar and put it around Aureli’s neck. They attached the leash to her collar and a naked Aureli walked on a leash behind the men down the mud track deeper into the forest. She felt the ankle deep soft brown sludge pushing up between her toes as she tried to avoid the long mud filled tyre tracks.

Aureli nervously waited for what these studs would do with her. They stopped and turned towards her as they slowly opened up their leather pants and revealed their long black cocks. Aureli was shocked by the size but managed to hide her feelings. She was told to go on all fours in the brown mud, spread her knees wide and push her ass up. The rain splattered off her skin as she slowly got down in position. She felt one of the men’s hands gently squeezing her hard ass cheeks, his fingers running down her crotch lubing up her dark slit and anus.

He saw Aureli as just hard fuck-meat for him and his bodybuilder friend.

She looked over her shoulder, just in time to see one of the men suddenly digging his face into her crotch. She let out a little scream as she felt his hard lips, his nose and tongue pushing her dark pussy lips aside, eating into her pink meat. Aureli moaned and closed her eyes. Her anxiety had been overruled by her desire. She was hot as hell and loved the experience. This was how she imagined it to be when she saw the file on her laptop. She arched her back more, pulling open her ass cheeks with one hand, giving the man more space in her crotch. She felt his tongue licking her anus, trying to get past her anal ring. He eventually pushed in, fingers delving into her, roughly pulling her arse open.

Her attention was suddenly diverted when a hand grabbed her short hair. The man in front of her had taken his clothes off and pushed his long black meat unceremoniously into her mouth. Aureli first almost gagged but managed to gain control of the situation and furiously sucked the man’s cock while getting face-fucked.

At the same time she felt a hot knob pushing against her slit. The man behind her was now also naked and rock hard. He pushed Aureli’s small buttocks aside as his long cock slowly squeezed itself further and further into her pink opening. Aureli let out a little scream and gasped as she got stretched and he started to fuck her deeply at pace. At the same time he grabbed handfuls of brown mud and smeared it all over Aureli’s shoulders, her back and ass cheeks. Aureli’s flipped herself over and found herself on her back in the sludge. She spread her legs wide as massive cocks plunged deep into her pussy and mouth. The men smeared the brown cool mud all over her but she couldn’t care less. The long dirty cocks throbbing inside her drove her insane. She wriggled her body in ecstasy to accommodate these strangers and desperately needed more of this.

Suddenly the hard fucking stopped.

A strange sound and light appeared at the end of the track. The men quickly grabbed her arms and dragged a disheveled Aureli into the dark dense undergrowth between the trees.

A large tractor slowly moved down the muddy track. A forestry worker doing a late shift moved his vehicle through the dark and rainy night. Visibility was at a minimum. The loud machine slowly rolled from one deep hole in the track towards the other, its massive tyres churning the mud and leaving the imprint of its distinct threads.

The vehicle slowly moved past the spot where Aureli and the men were hiding in the dark foliage. As it moved past, one of the men went on his back in the undergrowth. Aureli faced the track with her legs spread wide as she was impaled on the man’s long hard meat. He pulled open her arse cheeks and stabbed his hard cock into her crotch, searching for an opening. She gasped and squealed with her eyes wide open. Her a****l screams were lost in the noise of the engine as she felt his cock push past her anal ring, the long meat sliding ever deeper up her arse. She watched the large tractor inch past her as her mud-covered body bounced up and down on the man’s long hard cock. The wild arse fucking made her hot anus throb.

The second man took her face into his hands and squatted over her while pushing his hard cock into her mouth. The raw fucking from both sides took its toll on her as her body got abused. She felt the man shudder as he pulled out of her mouth. He grunted and swore as she saw large sperm strands shoot from his dickhead, hitting her face and chest. The white goo slowly dribbled down the front of her body, mixing with the brown mud as she kept on riding that pole sliding up her anal canal, screaming, panting, contorting her body.

The tractor had moved past Aureli as she managed to extract herself and ran naked out onto the dark track behind the moving tractor. She slowly went on her hands and knees as she slid into one of the mud filled tyre track holes. The brown sludge soothed her burning genitals as it almost entirely covered her. She clawed her way out as the two men appeared from the dark undergrowth. She watched the tractor disappear into the distance as she went on all fours, like an a****l on heat, slowly moving backwards towards the men, spreading her knees, arching her back and pushing up her arse cheeks.

It all screamed submission and sexual desperation. Aureli needed it now and needed it badly. The men didn’t ask for an invitation. She was lifted up as she felt hot meat sliding into her raw slit. From the front the second man’s cock was pushed into her mouth. She hung horizontally suspended from the ground in between the men as she got fucked simultaneously from both sides. She felt the hard meat prodding inside her from behind while furiously sucking the cock that plowed in her mouth. Finally she felt her orgasm overwhelm her as she stiffened up, trembled, contorted and screamed. The men held her tight as her body wildly moved while in mid air between two pounding cocks.

