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My Saturday night

I went out with my girlfriends on saturday. I love to wear sexy outfits when i go out, so we decided to go as anime girls. I put on my short skirt with black stockings and i small with top that i could button all the way up, with my red bra showing. We got to the club and sat down and had a drink. I am the most aggresive of my firends If i tell them to lick my pussy in front of everyone they would do it. I noticed several woman looking at us, but one was starting at me so longingly. She came up and ask if i like to dance. She was a very beautiful blonde i said yes, we want to the dance floor and started moving to the music and she started rubbing my tight ass against me. a grabbed her ass and moveed my hands up to her big breasts. yes let out a moan that made me dripp down my legs( i should mention i was not wearing any panties) I pulled her hair back and started kissing her my tounge filled her mouth as i started sliding my hands in the top. I started pinching her nipples as my friends watched and yelled for more. Her hands started riding up my long legs, she looked suprised to feel my nirrer thighs were wet the noticed my pussy was was ready for her. I moved her to face me and we kissed as i undid her pants and slide my hands in her pants she started saying no we cant. I told her i wanted her and she smiled in a smart ass tone "OK were". i pulled to were i was sitting and we sat with my friends and i lifted my skirt and slide my fingers in my wet cunt and gave her a taste. she suddenly leaned over and started licking me as my friends watched and pulled her pants down so they could play too.

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