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My Guy

She talked to him on line and was anxious to meet him. She had checked into a hotel in his city. He would be there soon. The night would be theirs. She undressed and got in the shower. When she got out she put on a skimpy thong and her sheerest bra. She had large but firm tits. Big round nipples. Her pussy was waxed and very smooth. Her ass was round and firm and great for being massaged. She then put on a thin silky short dress cut low in front to accent her cleavage. She was going to look sexy for the handsome man. She checked herself in the mirror. Her tits strained against the material of the dress and it was short and just covered her ass. She knew he would find her sexy.
Then he knocked at the door. she opened and let him in. He was amazing and so sexy. She hoped he looked as good naked as clothed with a huge cock. When she let him in she walked to the middle of the room. He watched her ass. Then he lifted her dress to see the firm cheeks. He rubbed his hands over her ass cheeks. They were full and round and looked great in the skimpy thong. He wanted to bite them. She then spun around and grabbed him and started kissing. Her tongue invaded his mouth and met with his. He wasted no time grabbing her tits and playing with them. They filled his huge hands. He turned her around and pressed her back to his body so he could run his hands down to her stomach and lower to her pussy. He felt under her short dress and pulled the thong aside so he could touch her pussy. It was smooth and he loved the feel of it. He then pulled her dress over her head and removed it. His cock got hard seeing the large tits and plump pussy. He kissed her tits thru her bra grabbing the nipple with his teeth. He was going to explore every inch of her body before he fucked her for hours. Soon he had the bra on the floor and the thong beside it. She was totally naked. He turned her to see her complete body. She had an ass that would humble any man. This lady was built for sex. She started undressing him wanting to see and touch his body. She removed his shirt and sucked his nipples grabbing one with her teeth. Then she took off his pants. As she lowered them she saw his huge cock. She loved a big cock, the bigger the better. It was standing straight out for her so she got on her knees and started to suck him. She was very talented at sucking cock. First she licked it on every side and especially the underneath. She also licked his balls, sucking one into her mouth. Then she tongued the very tip of his cock tasting the cum which had dripped out. He tasted delicious. She rubbed hispee hole with her tongue amazed how wide and open it was. She the started sucking the long shaft. In and out of her mouth he took him. She closed her lips tight to the hard rod and sucked. She had every inch inside her mouth and no other girl had ever been able to do this. His cock felt so good in her warm mouth that he grabbed her hair and started fucking her mouth with the big rod. Soon he shot a load of cum into her and watched her swallow every drop of it. He was amazed at her cock skills and could not wait for what else she was good at. He took her over to the bed and laid her down spreading her legs far far apart. He wanted to see that smooth pussy he had felt earlier. As he eyed it he was not disappointed. It was smooth with great thick pussy lips. He ran a finger between the lips and over the clit. He got to her hole and spread it to see her cunt. It was pink and inviting. He stuck two fingers in her. He watched his fingers fuck her. As his fingers fucked her cunt, he played with her clit rubbing it between two fingers and watching her squirm. Then he grabbed the clit with his teeth and sucked it as his fingers fingered the tight cunt. He felt her cum and licked her pussy around the fingers inside her. He felt her cum again. He kept fucking and licking making her cum and scream for more. He rubbed her ass and knew he would fuck it before the night ended. He found her bud and ran his finger around the rim before plunging it inside. With fingers in her cunt and a tongue licking her clit and a finger in her ass she was cumming and bucking with the pleaure. He needed to fuck her and make his cock cum. He moved his big cock to the entrance to her cunt. He was long and extremely thick. He loved tight cunts. He started to push inside. She was tight but was stretching for him. He soon had every inch of his big long cock deep in her hole. Her hole was filled completely. Now he started raming her fast and hard. He fucked her hole till he was almost out of control as she felt so tight and warm on his big member. The fucking went on and on. He fucked her hard pulling almost out then ramming in again time and time again. He loved to see his cock pull out then ram back into her hole. She was the best fucking cunt he had ever had. Soon he was shooting his cum inside her. With all the times she had cum and his cum she was a sloppy mess. He pulled out and ran his finger around her hole getting it wet and put it in her mouth to suck the mixture of cum. He did this several times watching her lick the cum from the fingers. They would rest then continue fucking and getting very wild and kinky.

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