Minutes later she felt the boiling sperm rise up through the dark cock that was ramming into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all as it blasted into her throat but little strands still dripped from her lips.

The man behind her frantically latched on to her arse as he shoved his cock violently into her throbbing slit for the last time. His hot sperm flooded Aureli’s bowels. His cock was still shooting as he pulled out and hung his long black meat vertically in between Aureli’s small arse cheeks, white strands running down her pubic hair.

It was around 1am.

The rain had eased into a light shower. The men had packed up and gone home as a naked girl in the semi dark forest slowly dragged herself on hands and knees into one of the mud holes dotting the forest track. Aureli closed her eyes as she opened her legs wide, smearing the cool brown sludge into her burning crotch. After what seemed like an eternity she got up and stumbled down the track on wobbly legs, searching for her clothing bag. She found it nearby in the grassy shoulder close to the trees. When she picked it up she hesitated for a second.

A thought ran through her mind.

When would there ever be an opportunity again to be running through the forest at night stark-naked? She stood still for a moment and looked around, taking in the smells and sounds of her surroundings. The trees and plants were heavy with water. The rain felt like a warm shower as the breeze caressed her skin. She smiled and had made up her mind. She hid the bag in the undergrowth behind a signpost and slipped nude into the dark lush vegetation under the trees. She crawled naked over the wet forest floor under the plants closer to the edge of the parking area. The heavy smell of the soil and trees surrounded her. The dark earth stuck to the sludge covering her body as she rolled on her back and spread her legs wide, rubbing her dirty breasts, fingering her dark slit only meters away from unsuspecting passers-by.

It was after 2am. The rain drizzled down as Aureli emerged from the dense forest and ran naked down the forest track. She had already run a few kilometers away from her clothing bag as the road went parallel with the highway. All that separated her from the by now quiet thoroughfare was a dense green strip of about five meters wide and a two-meter high wire fence. Between the foliage, Aureli was invisible to the motorists, her dark silhouette disappearing into the background.

She spotted the hazard lights of a broken-down car in the distance. When she came closer she crawled over the dirt track, using the sludge-filled tyre tracks as cover. As she emerged from one of the mud holes she saw a person waiting next to the car. The sludge was dripping off her naked body as she slid from the track under the trees into the wet lush undergrowth and ended up only two meters away from the motorist on the other side of the metal fence.

The driver was female, mid-fifties in a dark blue business suit. She held an umbrella and was obviously waiting for roadside assistance to rescue her. She had no idea that a stark-naked girl was watching her from the cover of the dark forest.

While observing the woman, a plan started to develop in Aureli’s eroused mind. It was daring and required courage. If it worked it would be brilliant. Thinking about it, she silently rolled on her back, squeezing her hard tits and rubbing her twitching slit. Her masturbation at the car park area left her with an unresolved desire. She was on an erotic high and needed a release badly.

It took all her courage when she stood up and exposed herself behind the fence. The woman stood with her back to her but sensed something and slowly turned around. Aureli saw the shock and bewilderment in her eyes as she was confronted with her naked disheveled body.

“Oh excuse me, did your car break down?” Aureli soft voice was trying to break the uncomfortable silence.

“Oh, ehh…yes. I…ehh…” The woman managed to finally collect herself as Aureli felt her eyes scanning every detail of her naked body.

“Oh my God! You gave me a fright. Who are you? You’re nude and covered in dirt! Why aren’t you wearing any clothes, what are you doing here?”

“Well…,” Aureli said with a soft voice; “I left my clothes somewhere over there.” She slowly turned giving the woman a good view of her hard bum. “Do you like what you see? My name is Aureli, what’s yours?”

“Angela, it’s Angela. Yeah, well uhh…wait-a-minute; why are you running around naked at night, Aureli? Isn’t that weird and dangerous, a girl alone like that?”

“Oh, I wasn’t alone in the beginning,” Aureli replied slowly, while grabbing the fences’ wire mesh above her with stretched out arms. “There were two men with me. I did all kind of ehhh…, wild things with them. They made me come…, several times...”

She looked Angela straight in the eye and virtually breathed the last sentence. The woman was perplexed by Aureli’s words. She had expected her to be a helpless victim of some sort but not this.

Aureli became more comfortable with the situation, it was somehow quite empowering. She could now try her next move. While holding the mesh with one hand the other one slowly moved over her body, squeezing her small firm tits, slowly going downwards, rubbing in between her legs. The sexiness of what that dark naked girl now did in front of her didn’t escape Angela.

“You know, Angela…” Aureli sighed while touching herself; “I still can’t stop thinking about what those men did to me. They went so deep inside of me, rubbing all the right places. I wondered if you maybe could help me Angela?”

The middle-aged woman was by now amused. The whole situation had unexpectedly turned quite erotic. She stepped closer to the fence to get a better view of the girls’ naked body. “Hmm, what ehhh…. would you like me to do, Aureli?” she slowly whispered.

Aureli stretched out her arms wide, grabbing the fence’s steel mesh above her. She spread her legs while pressing her body against the cold fence. “Touch me up, Angela. I want you to grope me right here right now.”

