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Helping Step-daughter

"Look love, you can't expect your mum and me to keep coming round all the time,it's not fair on any of us,after all you are
are 40 now, you should be able to cope on your own." I said.
"I'm sorry Stu, everything just keeps getting on top of me" Lily replied and burst into tears again.
"Come on girl, dry them up and I'll make another cup of tea" but she clings on to me while the sobs slowly subside.
Later on we are sitting next to each other on the settee when she grabs hold of my hand and says something about
wanting to repay me for everything.In what way I think to myself knowing she could never afford to pay back what she owed
me, money,getting her car repaired,putting up shelves and odds and ends round her home;all things I know a step-dad should do
without question not knowing what she had in mind,I was soon to find out!
She got up saying she was going to freshen up and left me watching the footy results for that Saturday coming in.
A few minutes later I heard the shower running and I put my feet up on the settee and nodded off for a while.When I woke up
to find Lily wrapped in a big white fluffy towel,nothing surprising there except she had her fingers round my dick and was
gently bringing it to life."Whoa there girl,what do you think you're doing?"
"Nothing much" she replied with a twinkle in her eye I'd never seen before,"this is the one way I can thankyou without
it costing anything."With that she began to rub even harder and I could feel my resolve melting away.
"This is so wrong on so many levels" I say, "what about your mum for a start, I can't be unfaithful especially with you,
what would the f****y say if this ever got out,it could ruin everything I love and hold dear,NO this cannot and must not
She shrugged her shoulders and with that the towel slipped down to her waist,revealing her small but lovely breasts with
their cherry pinky brown erect nipples.I felt my cock stiffen even more and I knew I was getting close to the point of
no return,"Stop,stop now please Lily." and with that she did; but not for long, it was only to replace her hands with her
mouth round my throbbing penis, my oh my, that felt so good and I could hold hold back no more, spurting hot cum down her
throat, she pulled away and let the last couple of drops land on her face. A wave of guilt washed over me and I started
to worry about the consequences but madam hadn't finished with me just yet.She stood in front of me with the towel now
around her ankles, naked as the day she was born.She stepped towards me and then flung her leg over my face and I was
inches away from her trimmed little fanny, she thrust herself toward me and I couldn't help but start licking her out
and sucking on her clit,it did not take her long to come,which she did with a gush of juice all over my tongue and chin.
My cock was now stiff again and I thought "What the hell?,in for a penny in for a pound" and I gently eased her down on my
erection and she started to ride her way to ecstacy,then she stopped and positioned herself for "doggy style",which was
very good and finally I turned her round again and we came together with me on top in good old missionary position,
nothing if not traditional.
Absolutely knackered we showered together but we did not do any thing else,but she did say that she had a couple of
pictures that needed hanging,if I had a free evening next week, cheeky little minx.

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