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One night at paradise

December 20001

best year of all times , me and the boys went out meet this lady i meet i'm a cross lover i love all genders , don't get me wrong im not bi or strait or gay im just all you know, alright on the story let me see i remember it was friday night when i meet this beautifull mature lady great breast, 5 feet 8 single and have 3 k**s , i went down with her.

" hey whatsup " i asked her while i smoke my cig
she replied
" Not much"

then we talked how shitty life is , and finally after two hours convinced her to give the number , she bring me back her home , at first introducing the k**s is ok she had about 11-13 year old and im like 21 that time they all went suprised big mommy had a boyfriend, so we had couple of laughs , couple of good moments and she said this.

" hey baby ... you know what i love the way you treat my k**s its just fatherly inside of you , why dont you just follow me and we play the grown up game"

i went like " ok after you.."

on that very night , i feel i was the luckiest man on the planet to meet beautifull asian with attractive face , and plus her ex husband is on politics so she is still rich on her status im not perking her money i love
her k**s took care all of them .

so on the sex scene on the bed she lay down and stare at me and said to me " Hey sweetie , you know what you remind me of my young boyfriend back in 90's "
i went like " oh cool is he awosome"
" of course he was awosome , let me grab your friend there and i jerk it for you"

it last 10 minutes i'm still standing and not cumming that fast, so she grab pull down my pants and start sucking my cock " AAAaahhh--shit" , " you like that dont you " , " oh miss katy , i love that keep going ..."

" Now i like , you to suck on my pussy really hard "
" alright..."

well the truth is she aint the type of a screamer but i can tell she's enjoy the trip , i lick her clit almost 9 minutes friggin tiring but delicous manage to make her cum twice " Oooh baby ... work that tounge"

" if you keep going like that i let you fuck me!"
" ok "

so i went finger her pussy until she dropped wet ... i can see her eye turns white that she enjoys it " OOOooohhh Raven" < btw thats my name ehehehe ...

" yes almost there..AAAhh---- , my man you know how to finger my friend here
my ex husband sucks!"

" LOL?!"

" Let's do anal first"

" Wait its my first time...(X_X ) fuck i hate when i remember that "

" its ok hon , i love fresh cock .. now fuck me "

After all that banging it hurt my back though but its worth it her ass covered in wett and my cock hurts fuck sake but first time anal shit
that was cool.

" now i want you to take my pussy"

" Miss katy .. oh my god i'm gonna cum"

" dont come yet!!"

" oh y---ess...oh my god.... miss katty!!"

" cum in my pussy ... MMmmmmmmmm"

And thats my friend a beautifull ending the bitch got happy and i leave with a big smile lol.

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