Angela was for a moment taken aback by this request but saw the horniness in Aureli’s eyes. Soon her hand started moving over her side of the fence. The wire mesh was very coarse and had holes big enough to let her hand and arm through. Aureli felt Angela’s fingers brushing her hard nipples. Her hand reached out through the fence, groping her firm tits. It disappeared and came through the fence where her stomach was, caressing, touching, squeezing.

The hand disappeared again. Aureli squatted slightly in hot anticipation, opening her legs even wider. Angela’s face was flushed as she smiled. They both knew what would happen next. Her hand came through the mesh, sliding in between Aureli’s wide spread legs, grabbing her blatantly in her dark pubic hair. Aureli felt fingers searching for her slit, pushing into her opening, going deep inside her. Her wild eyes locked with Angela’s as her midriff banged against the steel mesh, fucking those penetrating fingers. Two fingers, three, four. She moaned as Angela was almost fisting her. “Is this what you want Aureli? Am I getting you off, you horny girl?”

“Yeah, yeah, Oh God, don’t stop,” Aureli panted as her slim dark body hung from the fence, wriggling, banging Angela’s fingers, delving deep into her warm slit. Angela watched Aureli as she was about to come. She didn’t let her yet, as she pulled out her fingers. This was an incredible situation she thought and wanted to prolong it a bit more. Aureli closed her eyes and opened her mouth as she felt Angela’s flat hand rubbing the full width of her wide-open crotch. The arm came further through the mesh, the hand rubbed deeper, reaching in between her firm arse cheeks, fingers slightly pushing into her anus.

All the time, Angela’s face was only centimeters away from Aureli’s on the other side of the fence. She felt her hot breath, read the lust in her half-closed eyes. She wanted to kiss Aureli but her face and lips were covered in dirt. It was around 3am on Sunday morning as a lone car passed by on the deserted highway. Its headlights briefly illuminated the scene of a woman in a business suit, groping a naked girl hanging off a metal fence.

Aureli begged Angela to finish her off. Angela knew that nobody would believe her when she would later mention this incredible experience. She took out her new mobile phone and showed it to Aureli. “I first want some pictures of you before I make you come,” she whispered. Angela knew Aureli wouldn’t object. She’ll do anything for an orgasm right now.

Angela took two steps back and pointed her phone’s camera at Aureli. She saw how the naked girl hung off the fence, pushing her chest up, spreading her legs wide and throwing her head back. Her full dark horny body was on display without her face being recognizable. A flash went off as Angela had her proof. She zoomed in and shot detailed pictures of Aureli’s tits and crotch, her red slit clearly visible through her dark pubic hair.

She put her phone in her pocket as her arm went through the steel mesh and her fingers hooked into Aureli’s slit. Four fingers pushed into her as Angela’s thumb menaced her clit. It took only a minute of violent fucking for Aureli to explode. She screamed, stiffened up and trembled as she hung off the fence. Angela looked into her eyes as she saw the orgasm rage through her body, her liquid spray coating her fingers. “Oh yeah, fuck baby,” she smiled and whispered to Aureli; “you’re so hot and beautiful when you come.”

The situation abruptly ended when in the distance a tow truck appeared. Aureli let go of the fence, her slit sliding off Angela’s fingers. She slowly retreated into the darkness. “Aureli,” Angela whispered. Where are you, how can I contact you?”

She came back briefly to the fence and told Angela her contact number. She quickly wrote it down in her notebook as the tow truck was closing in. Aureli had long vanished, sliding through the undergrowth onto the track, into the soothing dark sludge. It was 3.30am when she found her clothing bag. She was dirty and disheveled, the sludge stained her clothes as she walked out of the forest, got into her car and drove back to Paris.

She later on didn’t remember much of the drive as wild images raced through her mind. She drove her car in the underground parking of her apartment block. As she stood in the elevator, dirt dripped from her jeans onto the carpet. At home she went straight to the bathroom and stripping naked. Her clothes disappeared in the laundry basket as she turned on the hot water. She showered briefly, then screwed the showerhead off and inserted the hose into her wide-open slit, washing out the dirt from deep inside her cavity. Later on she pushed the hose into her anus, the warm water flushing her anal canal.

It was 4am. She was exhausted and fell asl**p in the bathtub.

Late that afternoon on Sunday Aureli sat naked on her lounge, enjoying toast and coffee, reading the paper, and nursing her sore body. She opened up her laptop to check her email account. A message with attachments had come in. It was from Angela. Through the number Aureli gave her she had found her email address. She downloaded and double-clicked the files. They were images of herself, naked, hanging off the highway-fence. Her hot, smeared body was prominent, her face unrecognizable. An invitation from Angela accompanied the pictures.

She smiled and was quietly proud of her courage and audacity. She stood up and went to her bedroom mirror. She was still wearing the dog collar the men gave her. A wild and horny memento.

She might take up Angela’s offer if she would find the time.

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